Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Monday, May 31, 2010

Liza is included in Entertainment Weekly's The Bullseye feature:


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Critics be damned: Sex in the City 2 provides perfect brain candy


Critics be damned: Sex in the City 2 provides perfect brain candy

By Caroline Gallay

I was a bit apprehensive as I filed in to see Sex and the City 2, having read that the film was getting some scathing reviews. (Although from what I can tell, most critics took issue with the stars' age. How dare they flaunt their crow's feet!)

If you haven't seen the film, you might not want to read on. But you should take it from an avid fan of the series that it was precisely what I had hoped — incredible couture, totally indulgent reminiscence, and unending one-liners.

When, within the first 15 minutes, Liza Minnelli performed "Single Ladies" in her throaty Broadway voice (pant-less, I might add) at Stanford and Anthony's big, gay, swan-filled wedding, I leaned in to my friend and told her the ticket price had been made worth it.

Add some more mature plot lines — Samantha dealing with menopause with hefty doses of yam; Charlotte being threatened by her children's bra-repellant nanny; Big becoming a couch-ridden, remote control-wielding old man; and Miranda suddenly being the most fun we've ever seen her — plus oneliner's like Samantha's "Lawrence of my labia," and you have a perfect puff picture.

The top five moments:
- Charlotte drunkenly confessing to Miranda that she was more troubled by the thought of having to fire the Nanny than divorcing her husband if the two had an affair.
- Samantha dropping her stash of condoms in old Abu Dhabi.
- Carrie making her custom's declaration: "I'm a mess."
- Liza Minnelli's Single Ladies dance.
- The burka-clad women of Abu Dhabi revealing the couture they wore underneath as they helped Samantha escape arrest.
One woman said as we left the theater that it was satisfying in the way a trashy romance novel is. Sigh, If only it were poolside portable.



Those of you who have indeed seen Everyday Rapture know that the spirit of Judy inhabits the proceedings. (It's a long story, which Ms. Scott tells in her somewhat daffy matter, but it places Garland in Oz and Sherie in Kansas at the Menninger Clinic, with thanks and gratitude to her sensitive cousin Jerome.) Which makes it all the more fitting that "Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli Live at the London Palladium" shares column space with Scott live at the Roundabout. The Judy and Liza recording is, as stated, a live concert recording made during said engagement in November 1964. Minnelli was barely 18, soon to storm Broadway with her Tony Award-winning debut in Flora, the Red Menace; Garland was — shall we say — not in the best condition. So the recording has its ups and downs, vocally-speaking; but it gives us Judy as she was at the time, and Liza as well. And it makes for an exciting hour of listening, that's for sure.

The two-LP album has been remastered and expanded with two additional songs: Judy's renditions of Styne, Comden & Green's "Just in Time" and "Once in a Lifetime." (That's what it says on the track listings, anyway, but the latter is actually the Newley & Bricusse song from Stop the World — I Want to Get Off.) A ten-song version was released on CD in 1993, but this is the first complete version of the LP to make it to CD. It is not the complete live concert, as fans might wish; but I expect that this is all that was available to DRG for commercial release. Complete or in-, it sure makes for interesting listening.

The Buzz | Looks like Liza?

The Buzz

Looks like Liza? ~

Minnelli launches a fashion line
May 29, 2010
She makes a memorably funny guest appearance

in "Sex and the City 2," and now Liza Minnelli is

getting ready to launch her own fashion line.

The Liza Collection features apparel and jewelry

inspired by the star's trademark style, including

sequined separates, signature flowy pants and

jewels. It makes its debut on HSN at 10 a.m. June

30, according to
Prices for the pieces range between $40 and

Minnelli says she's excited "to share my favorite

looks with millions of women who want to look

fabulous and feel like a star."

Liza Minnelli to debut her own fashion and jewelry line on HSN

May 27, 7:03 PMAnaheim Pop Culture ExaminerTrina Yannicos

Legendary singer and actress, Liza Minnelli, who recently made a cameo appearance inSex and the City 2, is coming out with her own line of clothing and jewelry called The Liza Collection. It was announced on Monday that The Liza Collection, inspired by Liza's trademark look and recreated from her personal archives, will debut on June 30 at 10pm EDT on HSN. "My life has provided me the ability to amass a wonderful wardrobe designed by fashion's brightest stars," said Liza Minnelli. "I am excited to work with HSN in launching The Liza Collection and to have the opportunity to share my favorite looks with millions of women who want to look fabulous and feel their very best."
The collection is a first for Liza within the fashion industry, bringing to life some of her most recognized looks, including sequined separates and signature flowy pants. Jewelry is inspired from some of Liza's most treasured pieces pulled straight from her jewelry box including necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Retail prices for apparel will range from $29.90 for a Charmeuse Scarf to $129.90 for a Sequined Boyfriend Blazer and for jewelry from $39.95 for Silver-tone Triple Heart Pave Drop Earrings to $79.95 for a Silver-tone Pave Rose Bangle. For more information, visit

Liza Minnelli: 'I'm a Broadway baby'

By Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

May 30--Nearly two decades later, it's still a performance that's impossible to forget: A sleek and glowing Liza Minnelli -- garbed in a short, summery white tunic -- singing like crazy and dancing as if immune to gravity.
On that glorious night in July 1991, Minnelli was making a comeback from a widely publicized chemical addiction. She also was reeling from two divorces, one separation and the deaths of two of her closest confidants, entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. and designer Halston.
Yet when she took the stage of the long-gone Poplar Creek Music Theatre in Hoffman Estates, Minnelli clearly was at the pinnacle of her art, tearing through her repertoire with unbelievable guts and gumption. Only a few others have matched this degree of raw intensity in classic American song, most notably her elders: Frank Sinatra, Davis Jr. and, of course, Judy Garland, her mother.
Flash-forward nearly two decades, and Minnelli again prepares to take the stage -- June 6 at the Chicago Theatre -- after enough comebacks to script a soap opera for several seasons.
"It's murder getting old," says Minnelli, taking stock of all that has happened.
"Not really," she hastens to correct herself, adding that she feels "wonderful, wonderful."
"I had my whole knee replaced. I go to class every day. I do all the stuff I was trained to do.
"I'm a Broadway baby."
Well, maybe not a baby anymore at 64, but certainly a show-business icon who seems to score her biggest triumphs when the odds are absolutely the worst.

She endured surgery on her vocal cords in 1998, and was told by doctors that she might never sing again. Yet she roared back into action the following year at the Palace Theatre -- a mythic place in her mother's career -- with "Minnelli on Minnelli," a brilliantly performed tribute to her father. ("I was very frightened through that whole show," she told me afterward.)

She was felled by encephalitis -- a viral brain infection -- in 2000, and had to learn how to talk, walk, sing and strut all over again. Yet she returned to fighting form in 2002, with "Liza's Back," a concert tour that one critic dubbed a "resurrection."
And she collapsed in Sweden after a concert in 2007, hospitalized back in the U.S. for illness she attributed to a tooth infection. Yet she conquered Broadway again in late 2008, with "Liza's at the Palace," which last year won a Tony Award (her fourth).
The woman cannot be stopped.

"Knowing what she's been through, I was floored by how great she was" at the Palace, says singer Ann Hampton Callaway, a friend of Minnelli's since '91.
"She's had a lot of challenges and a lot of inner struggles. There's been a few times when she's been the phoenix rising from the ashes. ...
"I've watched her backstage before she goes on at Radio City Music Hall, and she'll be saying, 'I don't know how I'll get through this show.' But no matter if she's feeling sick or exhausted, she goes out there and knows she has to be Liza Minnelli.
"I don't know how she does it, but she always comes up with it."
Our knowledge of Minnelli's travails only seems to enhance our appreciation of her triumphs over them. She may be the gift that keeps on giving to the tabloids, but she transcends her personal tragedies the moment that single shaft of light cuts through the blackness of the proscenium and fixes upon her. Instantly, she transforms her autobiography into art, expressing rage, pain, hope, desire -- whatever the song calls for, and then some.
You need to have lived through what she, Garland, Sinatra and the rest experienced to be able to bring such deeply felt ardor to the stage, and Minnelli repeatedly proves the point.

But there's a high degree of craft at work here too, a way of interpreting a song that long has distinguished Minnelli from everyone else.
"I just think I sing differently than other people because I was always so influenced by the European way of doing it," she told me on the eve of that 1991 concert, referencing visionary art-song interpreters such as Charles Aznavour.

"What I do in singing a song is storytelling. I do acting songs. In other words, the songs I do become like little movies, with each song representing a complete profile of some character. Add to that my whole love of the theater, and you end up with my particular way of doing a song."
Still, her approach has evolved, due to the vicissitudes of age and the maturation of her tastes. Perhaps feeling less need to razzle-dazzle her fans at every turn, she's redirecting her energies, says pianist Billy Stritch, who has worked with her since 1991 "When I first met her, she felt like she had to belt everything out -- that's really what she kind of relied on," says Stritch.

"Now, she's much more secure doing the ballads and the doing the calm things, where she really just stays still. ...
"I prefer this Liza. I think the big belty stuff, of course it's thrilling, the audience expects some of that, but for me, it's not as musical as staying in one place, as when she's doing a wonderful acting piece."

Vocally, adds Stritch, Minnelli "probably has a little less range than she did when I first started working with her. ... But it's gotten richer in terms of acting.

"She really knows how to use what she has."

For the show at the Chicago Theatre, Minnelli will not be reprising "Liza's at the Palace," with its coterie of dancers, production numbers and vast homage to Minnelli's godmother, singer Kay Thompson.

Instead, Minnelli will sing repertoire from a CD she's releasing in September, "Confessions."

"To tell you the truth, it's all the songs that I learned from music that my parents played, but mostly that my father played," says Minnelli, referring to tunes such as "You Fascinate Me So," "If I Had You" (from Vincente Minnelli's movie "The Clock") and "He's a Tramp" (from the Disney film "Lady and the Tramp").

"I'm always just singing with piano around the house ... and everyone said, 'Why don't you make an album like that. ... This is really you.'

"I said, 'I don't know if I'm ready.'"

But Minnelli, who makes a cameo in the film "Sex and the City 2," took the plunge anyway.

So on the recording, and in the new stage show, Minnelli says she's going to "expose a side of myself that very few people have seen ... and that's me in my living room. ...

"It's intimate, it's all the songs that I learned from just being around."

In her case, however, "being around" meant that the likes of Sinatra and Garland and other giants were constantly in her midst.

"I'm a product of what I see," says Minnelli, "and I grew up with perfection."

Trying to capture that yourself can create difficulties -- but it also can produce indelible evenings.

