Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Exclusive: Liza Minnelli, Delta Burke are dueling 'Divas'

Jun 30, 2009, 05:12 PM by Michael Ausiello
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Now this is the kind of screwball casting I can get on board with: Liza Minnelli and Delta Burke are set to play dueling sisters on Lifetime's upcoming legal dramedy Drop Dead Diva, sources confirm to me exclusively.
On Diva, which premieres July 12, Minnelli plays a psychic who takes her sister (Burke) to court after she opens a competing psychic shop directly across the street from her store. Their episode airs Sept. 20 and also features an encore appearance by Rosie O'Donnell as a judge.
Wait, there's more...
The following week (Sept. 27), Nia Vardalos guest stars as an offbeat (duh) office temp who discovers that she was switched at birth.
Drop Dead Diva, the brainchild of former CSI/Bones exec producer Josh Berman, tells the story of a vapid model who dies in a sudden accident only to be reborn in the body of a brilliant, plus-size attorney (Brooke Elliott).
Might be time to introduce my FauVo to this mysterious Lifetime channel.

Monday, June 29, 2009

LIZA STEPPING OUT! speaking to the crowd at The Gay Pride Parade in PARIS!

LIZA speaking at Gay pride Parade in Paris.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Liza signig in Paris...

Liza Minnelli enchants Paris gay pride march

PARIS (AFP) — Hundreds of thousands on Saturday marched through Paris and Berlin in flamboyant Gay Pride parades with US showbiz diva and gay icon Liza Minnelli mesmerising crowds in the French capital.
Minnelli, who takes to the stage later Saturday in the French capital, a city which also holds fond memories for the star of her film director father, dazzled with a brief dance routine.
"Freedom," she cried, dancing on a float festooned with multi-coloured balloons in the gay movement's symbolic rainbow hues.
Organisers said about 700,000 people attended the event but police put the number at some 200,000.
"We knew that she had a concert this evening in Paris but when her agent told us that she could come, we thought it was a joke," said Philippe Castel, the spokesman for an umbrella grouping of some 50 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender bodies.
"It's really an honour and a great pleasure to have her with us, she's an icon," he said.
"This will bring greater visibility to our fight."
But Castel said several things including marriage and adoption rights continued to elude gays and lesbians in France.
The vibrant procession included two floats blasting pop and techno music.
The event paid tribute to Stonewall -- a spontaneous New York uprising which erupted exactly 40 years ago and launched the US homosexual rights movement.
The event took its name from a New York bar, called the Stonewall Inn, which shot to global attention when its gay clientele staged a revolt against police harassment, sparking clashes for five days.
"It's been a long march. The progress accomplished has been great and gives us confidence," said Jack Lang, who as culture minister took one of the first Gay Pride marches in France in 1982.
"But we have to think very seriously about all the homosexuals in Iran, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere who are being persecuted."
Berlin's 31st Gay Pride march drew about 550,000 participants and spectators, according to local media estimates.
The parade featured floats led by one emblazoned with the slogan "Step by step towards Gay Pride. Equal rights for all."

Friday, June 26, 2009

LIZA signing in Germany...

