Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Liza PHOTO~SHOW "Some Cats Know"

Monday, July 28, 2008

Try & Catch LIZA...if you can.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The diva more showgirl~Liza Minnelli closed yesterday for all the high thing the Jazzaldia, in the Kursaal,

28.07.08 –

The star of the show, Liza Minneli, shone yesterday in her mature musical show of orientation showgirl, in the closure of the Festival
She harbors the Heineken Jazzaldia the commendable tradition to say good-bye the multiexhibición of music with a noisy final firecrackers that leave the spectators with the retinas clinking of sparks of enthusiasm. And in this 43rd edition, that yesterday was the final show, such honor corresponded to the great lady of the stage Liza Minnelli, in a festival showgirl that underlined with brilliance the long days of the 43rd edition of the Festival.

Dynamic as she entered the stage, wearing black with sequins, and her characteristic headband in the front ("The day I discovered that the headband was something very useful when I sing, because I sweat a lot on stage and with the headband the drops of sweat does not go down my chest. -sic-").

Solid band of support that supported Her ,twelve musicians in format of great band, directed by the conductor Michael Berkowitz. Billy Stritch on the piano, Thomas Hubbard in the Bass guitar, the trumpet players Ross Konikoff and Dave Trigg, the trombone player Clint Sharman, the saxophone players
Frank Perowsky, Gerry Niewood and Ed Xiques; Bill percussion, the guitar Bill Washer, Rick Cutler in the keyboards.

Liza started her entrance with the tempting stanza of ” Teach Me Tonight”, that seems to be an opportune invitation so that each can interpret it to ones own way. Liza showed since the first compasses that sings a lot, that that marvelous voice that courted to the world decades ago continues with her, flowing splendidly now, with her 62 polite years, although is noted that no longer can rise neither to reach the higher notes of long ago. She was presented like a happy woman (with her cackled laughs) before intoning “My ship-Man I Love”. Amused movie-loving the film environment in the happy one ”So What ”. There were later jokes upon presenting “My Own Best Friend”, from the musical Chicago, that treats very intimate themes: the sentimental relations or the solitude, dead husband included. It is known that Minnelli has passed by four official marriages and four subsequent divorces, one more long list of tie. The daughter of the film Judy Garland and Vincent Minnelli. She has recovered from a dark past, marked by the addictions, has been operated on in more than one occasion- of knee and 2 hips. So when she sat down in a comfortable directors chair to continue singing a little more relaxed you understood. In such a way she sang the encouraging “Maybe this Time”. and likewise in repantingada position sang “He’s Funny that Way”, with the band of withdrawal and the only accompaniment on stage of the piano and of the bass. It was a beautiful sample that Liza May Minnelli does not only star in numbers of theatrical music but knows how to transmit to her audience.
And as expected the first part of the show exploited brilliant, family and amusing the central theme of the movie Cabaret, the gem of the artistic crown of the lady, with the singing star shining with a force on the boards of an audience from San Sebastian were enthusiastic. It overacted its known hymn, the moment expected as point of inflection of this Festival and the ceremony functioned to the perfection. After the it deserved rest, the recital changed of logic in the second part for to be starred in by whom Liza has said that was her greatest vital influence, her godmother Kay Thompson, vocal arranger and intimate friend of her mother, in whose house she lived since the death of Judy Garland, when Liza was 22 years old, till her death in the year 1998. Among dancers The environment was old fashion, with the Minnelli in elegant dark suit, with fular, and four singers-dancing, also dressed, interpreting with humor the choreography of Ron Lewis. The show won entire and the star danced of a such a loose way that would give a heart attack to the surgeon that patched up her skeleton repeatedly. She performed the compositions that her Godmother thought for the movies (Hello, Hello; Jubilee Time, Basin Street Blues, Clap your Hands, I love A Violin, Mammy). The group of dancers sang “ Liza”, song from 1946 that inspired the parents of the singer to give her this name. And it offered of cherry the not less expected “ New York, New York”, her song that was popularized by Frank Sinatra. With a third change of wardrobe and in graceful suit with legs to the air, sweated the professional diva, continuing the rhythm of her boys, and taking advantage of her moments of exhaustion in the show,
when she is supported by the dancers, integrating in the show her own exhaustion. She changed into red outfit and was the affectionate one Sally Bowles of Cabaret she said good-bye, intimate, with an “ I' ll Be Seeing You”, acapella. And the fact is that, who she had, she retained.