We'll soon find out if next Sunday is one of them.

When: 7:30 p.m. June 6

Where: Chicago Theatre, 175 N. State St.

Tickets: $55-$125; 800-745-3000 or
To see more of the Chicago Tribune, or to subscribe to the newspaper, go to

(Liza Minnelli Stepping Out) Yahoo Group ~ 4 years old today!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Liza Minnelli Designs for HSN

THREAD ~ NY The Inside line on New York fashion
It may sound like a repeat of the Diana Ross for Steve Madden hoax, but it's definitely official: stage icon and lovable caricature Liza Minnelli will siphon her decades of glam dressing at the hands of fashion's best and brightest into the Liza Collection for HSN debuting June 30 at 10pm EST and online at
She certainly stole her scene in Sex and the City 2 (even if she attended the premiere in a rather questionable sheer pantsuit), so maybe the time really is right for Minnelli. The collection will apparently feature Liza's signature looks (sequins!), recreated from several looks she's already known for. Looking at the lineup, we have to admit that we might actually be inclined to buy a sequin boyfriend blazer from Liza, especially at about $129.

Liza Minnelli for HSN to Feature Jewelry, Accessories and Lots of Sequins

A cascade jacket, sheer matte fluid pants, and heart drop earrings from "The Liza Collection" for HSN. Photo: Courtesy of HSNThe jewelry will be inspired by treasured pieces in the performer's jewelry box including favorite earrings, bracelets rings and necklaces.Retail prices for the collection with range from $29.99 for a charmeuse scarf to $129.99 for a sequined boyfriend blazer. Velvet, as well as sheer, fluid matte pants will sell for $59.99. Silver-tone triple-drop heart pave drop earrings as well as a pave dome cocktail ring are $39.95.Meanwhile, check out what another celebrity, actress/model Molly Sims had to say about her debut jewelry collection for HSN.
Liza Minnelli at the "Sex and the City 2" premiere (left); a pave dome ring from her HSN collection. Photo: Getty Images Courtesy of HSN

Liza Minnelli at the "Sex and the City 2" premiere (left); a pave dome ring from her HSN collection. Photo: Getty Images Courtesy of HSNFresh off her fun gay-wedding-in-Connecticut cameo in "Sex and the City 2", legendary entertainer Liza Minnelli is set to debut a line of jewelry, apparel and accessories for shopping channel HSN next month."The Liza Collection" will feature limited-edition items, including sequined blazers, charmeuse scarves, fluid matte pants, and costume jewelry, all inspired by items from the performer's storied personal collections. Minnelli will debut the collection live on HSN at 10 PM on June 30. "My life has provided me the opportunity to amass a wonderful wardrobe designed by fashion's brightest star's," Minnelli said in a statement. "I am excited to work with HSN in launching 'The Liza Collection' and to have the opportunity to share my favorite looks with millions of women who want to look fabulous and feel their very best." This is Minnelli's first foray into a fashion brand, according to HSN. Featured items were inspired by some of Minnelli's signature looks, including the sequined blazers and flowing pants. (A style she just happened to wear to the Sex and the City 2 premiere, where she reportedly debuted her new line to the public.)

Liza Minnelli Uses ‘Sex’ to Debut Her New Jewelry Line


What better place to show off your new jewelry collection than at the world premiere of Sex and the City 2? Liza Minnelli, who has a memorable guest spot in the much-anticipated film, took to the blue carpet in N.Y.C. Monday night decked out in bling from her new limited-edition HSN collection. “Being an entertainer has provided me the ability to amass a wonderful wardrobe designed by fashion’s brightest stars,” Liza says in a statement. “I am excited to work with HSN in launching The Liza Collection and to have the opportunity to share my favorite looks with millions of women who want to look fabulous and feel like a star!” The Liza Collection will feature limited-run apparel and jewelry inspired by the star’s trademark style, including sequined separates, signature flowy pants and jewels modeled after pieces in her own collection. The Liza Collection will launch on HSN on June 30 at 10 PM EST, with prices ranging from $40-$90. So far, we are loving the old-Hollywood glam of Liza’s jewelry. Visit to see more of Liza’s designs. Tell us: Will you buy Liza Minnelli’s HSN collection of jewels and apparel? –Andrea DeSimone

LIZA ~ The Joy Behar Show...5-26-2010


part 1part 3

Liza Minnelli's New Fashion Line Has Lots of Sequins

Written by sasha on May-26-10 1:53pm
Old ladies and gay men worldwide are rejoicing—they can now dress like Liza Minnelli. The dramatic diva is launching a fashion line, called The Liza Collection, on HSN. The line will debut next month and feature sequins, sequins and more sequins—of course. Inspired by Liza's own clothes and jewelry, the's collection will include such items as a sequined boyfriend blazer and silver-tone heart pavé drop earrings. Liza says:

My life has provided me the ability to amass a wonderful wardrobe designed by fashion's brightest stars. I am excited to work with HSN in launching The Liza Collection and to have the opportunity to share my favorite looks with millions of women who want to look fabulous and feel their very best.Anyone who buys this line will certainly feel very sparkly, if not fabulous. Catch Liza in the new Sex and the City 2 movie!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LIZA ~ "Shine It On" the Red Carpet!