Showbiz diva Liza Minnelli returns to Paris

By Paul Ricard – 4 hours ago
PARIS (AFP) — US showbiz diva Liza Minnelli returns this weekend to Paris, the scene of one of her early successes and the home of her hero and mentor Charles Aznavour.
The 63-year-old singer and actress takes to the stage Saturday in the French capital, a city which also holds fond memories for the star of her film director father.
"My first real success was in Paris, in the Olympia (music hall)," said Minnelli, whose career took off in the late 1960s.
"Charles introduced me on stage, just like he does every time I've been here and it seemed to work," she told AFP.
This friendship with singing legend Aznavour, often dubbed the "French Sinatra", forged when Minnelli approached the artist after seeing him in concert. It has proved decisive in forming her own artistic persona, she believes.
Describing herself as "an actor who sings", Minnelli said it was Aznavour who taught her to fuse the art forms.
"First time I ever really saw it happen was with Charles Aznavour and I thought 'It's really interesting, I want to do that'.
"He became one of my heroes," added the star, whose Saturday show at Paris' Palais des Congres is the last date of a small European tour.
Minnelli was the daughter of the late film star Judy Garland and director Vincente Minnelli, and was used to rubbing shoulders with big names of the silver screen in Hollywood.
But she sought influence outside her upbringing and decided the theatres of Broadway were for her.
These early dreams were marred by a lack of confidence - and it was only when she visited the music halls of Paris that this changed.
"I was not sure that I could be so confident," said Minnelli, talking of her initial feelings towards theatre performances she saw on Broadway.
"Then I saw Aznavour, (Belgian singer) Jacques Brel and these fantastic French people who were so in the moment of each song and I thought 'That's the right way to do it'.
"I went to Charles and told him: 'Can I learn from you, will you be my mentor?'
"And he was and still is."
The pair remain close, with Minnelli travelling to Paris earlier this year to record a song for charity with Aznavour, now 85.
Minnelli's movie director father was also a fan of France, a love he passed on to his daughter.
He made a film in France - the 1951 movie "An American in Paris" - and even received an award from the French government.
"It's wonderful, always so exciting for me," Minnelli said of returning to the City of Lights.
"It reminds me of my father.
"He made An American in Paris... he won a Legion d'Honneur for his loving view of France."
Her father died in 1986.
For the finale of her European tour, Minnelli says fans can expect an energetic music hall extravaganza, packed with fascinating characters.
The entertainer shot to fame in 1972 in the film musical "Cabaret". Her performance as the sultry singer Sally Bowles caught up in dangerous times in Berlin as Adolf Hitler rose to power won her the Oscar for best actress.
Persistent health problems, battles with substance abuse and a troubled personal life -- more than her performances -- have pushed her into the headlines in recent years.
Copyright © 2009 AFP

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Liza Minnelli on Her Friend Michael Jackson

Liza Minnelli is opening up exclusively to ET about the death of her fellow music legend, Michael Jackson.
"He was a kind, genuine, and wonderful man. He was also one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived. I loved him very much and I will miss him every remaining day of my life."
Michael Jackson was a close friend of Minnelli and was in her wedding party along with Elizabeth Taylor when she married David Gest.
Posted June 25, 2009 5:18:00 PMSee All: music michael jackson

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marriage-Equality Scourge Ruben Diaz Has Gay Brothers, Best Friend (and a Soft Spot for Liza)

Liza Minnelli in Germany

Photo: Getty Images

6/23/09 at 6:17 PM

Over the Christmas holiday, Christopher Lynn, a former top Giuliani aide and founding member of the gay and lesbian Stonewall Democratic Club in New York City, took one of his closest friends, a Democratic state senator, to a performance of Liza Minnelli's Broadway show, Liza's at the Palace ... ! During the poignant rendition of Charles Aznavour's drag-queen ballad, "What Makes a Man a Man?" ("I know my life is not a crime/ I'm just a victim of my time"), Lynn turned to his friend and saw that he was choked up. "Diaz was in tears," says Lynn. Yes, that Diaz — Bronx senator Ruben Diaz Sr., the Pentecostal Puerto Rican minister and scourge of gay marriage....
Diaz, who has not one but two gay brothers, says, "I'm not homophobic. I have a problem with gay marriage. I have no problem with gays." Even Liza Minnelli won’t change his mind about that, but her deft, shaky hand did stroke at least some part of his soul. "It touched me, something touched me," Diaz told New York about the performance that moved him to tears. "Something got to me."

Monday, June 22, 2009

LIZA ~ Fun tidbit: by Matt Cavanaugh...

Matt Cavanaugh in Urban Cowboy.