Liza Minnelli, performs during the 43 Jazzaldia jazz festival

US singer Liza Minnelli, performs during the 43 Jazzaldia jazz festival, in the northern Spanish Atlas - Sunday, 27 of July,Liza Minnelli puts the clasp of gold to the... This afternoon, a few privileged have been able to attend the closure of the Festival of Jazz of San Sebastián, an inescapable appointment since 43 years ago, in this edition with voice of woman,Liza... Basque city of San Sebastian, on July 27, 2008. AFP PHOTO / Rafa Rivas (Photo credit should read RAFA RIVAS/AFP/Getty Images)

Cover Girl

Liza, Lorna, & Joey...

Regensburg greets LIZA!

LIZA at The London Palladium (1986) "WHEN THE SUN COMES OUT" for SHANNON

LIZA pulling out all the stops!

THE BACKSTAGE~Good Morning, Liza!

Good Morning, Liza!


Yes, all has gone as predicted Liza Minnelli arrived in the very early morning today from the airport of Gasteiz on a private flight. At Mercy of Valley expected her there to transfer her to the hotel María Cristina, where this morning she will open the eyes. They say that the veteran singer is today a true professional of her own and that the day of the concert takes care of herself in the hotel to the hour of the action. Not even it does test of sound because for she already has to her team. Her concert is this afternoon ,is one of the large unknown quantities of this edition. After the show, Minnelli will sleep again in the five star hotel and will go tomorrow, again from Vitoria, again in private flight.

With charm: Liza Minnelli inspires thousands of fans with temperament

Liza Minnelli has inspired with her concert rich in tempo on Saturday evening in Wolfsburg several thousand fans. The powerful-voiced world star danced with the international jazz and blues festival in the Autostadt on the stage.

She presented pieces from her new album as well as world-renowned hits like "Cabaret". In blue and violet light dipped the 62 years old elegant artist showing her theatrical skill between the songs - she played the contents and the forming of the songs and told stories. Four dancers and singers supported the diva, a 12-headed orchestra accompanied them.

In a dark grey glittering upper top, black velvet trousers and a shining headband Minnelli greeted the fans with a smoky voice. She loves the German audience, she returns a lot, she said winningly. Liza’s appearance was a song, and dance show - she had put the microphone stand aside already after few songs. After some quieter songs she needed a place to go along with her on stage and the audience.

With kisses from her hand and an addition - to her world hit “ New York, New York “ - Liza Minnelli said goodbye under blustering applause of the spectators. The diva gave only three concerts in Germany.

After many highs and low-pressure areas, heavy health and private problems she seems to want to enjoy being an artist every minute. The diva answered the question what stands then with her, firstly - dancing, singing or acting - on Friday evening in Wolfsburg spontaneously: “ This moment now “.

With Herbie Hancock and Salomon Burke immediately two music legends had begun the festival on Friday. Already for the fifth time the Autostadt of Volkswagen became the stage for world stars and newcomers. The final concert this year should give on Sunday evening Roger Cicero.

Gospel-Evergreens wie „Oh when the Saints go marching in“ oder den Louis-Armstrong Hit „What a Wonderful World“. Der ebenfalls 68 Jahre alte Herbie Hancock wartete hingegen nicht nur mit altbekannten Werken auf, sondern auch mit Songs von seinem jüngst mit dem Grammy ausgezeichneten Album „River: The Joni Letters“, eine Hommage an die Sängerin Joni Mitchell.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

World star Liza Minnelli to the WAZ: “ This is a great show “

Hi Sam, thanks for using three of my Liza pics from my Flickr page ... would you please add they were taken during the concert in Ulm (July 20, 2008)? Thanks...torsch....THANK_YOU, Sammy.

Conversation with the world star in the Ritz-Carlton – only three concerts in Germany –

Broadway star, Oscar winner and more than two dozen albums – Liza Minnelli is a world star, a diva, and since Thursday she has accommodations in the Ritz-Carlton in Autostadt covered. Tonight, 20.30 o'clock, the singer on the stage stands with the jazz festival in the Autostadt, the WAZ met the 62-year-old for the conversation.
jes) The artist on her tour gives only three concerts in Germany. Ulm and Regensburg lie behind her, today Wolfsburg is it. “ I love the German audience. They are so attentive “, radiates the girlish artist who does not look her real age. Indeed, for the conversation in the hotel, she is late, but her excuse is in such a way honestly and friendly that one cannot take amiss of her. “ Actually, I do not keep people waiting “, she says. Besides, she is a diva and could permit herself this. It is impressed by the Autostadt. “ It is wonderful here. “ And on the subject of the car her Alan Pakula's film Sterile Cockoo "Pookie" of 1969 occurs there. Minnelli played the leading role. “ The girl in the film drove in a red Volkswagen! “ To actors, singing and in o slip different role – this is her life. “ I do things, to make people happy. “ She will also help the Wolfsburg audience today to a feeling of happiness. Songs from the musical "Cabaret", „”New York, New York “ and “ some surprises “ will sound. Minnelli promises: „ “This is a great show! “