Sex and the City 2's Star-Studded Premiere

Commentary from Daily Beast
It’s the event women across the country have been waiting for: the star-studded premiere of Sex and the City 2, which took place at Radio City Music Hall in New York on Monday night. SATC2 may be filled with designer names and fashion porn, but on Monday night, the cast showcased their real-life style. Though she’s the creative director for Halston, SJP hit the red carpet in a one-shouldered neon green Valentino gown (Valentino himself was also in attendance), while Kristin Davis looked pretty in pink in a vintage Jean Desses dress. The real shocker of the evening, however, came in the form of Liza Minnelli, who arrived in a see-through jumpsuit and flashed peace-signs for the cameras.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From Sex and the City 2 to America’s Finest City -- Stage and Screen Legend to Headline Symphony at Salk on Aug. 28

Tickets go on sale July 7 for the Salk Institute’s outdoor fundraiser featuring the multi-award-winning star with the San Diego Symphony and Maestro Thomas Wilkins

On the heels of her scene-stealing cameo appearance in this summer’s blockbuster Sex and the City 2, the legendary Liza Minnelli will perform with the San Diego Symphony under the direction of returning guest conductor Thomas Wilkins at the 15th annual Symphony at Salk – A Concert Under the Stars.

Tickets ($250, each) for the annual fundraiser go on sale July 7, with proceeds benefiting the Salk Institute for Biological Studies’ groundbreaking scientific research and its community education programs. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2010, the Salk Institute is consistently ranked among the top scientific research institutes in the world. Home to 60 leading principal investigators, three of whom are Nobel laureates, the Salk has contributed major discoveries in aging, metabolism, stem cell, cancer and plant biology research.

One of the most talented and multifaceted artists of our time, Minnelli is the embodiment of a showbiz icon with a prolific career spanning more than six decades. An unforgettable entertainer, she has earned four Tony Awards, an Oscar, an Emmy and a Grammy -- making her one of only 12 people to have won entertainment’s top four awards.

From an early age, Minnelli became known as a song-and-dance trouper of stage and screen. At 19 she landed a role in the Broadway musical Flora, The Red Menace and became the youngest woman to ever win a leading actress Tony award. Success quickly followed in film and television with memorable roles in movies such as Charlie Bubbles (1967), Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon (1970) and her Oscar-winning turn in Cabaret (1972).

Minnelli teamed up with famed director-choreographer Bob Fosse in 1972’s Liza with a “Z”: A Concert for Television. Filmed as one non-stop performance, it earned her an Emmy and is regarded by both critics and public as a piece of show business history.

Over the years, Minnelli’s electrifying performances became legendary for their energy, pizzazz and powerful vocals. While she continued to captivate audiences everywhere, she suffered from persistent health problems, including a life-threatening attack of viral encephalitis in 2000.

Doctors told her she would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair and would never speak again, but through incredible determination and relentless hard work she made a triumphant comeback in June 2002 with a new Tony award-winning Broadway show, Liza’s at the Palace.

Today, Minnelli continues her extraordinary career with sold out concert tours in the U.S. and Europe, a new album, as well as two recordings on the highly anticipated Sex and the City 2 soundtrack that include renditions of Cole Porter's Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye and Beyoncé’s chart-topper Single Ladies, which she performs in this summer’s film.

One of the country’s most distinguished conductors, Maestro Thomas Wilkins returns to lead the San Diego Symphony for the sixth successive year. A highly sought after guest conductor for top orchestras throughout the United States, Wilkins always brings a special energy and excitement to each performance. He was named Principal Guest Conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra last year and he continues his role as the Music Director of the Omaha Symphony and Resident Conductor of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

In the 100 years since its inception, the San Diego Symphony has become a leading orchestra in the United States. It is committed to providing musical experiences of superior quality for the greater San Diego community and beyond. Through a rich mixture of innovative and educational programming designed to appeal to all ages and cultures, the Symphony makes music an integral part of the cultural and intellectual fabric of the San Diego region.

Symphony at Salk is held in the Institute’s Theodore Gildred Court, which offers sunset views overlooking the Pacific Ocean and is framed on two sides by laboratories of Nobel Prize-winning scientists. Designed by famed American architect Louis I. Kahn, the Salk Institute is a designated historical landmark and considered by many architecture critics to be Kahn’s masterpiece.

Event festivities will commence with a champagne reception at 5 p.m., followed by Architecture and Science Talks at 5:30 p.m. Supper, prepared by renowned chef Jeffery Strauss of Pamplemousse Grille, will be served at 6 p.m., followed by the concert at 7:30 p.m. Proceeds benefit the Salk’s basic biological research and its community programs, such as the Salk Mobile Science Lab and the High School Science Day.

Individual tickets for Symphony at Salk are $250; they go on sale July 7, 2010 and can be purchased on the Symphony at Salk website or by calling 858-453-4100 x1262. Sponsorship packages range from $2,500 to $75,000. For additional ticket or sponsorship information, call 858-453-4100, ext. 1882, or e-mail:

The Salk Institute for Biological Studies is located at 10010 North Torrey Pines Rd., La Jolla, Calif., 92037.

About the Salk Institute:

The Salk Institute for Biological Studies is one of the world's preeminent basic research institutions where internationally renowned faculty probe fundamental life science questions in a unique, collaborative and creative environment. Focused on both discovery and mentoring future generations of researchers, Salk scientists make groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of cancer, aging, Alzheimer's, diabetes, infectious disease, and cardiovascular disorders by studying neuroscience, genetics, cell and plant biology and related disciplines.