Fun tidbit: Matt Cavanaugh, the supersexy Tony of the current revival of "West Side Story," is featured in Out magazine this month and mentions following in Liza's footsteps at the Palace: �I inherited my dressing room at the Palace Theatre from Liza, and I still have the red carpet she left behind. If Liza leaves you a present, you accept it graciously.�

Liza Minnelli ~ with Carla Hay on

Liza Minnelli is a ball of energy who’s still a force to be reckoned with, after a career spanning several decades. She’s also one of the few entertainers who’s won at least one Oscar, Grammy, Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe. When I talked with Minnelli before this year’s Tony Awards, she admitted to being nervous about her nomination. (In addition to performing at the show, Minnelli was nominated for best theatrical event, for "Liza’s at the Palace.") She needn’t have been too worried, because she won later that night. And guests in the gift lounge got to see Minnelli gush over the Vera Bradley duffel bags and strut her stuff with Jane Fonda as the two women bonded over the LaDuca Couture footwear, which has a special pair of shoes named after Minnelli.
You’ve accomplished so much in career. What do you want to accomplish that you haven’t done yet?
Everything better. "Do it again and do it better." That’s my motto.
Do you ever give yourself a break and pat yourself on the back?
No, I really don’t. If I said that [something I did] was awesome, I’d be resting on my laurels.
You’ve taken your show on the road for over two years. What have been some of the highlights?
Standing on the Palace stage and knowing that Sophie Tucker did that, Eddie Cantor —everyone I wanted to be like and who influenced me, my mother. You can feel it right out of the ground.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Liza ~ Sammy Davis Jr. Tribute (1992)

part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5

LIZA ~ Tony Award night portrait...

Liza Minnelli "2009 Tony Award Winner" (Best Musical Event).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reviews from Liza's first stop on Germany Tour-Frankfort

thanks Shannon!

(Again with not edited Translation) Kulturnachrichten aus der MZ

Triumphant tour prelude for Liza Minnelli the 63-year-old presented itself in highly form. The thoroughbred artist well known become by its roll in "Cabaret" pulled all indices of its ability and united professionalism, temperament and public vicinity in the varied program. Again and again the public of the seats burst up. Minnelli appeared stirred and surprised after the official part with a song, that it sang entirely alone and without accompaniment of its first-class musicians.
Further tour data are in Munich (14. in June), Bielefeld (18.), Dusseldorf (20.) and Berlin (22.).

Frankfurt/Main (dpa)
Liza Minnelli remains personified Entertainment large view Frankfurt/Main (dpa) ­ with the song "Teach Me Tonight", therefore "Bring me today night something in", opened Liza Minnelli in Frankfurt on Friday evening its brilliant concert to the prelude of its Germany tour.
At the same time she herself was it that gave with its show a scholar hour in things Entertainment. The approximately 1200 fans of the New York world star of reacted carried away and celebrated the 63-year-old euphorically, who presented herself in highly form. Again and again the public of the seats burst up. Also the fact was able to have on the good mood nothing that in prices of admission up to 170 Euro many places in the hall empty remained.
Minnelli had good reasons to be best mood. Your current Broadway show "Lizas At The Palace" was priced first a few days ago with the desired Tony Award. The singer, dancer and entertainer is one of the few artists, that was priced in the course of its varied career with all four important honors of the US-Entertainment-industry ­ Tony, Emmy, Grammy and Oscar -. In its entrance in the old opera became quickly clear why that is so: The Minnelli is the Entertainment personified with which the Showtalent penetrates out of every pore.
As a singer, she has until today a voice, that abounds before power and energy, that is however also full shades and can be delicate and fragile. As a dancer, she still can impress, also if its meanwhile through drug abuse, tray abuse and alcohol abuse more maltreated can, of illnesses more strained and with artificial joints of overlooked body by far more always so, how the temperament bundle wanted it gladly.
Minnelli internalized "The show Must Go On" that go on must show a further principle and takes it with humor and even irony: "Know you yet, like I earlier at this place into the knees gone bin?", it calls middle in a song and laughs a little dirtily.
The daughter of Judy cooked country, who stood since earliest childhood in the limelight, has the Glamour of a Diva, but not the arrogance. It causes loosened in its entertaining and witty presentations and hectically, but always sincerely. If it sings, accompanied of an outstanding orchestra, rules banned quiet and goose skin atmosphere just in the heart-rending ballads.
The public experienced a varied program. Naturally classic such as "Cabaret", the title song of its breakthrough and Oscar success might, and be not missing "New York, New York". Also "Maybe This Time" or "Every Time We Say Goodbye" provided for special moments. Your call as a gay icon unterstrich Minnelli when it one announced A one" to Charles Aznavours song "What Makes A, in that it 1979 very touching the problems of a homosexual described: "Only a few song clerks were so courageous to write over the things, over that he schrieb."
With one "the wars" Minnelli took leave very abruptly of the stage. The wars naturally yet long not. It turned yet repeatedly back ­ to the last supplement without its musicians, very alone with its strong voice and unique radiations.