LIZA in Germany~slideshow

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Liza sings for wealthy aristocrats at their Bavarian castle

The castle's magnificent interior includes a lavish, baroque ballroomPhoto: ©

Liza took to the stage in the courtyard of the family's Bavarian castle, parts of which date back to the early Middle Ages

The countess, who was once known as the punk princess, attended the event with her 25-year-old son Prince Albert who is head of the Princely House and for years held the title of the world's youngest billionaire

The veteran performer headlined a concert organised by Countess Gloria Thurn und Taxis at her family seat Photo: © Getty Images

24 JULY 2008There was a meeting of music aristocracy and the real thing this week when Liza Minnelli performed at a concert in southeast Germany organised by a wealthy local family.The music legend had been invited to sing at magnificent St Emmeram Castle in the Bavarian city of Regensburg by Countess Gloria of Thurn und Taxis. A member of one of Germany's wealthiest families - they received their princely titles from Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I in 1695 - the countess was among the 30,000-strong crowd with her son Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis as Liza took to the stage.And 25-year-old Albert - who's a keen motor racing driver - clearly shares the same sense of fun as his mother, who was dubbed the punk princess in the Eighties due to her lavish social life. Every year the countess hosts the summer concert in the courtyard of her family home - which is open to members of the public - to encourage visitors to the grand neo-renaissance-style edifice. Located on the outskirts of the historic town of Regensburg, the castle has a dramatic interior featuring a conservatory packed with exotic plants and a lavish baroque-style ballroom

Appearance of the Broadway stars finishes Regensburger castle festival

Regensburg (ddp-bay). Accompanied by the drum whirl of her hits there jumps Liza Minnelli on the brightly enlightened stage: " Hello Everybody! " In leggings and a glittering shirt the American Broadway star presents herself on Wednesday evening in the sold out inner courtyard of the fürstlichen castle Saint Emmeram in Regensburg - for the end of this year's castle festival.

Minnelli the screen mistress of the festival was invited by Gloria Fürstin of Thurn and taxis, as a climax of the festival in Regensburg. In the interview with the " Medium Bavarian newspaper " Gloria looked completely excited, while she waited for the superstar from America: " My God,exciting! " Also organizer Reinhard Söll seemed to be tightened, indeed, for other reason: He did not trust the weather. Too wrong: Minnelli’s completely sold out concert had not become disturbed by one raindrop.

When Minnelli stood on the stage, framed with old castle walls and applauds from the eager fans, she looks very much relaxed. She chats about her life, tells anecdotes from the show business. Minnelli harvests laughter of the audience and throws to her hostess in the first row , kisses from her little hands.

Germany has stamped them since the shooting for the film "Cabaret" very much, she reports and praises the picturesque scenery in the castle court. To the best she gives above all songs from her completely big time: " New York, New York ", "cabaret" and "Maybe this time".

Over and over again she thanked for the applause, however, also forgets not to owe to her 12-musicians at regular intervals. " This is everything my darlings, the most great musicians far and wide ", she announces and breathes to the pianist a kiss on the cheek.
For her show the 62 year-old diva harvests thundering applause and standing ovations. After the classic " New York, New York " bangs the audience for several minutes. However, Minnelli has already left the stage and cannot be moved to an addition. Many in the audience see it let. " After this show she can certainly simply do no more , shes fantastic!", notes a woman understanding.
© copyright ddp news agency Ltd

3000 fans celebrate Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli inspired the listeners in Regensburg
For the end of this year's Thurn-und-Taxis-Schlossfestspiele US star Liza Minnelli has inspired about 3000 listeners.

With the concert in the court of the Regensburger Prince's castle Saint Emmeram, the 62 year-old entertainer sang on Wednesday evening not only her hits like "Cabaret" and “New York, New York “, she also told numerous anecdotes from her artist's family.

At the end of the more than 3000 people, Liza’s appearance held the listeners ,they stood up from their seats. Minnelli was dismissed with ovations, while Gloria von Thurn and taxis of the singer handed a big bouquet. The fans waited for an addition, however, in vain.