Faculty achievements have been recognized with numerous honors, including Nobel Prizes and memberships in the National Academy of Sciences. Founded in 1960 by polio vaccine pioneer Jonas Salk, M.D., the Institute is an independent nonprofit organization and architectural landmark.

LIZA ~ Last Night's Best Dressed: SATC2 World Premiere!

Monday, May 24, 2010

LIZA & the cast of "Sex and the City 2"


-- Liza Minnelli Debuts on HSN To Kick Off Programming For The Multi-Channel Retailer’s 33rd Birthday Celebration Month –
(St. Petersburg, FL – May 24, 2010) -- Liza Minnelli, who recently made a cameo appearance in Sex and the City 2, will debut The Liza Collection on June 30 at 10pm EDT on HSN. The Liza Collection – exclusive to HSN – will consist of limited-edition apparel and jewelry inspired by Liza’s trademark look and recreated from her personal archives. Liza’s appearance at HSN will kick off programming leading into the retailer’s 33rd Birthday month in July.
"My life has provided me the ability to amass a wonderful wardrobe designed by fashion’s brightest stars," said Liza Minnelli. "I am excited to work with HSN in launching The Liza Collection and to have the opportunity to share my favorite looks with millions of women who want to look fabulous and feel their very best."
The collection is a first for Liza within the fashion category, bringing to life some of her most recognized looks, including sequined separates and signature flowy pants. Jewelry is inspired from some of Liza’s most treasured pieces pulled straight from her jewelry box including necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.
"We are honored to offer our customers this exclusive fashion collection from Liza Minnelli. Partnering with such a renowned star reinforces HSN’s unique ability to effortlessly bridge the worlds of fashion and entertainment," said Lynne Ronon, Executive Vice President of Merchandising, HSN. "As one of the most celebrated entertainers today, I am confident Liza will connect directly with HSN customers in marrying her iconic style with their own."
Liza Minnelli is one of the most versatile and highly regarded performers in the entertainment industry. She began her show business career at an early age and won her first Tony Award for Best Actress in a musical by the time she was 19. Since then, Liza has garnered critical acclaim for various acting roles and has risen to international stardom. Along with countless honors and awards, Liza Minnelli is one of very few personalities to win entertainment’s top four awards – The Oscar, The Tony, The Emmy and The Grammy.
The Liza Collection will debut at 10 p.m.–midnight EDT on June 30 at HSN and Retail prices for apparel will range from $29.90 for a Charmeuse Scarf to $129.90 for a Sequined Boyfriend Blazer and for jewelry from $39.95 for Silver-tone Triple Heart Pave Drop Earrings to $79.95 for a Silver-tone Pave Rose Bangle.
About HSN
Headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL, HSN is a leading interactive multichannel retailer offering a curated assortment of exclusive products and top brand names to its customers. HSN incorporates experts, entertainment, inspiration, solutions, tips and ideas to provide an entirely unique shopping experience. At HSN, customers find exceptional selections in Health & Beauty (e.g. M. Asam, Carol’s Daughter, Coty, FranBrand, FusionBeauty, Andrew Lessman’s Procaps, Lancome, Perlier Beauty, Serious Skin Care, Wei East, ybf Beauty); Jewelry (e.g. Heidi Daus, Grayce by Molly Sims, R.J. Graziano, IMAN Global Chic, michaeLisa, Noir, Amedeo Scognamiglio, Tori Spelling, Serena Williams Signature Statement); Home/Lifestyle (e.g. Nate Berkus, Bissell, Colin Cowie, Dyson, Todd English, GreenPan with Thermolon, Emeril Lagasse, Joy Mangano, MoMA Design Store, Wolfgang Puck); Fashion/Accessories (e.g. American Glamour Badgley Mischka, Curations with Stefani Greenfield, Sam Edelman, Loulou de la Falaise, Chi by Carlos Falchi, Diane Gilman, "Timeless" by Naeem Khan, Adrienne Landau, Twiggy); and Electronics (e.g. Canon, Gateway, GE, HP, JVC, Kodak, LG, Sony).
A leader in transactional innovation, HSN is the only retailer offering live streaming video on three screens: TV network, which broadcasts live to 94 million households in the US in HD 24/7;, which ranks in the top 30 of the top 500 internet retailers and features 15,000 product videos; and mobile via its iPhone application. HSN customers are also able to shop via HSN’s live in-flight shopping experience, which launched in late 2009. HSN, founded 32 years ago as the first shopping network, is an operating segment of HSN, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSNI).
# # #
Kendall Griffin
HSN/HL Group


The legendary Liza Minnelli will appear on The Joy Behar Show on Wednesday, May 26. The Joy Behar Show airs at 9:00PM (EST) on HLN.

Among the topics Joy and Liza will be discussing are:

Liza's cameo in Sex and the City 2
The Liza Collection, Liza's new apparel and jewelry collection for HSN
Liza's upcoming tour which begins June 5 in St. Louis

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Afi's 100 Years 100 Stars-LIZA MINELLI-WITHOUT YOU

Liza Minnelli - Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye Full Version HQ SATC 2

Liza Puts a Ring on It ~

Liza Puts a Ring on It

Academy Award-winning entertainer Liza Minnelli makes a dazzling return to the big screen playing herself in Sex and the City 2. A highlight of the film is Minnelli’s showstopping rendition of "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" performed at a gay wedding while backed by two Liza Minnelli look-alike dancers.