Frankfurt/Main (dpa)
Liza Minnelli entertainer enthused Mainhattan with the song "Teach Me Tonight" Liza Minnelli in Frankfurt opened its brilliant concert to the prelude of its Germany tour. At the same time she herself gave a scholar hour in things Entertainment with its show. Ddp Liza Minelli the approximately 1200 fans of the New York world star of reacted on Friday evening carried away and celebrated the 63-year-old euphorically, who presented herself in highly form. Again and again the public of the seats burst up. Also the fact was able to have on the good mood nothing that in prices of admission up to 170 Euro many places in the hall empty remained.
TO THE SUBJECT of madonna: Sex sells – yet yet sound-recording medium show: Alesha in the WunderlandMinnelli had good reasons to be best mood. Your current Broadway show "Lizas At The Palace" was priced first a few days ago with the desired Tony Award. The singer, dancer and entertainer isone of the few artists, that was priced in the course of its varied career with all four important honors of the US-Entertainment-industry – Tony, Emmy, Grammy and Oscar –. In its entrance in the old opera became quickly clear why that is so: The Minnelli is the Entertainment personified with which the Showtalent penetrates out of every pore.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Liza GERMANY ~ Ab wie eine Rakete. Wrrrommm!

thanks SHANNON!

© DIE ZEIT, 07.05.2009 Nr. 20

THE TIME: What was the very first presentation, that first show, at which you can remember?
Liza Minnelli: An experience at which I remember me very clearly there I must been yet very small be, were the filming to an American in Paris. There there was a scene in which I threw confetti on the ballet. Gene Kellys daughter and I were divided for this job. The other children went to the school on the playground, I went always on the Set of my father. Usually the filmings were had to be quiet boring, we, and everyone was concentrated so. But the dance scenes were simply wonderful, I loved it.

TIME: Do and the first song at which you remember?

Minnelli: Did perhaps That Old Black Magic? I lay as an infant under the piano and heard Sammy Davis Jr. to, it was permanent here to guest and a type uncle for me. My father put on also very often disks and heard it with my mother. Music was the love and the business of my parents. And I was raised of small on in addition to deliver a good show.

TIME: What does that exactly mean?

Minnelli: In every show, a spectator is guaranteed there, who has sing hear me never the songs out of Cabaret. At least a! It is the first time and perhaps the last time that it hears the songs. Therefore they simply magnificently must be lectured. There one cannot go through there simply only disinterested.

TIME: What do you perceive, shortly before you go on the stage?

Minnelli: Do before the floodlights concern? (Recess) I feel unkonzentriert. But before every premiere, my 82-year-old dance teacher Ron Lewis comes behind the stage and takes my hands. About so. (Minnelli bends itself over the table and takes the hands of its interlocutor). Then it says like in a ritual: "Would concentrate you like a bastard! Gib your best! Live entirely in the moment!" And: "I love you." In this moment, all rattled together, and I become a race horse, that waits on that, that the box opens itself. Ron gives me a small push, and I go out, on the ramp.

TIME: Do you observe the public in the entrance?

Minnelli: I must see the public. Therefore I carry also these long artificial eyelashes. If I view in a certain angle, they are like a screen, that protects my eyes against the floodlight. Thanks to this eyelash, I can see at least the first six spectator rows. I must know, to whom I speak.

TIME: What is the public for you?

Minnelli: A partner. An entrance is like a tennis game. It needs two for that.

TIME: In a tennis game, one can lose.

Minnelli: Only, if one plays around points. If one plays on the other hand to spend around jointly a good time… it does not concern me a victory.

TIME: About what is it going you?

Minnelli: Around a type conversation. Every single song is an exchange with the public. To be sure with the difference that I do not speak about the stage as Liza Minnelli.

TIME: Who are you on the stage?

Minnelli: I am always another. The respective woman who sings the song. I write down all: Who is the person who sings this song? Which hair color has it? What does it have before eyes? Where does it live? What is exactly in its refrigerator? Does it have children? What happened to this a precise moment in which the song begins? Only if I am entire in this person, I can sing the song convincing.

TIME: Do you know after the entrance whether you were good or bad?
Side 3/8

Minnelli: No. Because I disappear totally in the stage persons, I never know exactly how I was in the evening. Whenever I of the stage would come – and equal whether the people simply only claps or whether it it of its chairs tears ask –, each time I: "How was I?" Because I am there above vis-à-vis my own person like a horse with shy lids. And only thanks to these shy lids, I can sing how I sing. I learned that of Charles Aznavour, my mentor and friend, my large example.

TIME: Can you describe this horse existence a few?

Minnelli: I quietly can show it you, for the people at the next table feel disturbed otherwise. (Sings) "it it very clear our love is here to stay." (sings more retained) "it it very clear our love is here to stay." After much happened: (Sings melancholy) "it it very clear our love is here to stay." Aznavour taught me the shades. When I saw it for the first time on the stage, thought I, I die. Who is this French type? What does there happen? But simultaneously I knew: I want exactly that also. I am namely no actual good singer. I am a good dancer and a good actress. An actress in the music. Thanks to Aznavour. In my new show, I sing its song What Makes a one a one in whom I play a Dragqueen. In this song, I am therefore a woman who plays a man, who plays a woman. If one asks himself, how this person stands and goes and sits, how he moves, one has no time to be on the stage nervously or to observe himself from outside.

TIME: When did you meet Aznavour for the first time?

Minnelli: I was 17 when I went into its concert here in New York. Little later I sang one its songs in my first nightclub program. When I viewed one evenings into the public, I thought: Holy shit, there it sits! After that it came into my wardrobe. And at the next day, it sent me a bouquet of red roses with a white rose in the middle. Until today, we speak at least every two weeks together.

TIME: At that time you lived already alone in New York…

Minnelli: I came already with 15 here. I wanted simply to the Broadway, I wanted to create it alone in New York. And my parents who were separated at that time a long time permitted me, that summers in New York to spend and to go on a drama school. I asked whether I could remain, if I found a job. And I found it: in the small Off-Broadway-show best Foot Forward in the 73rd street. The theater had only eight rows, and I was a small chorus girl. Christopher Walken was also there, by the way a crazy tap-dance.

TIME: How does one live with 15 in such a city?

Minnelli: In a hotel for young ladies. The lobby was fuller boy with flowers. But not for me. Yet I came through me very well. Only unfortunately my parents changed its opinion and wanted to send me suddenly for at least a year on the College. Probably they had a bad conscience because I was not able to go as a child correctly to the school.

TIME: Why not?
Minnelli: I so often had to change, permanently moved there we – sometimes also because my mother was able to pay the hotel no longer. Altogether I was on 20, perhaps 22 schools. I have not even a Highschoolabschluss. In any case they sent me on that (it stretches the nose highly and speaks exaggerated blasiert) : Sorbonne. I could were however quite no French that overfills were classes, all other girls much older and more stylishly. I was this kid from Hollywood, and they regarded, as would be I apiece of sh… therefore remained me I alone in my room and read the entire time. But then one of these calls of my mother that wanted came, that I come home, because she needed me. One of these calls in which it told that one would force it to this or that, that a song text would not fit, that one would drive it into the insanity. Normally I tried in the age, to get such emergency call rid of, but this time came I home immediately. And after that permitted it me to go finally to New York. I had won!

TIME: You never responsibly made your mother for your own crises and falls.