US Diary: Minnelli steals 'SATC2' gal pals' thunder

By Orla Healy
Sunday May 23 2010
Liza Minnelli may be the surprise star attraction at tomorrow night's SATC2 Manhattan premiere. The 64-year-old singer, who in the movie (spoiler alert) officiates at Stanford Blatch's wedding (to Anthony, Charlotte's wedding planner), has been getting all the attention since the soundtrack was released on Friday afternoon.
While lots of critics are howling foul (actually, they're saying she should put a lid on it) over Minnelli's big-band cover of Beyonce's mega-hit Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), lots of those who make up the powerful SATC fan-base (read: gals and gays) are going gaga over her performance, which might just put the sequinned songstress (who wears a mini-caftan on the big screen) on top of the charts.
Scott Gorenstein
917-470-1282 - cell

Saturday, May 22, 2010

'Sex and the City 2' amazingness: Liza Minnelli does her version of 'Single Ladies'

It’s Friday afternoon, folks—let’s have some fun! And by fun, of course, I’m talking about Liza Minnelli! Singing “Single Ladies”! On the Sex & the City 2 soundtrack!

OK, so I should amend that first statement of mine: It’s Friday afternoon, folks—let’s have some gay, gay, gay fun! Just to give you a little context for why, exactly, Ms. Liza would be singing “Single Ladies” on the Sex & the City 2 soundtrack—you don’t need to know much more than the fact that she’s in the movie to officiate Stanford and Anthony’s wedding. Yes, literally. It’s happens! And then she sings “Single Ladies”—natch, in her standard sequined black mini caftan. Before I go further though, let’s all take a moment to just bask in Liza doing Beyoncé, which leaked on the internets earlier today:

by Tanner Stransky

VIDEO version ~ Liza Minnelli does her version of 'Single Ladies'

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Serving Up More 'Sex'

Michael Patrick King did an interview with and included some wonderful words about Liza (in bold below).

Serving Up More 'Sex'
The series-turned-film franchise goes another round, and series mastermind Michael Patrick King - and his famous female stars - give us a peek
By John Polly
Printed 5/20/2010 in issue 1820
"This movie is just crazy mayhem!"
Kim Cattrall isn't mincing words. The always-outspoken actress, known to millions around the planet as glam and lusty Samantha Jones of "Sex and the City," has no issues about describing what the much awaited "Sex and the City 2" movie is going to be like.
"We're picking up two years after we left off in the last film, we're going off to exotic locations, and crazy things happen to these gals. The first movie was paying homage to the relationships; in this one we're just having a blast!"
Hold on to your strappy sandals - this fabulous foursome is back. Come Thursday, May 27, the world is getting another dose of the divas, the drama, the bawdy comedy, the romantic angst and the heartfelt affection that follows whenever Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda hit the screen. Following the 2008 blockbuster, "Sex and the City 2" reunites the show's principals and its creative team, lead by director, writer and producer Michael Patrick King, to take us all on new - and undoubtedly fiercely attired - adventures.
"With the first movie, I felt like the fans wanted a really wild, emotional up-and-down rollercoaster," explains King. "This time, it's just a big vacation with a great emotional heart."
First, the basics: As "Sex and the City 2" opens, the four main characters are at a somewhat solid place in their lives. Of course, this being Carrie and her friends, there's more bubbling beneath the surface. "This time around, each of the main characters is struggling with being boxed into a traditional role," explains King. "You've got Carrie, the perennial single girl, now married for two years and struggling with the idea of being someone's wife. You have Charlotte struggling with the idea of being an ideal mother. Miranda is discovering that there is a glass ceiling at work, and she's come to the place where she has to define herself by something else besides her job. And Samantha is dealing with the idea of how a woman can change while going through 'the change,' and she has decided not to change."
So when the going gets tough, the tough go somewhere fabulous? Kristin Davis explains the lavish plot twist: "Samantha gets an opportunity to go to Abu Dhabi, and she agrees to go only if her friends can come, because they haven't been on a trip together since they all went on Carrie's failed honeymoon. It's an adventure; it's a road movie mixed with a kind of mixing of cultures. That alone is funny, but we also share this wonderful communal experience, learning about some universal struggles and joys that women around the world all go through."
King elaborates, "Abu Dhabi is thought of as the future, that's part of their image, and because one of the themes in the movie to me is evolution - the past, who these women were, who they are going to be - the future just seemed like the right place to go."
The exotic desert setting - the Abu Dhabi scenes were actually shot in Morocco - also made for great visuals. In fact, the crew shot on the same dunes where the classic "Lawrence of Arabia" was filmed. "I couldn't wait to see how it would look on film, to see these characters and the costumes against that backdrop," says the movie's producer and star, Sarah Jessica Parker. Off camera, the circumstances were unique for the cast and crew, too. "At one point we were eight hours from Marrakech, all living in the same little hotel," she explains. "We were all taken away from friends, family, children, husbands, wives, extended families - so after shooting we were going home to each other, and I think it was the best thing in the world for us. We really became a family."
Not all of the extravagant plot points take place in the Arabian dunes. Stateside, the story takes the characters to another eclectic location for a glitzy "Sex and the City" moment - an over-the-top gay wedding in Connecticut. In fact, the film's festive vibe opens at the outrageously luxe ceremony where Stanford and Anthony (Carrie and Charlotte's respective gay BFFs) are saying "I do." Faithful fans of the TV series needn't worry whether this twist will be believable (formerly, Stanford and Anthony were not exactly pals); King's on top of it.
"When it comes to Stanford and Anthony, Carrie's jilt at the altar in the last movie was so traumatic for both of them that the New Year's kiss they shared knocked down their walls and brought them close," King says. "There's a great joke in the movie where Samantha says, 'It's musical chairs - the music stopped and they were the last two left standing.'"
Who else was standing - and officiating - at Stanford and Anthony's big gay wedding? Liza Minnelli, who turns out the wedding song of any gay groom's dreams. "It's unbelievable," says King of Minnelli's performance. "I've never seen anybody so focused, fearless and prepared. At some moments I was looking at the monitor and watching her, and I was thinking, 'I cannot believe what we're filming.' She was amazing."
Liza's not the only special guest star in the film. Miley Cyrus pops up as herself, "Project Runway" style maven Tim Gunn makes an appearance and, most notably, John Corbett shows up in Abu Dhabi, reprising his role as the one man that Carrie let get away: her former fiance, Aidan Shaw. Intrigue abounds!
And just in case all of that isn't enough, "Sex and the City 2" serves up another diva-tastic musical moment with a girl-group rendition of a `70s classic, cranked out by none other than Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon - all in character, of course. "It's the 'Sex and the City' karaoke moment," laughs King. "Since we have an `80s flashback moment in the film, and considering how the show has examined women's roles and their looks from the `90s up to now, I thought, What is a defining women's moment from the `70s? And that song came up.
"But that number is really just about girls on vacation; while most friends go to their local joint to do karaoke, my job with 'Sex in the City 2' is to take these women to an exotic locale and have them sing an iconic song, wearing clothes selected by Pat Field, on a gold-sparkled runway." He laughs and adds, "I've got the best job - ever."
All the celebratory sparkles, songs and glamorous locations aside, King realizes that there's something else that brings his legions of devoted "Sex and the City" fans - straight, gay, female, male or otherwise - back for more. "Underneath all the flash and fashion and fun, 'Sex and the City' is always a romantic, comic tragedy with a real heart. These women have real feelings. The circumstances may be sensational, the clothes may be a little outrageous, but underneath there's a human heart beating."
But will this phenomenon's heart keep beating long enough for another sequel? Will the party continue for Carrie, her friends and the rest of us? Don't expect a firm answer from its stars or King. Not yet. "Let me honestly say that there is no third film already in the works," admits King. "We didn't already shoot it, it's not ready. Just enjoy this one!