Minnelli: Why did I should also?

TIME: If one gets in rows nervous breakdowns and suicide attempt of the own mother, if one replaces as a small child the contents of pill capsules by sugar, so that the mother full pumps herself not again with Valium or incite means, one could be tried, to reproach this mother later a few things.

Minnelli: I found it however never good to show with the finger on other. I never wanted to be victim, but rather a fighter. It occurs again and again that older women, who grew up with the songs and films of Judy cooked country, close and say, on me, that I would be exactly so like my mother. Then I am thankful politely for the compliment. But if the people really would view there, if they would look at the roll, that my mother played publicly, but also privately and of which she knew, that she played it, would see it a victim.

TIME: They said once: If you have a bad memory, they circumscribe simply.

Minnelli: I do also.

TIME: Is that not displacement?

Minnelli: I served' t give a shit. One can change what happened, no longer. If one has always a foot in that yesterday, and a foot in the morning, shears one himself a dirt around that today. I am in the meantime old enough to mean over survival strategies to stand. And I experienced a few things until I was so far. One must go through there through these bad experiences – and not drum around, I tried that namely also. One must through all through – and go on the other side. If one cannot that, one should circumscribe also nothing. For that would be then displacement.

TIME: They went around always very openly with your crises and breakdowns.
Side 5/8

Minnelli: They let also only heavily hide sometimes.

TIME: What was your wildest time?

Minnelli: Probably the seventies. 1976 when I turned with Martin Scorsese New York, New York, and the years after that. I worked turned endlessly much in this time, films, at the Broadway geackert, we went out much and celebrated. We had a quantity of joke what one should not forget. (Recess) seeing you: If you order yourself now two Martinis, you are conducted perhaps a little. If I would order myself now two Martinis, I would go from like a rocket. Wrrrommm! (You rises and tears the arms highly. At the same time the restaurant bank tips over forward). One would have to screw on oh, the thing really once. Can Honey, go we shortly out? I would smoke gladly a cigarette. Are you dressed also warmly enough, Honey?
(As a Minnelli before the restaurant smokes, revolve immediately according to passerby its over. A woman stares it unconcealed at).

TIME: Do you disturb that actually?

Minnelli: No, if the people would stare at me no longer, would be named there yes that I work no longer. These people feel with me somehow trusted. They know the songs of my mother and saw the musicals of my father. They think that I belong to its family. And perhaps they are also my family. On a type in any case. Normally I carry a baseball cap if I go through the streets.

TIME: Do you live here in the vicinity?

Minnelli: Yes, there over there, (makes one vaguely hand movement to the Lexington Avenue). I love this quarter with its brick houses and old restaurant. Many people find the city too quickly, too stressful, too ruthlessly. And it agrees runs also, here every like a D train around. But that New York have at least a goal. It causes, would have as here every mission one. In Hollywood, that is differently. There they stare at itself everyone only mutually. New York love I.

TIME: How did your city change since the economic crisis?

Minnelli: One does not see it on the first view. But there are more and more to-sell-signs. And even the persons, that in that send live buildings here in the area, go to supermarkets outside of the city in order to buy dog lining or paper handkerchief. There all is much cheap. In my house, a woman, who was until recently a wealthy person out of Palm Beach, lives. Now it distributes advertisement slip of paper in a department store. God would be thanks to had I always enough money in order to have to make me around so something no worries.
Side 6/8

TIME: Can we let the Zigarettenstummel here before the door?

Minnelli: Honey, that is New York.
(In the restaurant Minnelli is addressed of two men and is asked for a photo: "Otherwise never believe us our women that we with Liza Minnelli in the restaurant waren!" Minnelli reacts politely and sets a radiating show smile for the photo on)

TIME: Who is you dearest song clerks?

Minnelli: Fred Ebb and John Kander were wonderful as a Texter and composer. And its New York, New York, the title song of Scorseses film, is simple a magnificent song.

TIME: Did it annoy you at that time that the song became first three year after the film through Frank Sinatra the world hit?

Minnelli: But no, so I do not think. Frankie and I sang New York, New York also repeatedly together. There are other songs that have to do much more with me. Fred Ebb really invented me. Through its songs, I had the feeling to find to a language. It was like poetry, that one understands and perceives. Clearly, simply, deeply, on the point. When I heard Maybe This Time for the first time, the one enlightenment was.

TIME: Do you feel the Cabaret -hero Sally Bowles near?

Minnelli: It wants to be accepted and loved around every price. A star wants to be you. I had the feeling that I knew Sally Bowles already long, before I played it. In Fosses film quaked sees one Sallys weakness. One sees how shaken it is, when its father transfers it. It is not simply only a through cracked personality. It does not let lower get herself. It is a fighter.

TIME: You had your first film roll 1949 when three-year in a film with Judy cooked country. How very must one fight in order to remain over so many years in the business?
Side 7/8

Minnelli: I never saw that as a battle. The Pet Shop Boys wanted to receive end of the eighty for example actually only a song with me, but then we laughed so much together that they made the entire album with me. During the day I was stood with the Pet Shop Boys in the studio, evenings I with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. at the other end of the city on the stage. That was a Spagat between two Showkulturen.

TIME: What do you or Frank Sinatra of current entertainers distinguish?

Minnelli: The training. One correctly can learn the Showbiz no longer so how Sinatra and I learned it. In this city, there was a giant quantity in Downtown minutely small nightclubs where we were able to learn kids the craft. All these places disappeared. Is goods, there comes in yet the Actor’s it studio at which I teach also, but who there already? It does not lie at the young people, it lies that they are instructed no longer to the race horse. Cold or flu – equal, one must remain there above on the stage. If one is sick, one does not think: Oh ever, my hips hurt, could I me only set. One thinks: Hopefully I am tonight nevertheless good! All for the show.

TIME: They died already once on the stage.

Minnelli: Alas really, on what then?

TIME: At a knife in the breast, in the Muppet show. Your last words at Kermit were: "Greet you the Broadway of me."
Minnelli: Give my regards to Broadway! That is a song of George M. Cohan. Do you know it? (Sings quietly) "And say that I' ll be there never long…" I dear this song. The authors of the Muppet show wrote the dialogue with Kermit. I found it very amusingly.

TIME: What would you yourself say to Kermit if on the stage your last moment had come?

Minnelli: (like out of the pistol shot) I want another moment!
The Gespäch led Katja Nicodemus


June 8, 2009 -- THE Tonys. You watched the show last night. I worked the rehearsal yesterday morning.

So Liza's telling me: "I started out making scenery, painting flats. Being in a theater is the most exciting thing in my life." Midway a stranger interrupted to blaah endlessly on how thrilling to meet her in person. Eyes glazed over, Liza turned back to me with: "So, anyway, she gave him the $30,000." Staring at her, I asked: "What the hell are you talking about?" When the fan finally left, Liza grinned: "Years ago my godmother, Kay Thompson, taught me: 'When you need to shake some pest, just tell whomever you're with, 'So, anyway, she gave him the $30,000.' It gets you out of any corner."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY! born ~ June 10, 1922

Liza Minnelli backstage at the 2009 Tony Awards

Best Special Theatrical Event
("Liza's at the Palace")

In your acceptance speech, you almost got cut off at the end. Was there anything else you wanted to say?
I have no idea. I was so surprised … I just wanted to thank my parents for the greatest gift they ever gave me: my godmother, Kay Thompson.
What do you think of Will Ferrell, who was nominated in the same Tony category as you were this year?
I’m so crazy about him. He’s so charming and he’s so talented. I watch his movies all the time.
What were you and Will Ferrell talking about on the red carpet earlier today?
We were talking about how much you liked each other.
How do you feel about being a cultural icon for so many people?
I don’t understand it. To me, I’m just a gypsy. The thing I love to do is rehearse and get up and work ... So every time people say that, I’m startled and grateful.
And what do you think about being an icon to the gay community?
A gay icon? I love it!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Tony Awards 2009: Best Moments...