"Scott Gorenstein
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Legendary Liza Minnelli performs at The Chicago Theatre, June 6

ChicagoPride.Com News

May 19, 2010

Legendary Liza Minnelli performs at The Chicago Theatre, June 6

Chicago, IL - Four-time Tony Award winner, two-time Golden Globe winner and recipient of an Academy Award, an Emmy Award

and a Grammy Award, the incomparable Liza Minnelli will perform in a rare, one-night-only concert event at The Chicago

Theatre, 175 N. State St., Sunday, June 6 at 7:30 p.m. Presented by Star Productions, Minnelli will sing sensational American

standards in a glamorous and intimate concert. The show will feature some of the greatest songs of all time performed in their

purest, most intimate form with Minnelli and her quartet. She will be accompanied by Billy Stritch. This performance showcases

Minnelli at her best, singing these classic American standards as only she can.

Tickets are currently on sale and can purchased through Ticketmaster at or by calling 800-745-3000. Tickets

range from $55 to $125. For more information visit

Liza Minnelli was born on March 12, 1946, in Los Angeles, California to the actress/singer Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli, the

film director responsible for such classics as "Meet Me in St. Louis" and "An American in Paris." She began her career at a very

early age, appearing with her mother in the movie "In the Good Old Summertime" in 1949. By the time she was 19, she had

landed the lead role in the Broadway musical "Flora, the Red Menace," a performance that won her first Tony Award for Best

Actress in a Musical.

In 1972, having won acclaim for several film performance, her movie career peaked when she played Sally Bowles in "Cabaret."

The film won eight Oscars, including Best Actress for Minnelli. The role also earned her a Golden Globe and a British Film

Academy Award. Minnelli also starred in the first concert ever filmed live for television in 1972. The special, "Liza with a Z,"

produced a Top 20 album and won the Emmy for Outstanding Single Program.

Minnelli went on to appear opposite Robert DeNiro in the film musical "New York, New York," directed by Martin Scorsese, in

1977. In 1981, she co-starred with Dudley Moore in the movie "Arthur," going on to make the sequel "Arthur 2" in 1988. Minnelli

added a second Golden Globe to her already impressive list of awards in 1985 with her performance in "A Time to Live," a

made-for-TV movie.

In 2008, Minnelli returned to Broadway with "Liza's at the Palace ..." which went on to win the Tony Award for Best Special

Theatrical Event. She recreated the show at the MGM Grand where her performance was filmed for a public television special and

a DVD. The show's cast recording was nominated for a Grammy Award. Minnelli continues her extraordinary music career with

ongoing concert tours in the U.S. and Europe, as well as recording a new album.