BEST: Liza with a Z In our estimation, Liza Minelli can do no wrong, but she proved why she's a star during the Tonys. She gamely danced to "Let the Sun Shine In" during the opening, happily flirted with the singer from "Rock of Ages" when he went out in the audience looking for a little romance, and when she got a little off-track accepting her award, she just shook her boobs and kept on going. That's a true professional. Television Without Pity • © 2009 Bravo Media LLC • A Division of NBC Universal

LIZA TONY WINNER ~ Liza Stepping Out comments...

Liza Minnelli took Best Special Theatrical Event for Liza's at the Palace I don�t think it�s possible for me to express in words the joy I had while watching Liza take the award for �Best Special Theatrical Event� for Liza�s at The Palace. Many people I�ve spoken with believe that it was out of popularity. However, I think that she was given the award for her pure talent and for all the hard work she has done for all these years. Liza is simply the greatest entertainer in the world.
I am so happy that I got to - not only witness Liza on Broadway - but also I got to be around to see Liza win her fourth Tony Award. The cake was delicious. This will be a night that will live on in my memory forever.
Of course, Liza wasn�t the only star of �Liza�s at The Palace.� The show couldn�t be a success if it wasn�t for Ms. Minnelli�s musical supervisor, Pianist, and friend, the most talented Billy Stritch. When watching Billy and Liza perform together it almost reminds me of �Judy and Mickey�. They are an amazing pair.
Ron Lewis�s direction and choreography has made Liza�s act unforgettable and exciting and pays a wonderful tribute to Kay Thompson�s Night club Act. Way to go!!
If it wasn�t for Liza and Billy and Ron Lewis putting this act together, I would have never met my amazing friend Cortes Alexander. I hope for years to come he allows me to continue running, �The Cortes Alexander fan club� website. It has been a great honor.
Johnny Rogers, another terrific guy that I got to meet here in Miami, while performing with his band. He has such an beautiful voice!
Jim Caruso is so funny! I wish I lived in New York City so I could go to see his cast part all the time! He is such a nice guy and I had the pleasure of meeting him at Birdland in December. Can�t wait to hear his CD which should be in the mail any day!
Tiger Martina! Whoa! What a dancer! He is such a nice guy and I wish I got to see him in �Movin� Out�. I hope to see him work again with Liza in the very near future.
Liza has always worked with such wonderful people. Whether they joined her on stage or worked with her off stage. Matt Berman, Liza�s lighting designer and stage manager, is a just a sweet heart.
The award may have went home with Liza but the show wouldn�t have been anything if it weren�t for these people that I have named and many more people I haven�t named. The all deserved for this show to win! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! by JARED.

Hi Gang,

I was clapping and clapping
wooo hoooing so loud....and I was all alone
watching the show.
BUT, I knew all of you were watching with me
and what a show it was!

Congrats to our lady!!
So proud of you Liza....I had tears of joy in my eyes..

Lots of Love,

Congratulations, Blessings, and LOVE to ALL connected w/ "Liza's at the Palace".....

Bryan (Liza's 'World Goes 'Round" segment, and the reactions of the audience during it, just go to show: She is Simply the Finest Entertainer Around. God Bless her- she's One of a kind!)
by Bryan.
WHAT A GREAT NIGHT FOR LIZA & COMPANY, SO HAPPY SHE IS A WINNER! AND WHAT A PERFORMANCE, LOVE SAMMY............................................. While I agree with many of the comments in the e-mail below, I must take exception with the idea that Liza won because of all of Liza's hard work over the years. I think she won because "Liza's at the Palace" was one hell of a show!!! Sentimentality aside, the show was fabulous and Liza was spectacular! THAT's why she won!
Congrats Liza!!! MARK.
Dear gang I screamed and clapped and hurt my hands I clapped so hard. I think this was one of the BEST tont shows of all times!! Liza, Angela, Jane, etc etc.Not to rub it in and to think Sammy we were were there at the Palace when she DONE IT!!. Great great moments. Loved Liza being called and American Musical treasure!! As Angie says WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!! more Liza please its time for Kennedy Center??????? from GARY