CONTEST: Enter to Win meet-and-greet passes to Liza Minnelli at The Chicago Theatre, June 6th from

Scott Gorenstein


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sex and the City 2 ~ features a stunning performance by Liza! says "The reception party features a stunning performance from none other than stage and screen legend Liza Minnelli, sure to be one of the highlights of the movie..."
And check out this, well, stunning description of the wedding scene from, taken from the film's press notes, with quotes from writer/producer/ director Michael Patrick King. Even the swans came out of the water and nestled at her feet? Well, I guess I would have too. Roger
Not to be outdone by the ladies, Stanford and Anthony–Carrie and Charlotte’s best gay friends, respectively–have each found the love of their life: Anthony and Stanford, respectively. And though Carrie may have ultimately opted out of the big wedding, nothing can compare to this movie’s black-tie gala nuptials–complete with swans, an all-male chorus and none other than Liza Minnelli herself officiating–all arranged by Stanford, not his wedding planner fiancé, Anthony.
“I’ve been on a lot of movie sets, but I had never seen anything like this,” Willie Garson declares. “It was reminiscent of a Busby Berkeley musical of the `30’s and `40s, with hundreds of extras and an orchestra and two camera cranes. It was probably the biggest thing I’ll ever be part of.”
Mario Cantone turned the occasion into a true family affair. “I got my sisters, Marion and Camille, to walk me down the aisle, so it was actually very emotional,” he relates. “And for my character to have this great sequence at the beginning of the movie was really thrilling and magical, something I’ll never forget.” ...
Unlike the understated, intimate City Hall ceremony between Carrie and Big, this one, King reports, “is a real extravaganza.” The wedding itself occurs about 10 minutes into the film and, while set in Connecticut, was filmed at Brooklyn’s Steiner Studios, on an elaborate set created by production designer Jeremy Conway and his team.
“Michael said it was important that this sequence was white,” Conway says. “I think the line he used was that ‘it should look like a snow-globe had exploded,’ which was a funny, really great image for me to work from–brilliant! Then he told me about the swans and a water feature, and it was off to the races.”
“We’re playing with the idea of what’s traditional and what isn’t,” King adds. “The wedding is right up front and, for me, it’s a combination of everything you would ever want to do in a big movie, from elaborate sets and gorgeous costumes, to swans and dogs, to a big musical number with a legend–it was quite a big deal. What’s funny and unexpected about this big Connecticut summer wedding is that it’s two men getting married,” King says, “and just like that, traditional and non-traditional collide–one of the themes of the movie.”
Almost every aspect of the set was custom-made, including the tent, the tablecloths, and the floral arrangements in various shades of white. Floral designer Tess Casey even added crystals to the flowers so that they would pop. “As in everything we do,” Conway says, “the details are really, really important.”
The cast was floored by the sheer size and beauty of the design, replete with such dazzling frills as a graceful footbridge and a huge male chorus attired in white tuxedos. Upon arriving to film the musical number in which she appears, Minnelli whispered to King that she hadn’t seen anything like it since, as a child, she visited her father, director Vincente Minnelli, at MGM. Perhaps to show her appreciation, after her final take Liza, accompanied by her pianist, Billy Stritch, gave the entire cast and crew an impromptu, farewell performance of Cole Porter’s “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye.” Everyone from producers to prop masters was spellbound and teary-eyed; even the two swans walked out of the water and nestled at her feet while she sang.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Liza performs in a black sequined mini in " Sex and the City 2" openig May 27th

The action starts in New York - where else? - two years after the first installment.
You remember, that's where we saw Big (Chris Noth) and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) get married, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) recommit to wedded bliss with Steve (David Eigenberg), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) get the gift of not one but two babies and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) break things off with her young stud Smith Jerrod (Jason Lewis).
Our first shot of Carrie's shoes reveal them to be luscious, gold-sequined Christian Louboutin pumps - as in, Dorothy's ruby slippers, only way more blinged than the pair Judy Garland wore.
The trailers give a certain bit away but viewers will still get a kick out of the gay wedding where Judy's daughter Liza performs an awesome song and dance in a black sequined mini.
The dress is just one in a cast of sparkly clothes that belie the doom and gloom of the last two years, when a tanking economy sucked the luster out of our lives.Read more:

LIZA ~ ON STAGE! ~ Stonewall 25 event in Central Park, June 26, 1994 (THE DAY AFTER THAT)

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Liza Minnelli - BEST FOOT FORWARD ~ 1963

LIZA MINNELLI played the role of Ethel Hofflinger alongside a very young Christopher Walken in BEST FOOT FORWARD.

Like the multitudes of young performers who hit NYC every year, 16-year old LIZA MINNELLI actually did pay her dues, if only for a short time and despite her parent's fame and wealth, when she arrived in New York on her own in 1962. Not long after her arrival, however (and only after a few reported nights sleeping on a park bench, when her savings ran out), she was cast in the off-Broadway revival of Best Foot Forward. The musical opened at Stage 73 on April 2nd, 1963, and earned her the THEATER WORLD/DANNIELL BLLOM AWARD. The NY Daily News stated the show was "worth seeing if only to remember back someday to having witnessed a Broadway star in her professional debut." A single of her show-stopping ballad "You Are For Loving" actually sold a half-million copies (helped no doubt by her appearances on the TV variety circuit, including "Ed Sullivan," and even "The Judy Garland Show," where she crooned her new record), which in turn helped Best Foot run for seven months and 244 performances, closing on October 13th, 1963 (shortly after Liza left the show to return to Los Angeles.)

16 year old Liza Minnelli broke her ankle in 1963 during the rehearsals for the play "Best Foot Forward".