Organizer Reinhard Söll pulled a positive balance of the Open Air festivals in spite of the streaky weather. „ We are sehrzufrieden, especially with the artistic result “, said the festival performance boss. All together more than 30,000 visitors have come to 13 concerts and performances.

“ With the Summer I am natural not contently “, thought Söll in view of the regular downpours. However, with the finale of Liza Minnelli the audience was compensated with a dry and warm summer night.

Standing Ovations for appearance Liza Minnelli's in Regensburg

'What worries me, how old I am, so long as I can stand up here on
the stage "

Regensburg (ddp). The American Broadwaystar Liza Minnelli has been celebrated on the Wednesday evening in an appearance in Regensburg by the audience enthusiastically. The diva harvested thundering applause and Standing Ovations for her show in spite of chill wind.
Have a powerful voice, highly motivates and overpowering in form was the unanimous opinion about the appearance of the legendary star. To the best she gave above all songs from her completely big time: " New York, New York ", "Cabaret" and " Liza with a Z. ". Giggling she held dialog with the audience, screen mistress Gloria von Thurn and taxis threw kiss little hand and whispered sweet nothings with tape and background singers.

Between the song pieces told Minnelli, accompanied by the laughter of the audience, anecdotes from her moved life and joked let about her age. " What worries me, how old I am, so long I can stand up here on the stage ", said the 62-year-old.

After her final piece " New York, New York " the applause did not want to end. The Minnelli, nevertheless, cannot be persuaded to an addition. After the rousing appearance the concert-goers showed understanding, nevertheless, also for this.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

LIZA & CHITA "The Apple Dosen't Fall Very Far From The Tree" (1984)

LIZA interview from Regensburg,Germany...

Greet God, Liza Minnelli! We are over the moon that you come to Regensburg – a big honour for us. How are you? you look miraculous!

Liza Minnelli: Thanks. It goes for me splendidly, I feel wonderful! I have taken 40 pounds because I dance for my new show continually. I have never danced so much – even more than at that time in " Liza with, Z‘ “. (US variety show in 1972; n. the author) This holds me so incredibly fit. I have Ron Lewis as a dancing instructor – he is the best! (Show choreographer in Las Vegas) We worked for many years; he has arranged my first concerts and also my Broadway show "The Act" (1977/78). In addition, I train every morning with Luigi who has already worked with my godmother Kay Thompson (singer, dancer, Arranger, in 1909-1998) with MGM to whom I have dedicated the second half of my show. She was a singing teacher with MGM and has informed them everything – Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and of course my mother. After she left MGM, she had her own cabaret show with Williams Brothers, one of them is Andy, which I a song dedicated ha be. They must come absolutely and hear this.

With pleasure . Since you played Sally Bowles in 1972 in the film "Cabaret", here you are tremendously popular. What is it you like most about Germany mostly?

Liza Minnelli: Oh, the people. They are always so friendly and enjoy my work on the stage very much. I appear with pleasure in Germany; this is like a home match. And the land is so nice. When we did "Cabaret" with Bob Fosse, Joel Grey and Michael York, I have rented a car, I have traveled around everywhere and have investigated the area – this was so great. Now hopefully I also have time to look around.

Have you already heard something about the medieval town of Regensburg? The cathedral sparrows? The fact that for years the Pope lived here and has taught at the university? Regensburger sausages? Händlmaier mustard? Kneitinger beer?

Liza Minnelli: No, I have not , but I will get out , as soon as we have finished our conversation. I would like to have a look at Regensburg absolutely and find out something about the town. I am sure that we will try after the show Regensburger sausage with this mustard – this sounds like a gigantic Hot Dog (laughs).

You have a nice, powerful voice. Tell us how one maintains that.

Liza Minnelli: Thanks! Thus, I pay attention carefully to rests and do always before a show, Warming up. I sleep a lot, eat the right thing and drink a lot of water. On the stage I drink "Gatorade", this holds smooth. Many theaters have air-conditionings, there your voice can dry up under the floodlights if you do not pay attention.

Tell to us something else about your favorite music. Which songs do you love mostly? Which composers are important for you?

Liza Minnelli: My favorite songs are that who were written especially for me. If this is not miraculous if one can say this: Only written for me? For example, " New York, New York “, "Cabaret", “ Maybe This of time “, „"And The World Goes Round “, „ Liza with a Z … “ and many more. And then all songs of John Kander and Fred Ebb, on that I am in most
proudly. They will hear them in my concert. I hope that you come? Well, I am quite optimistic...

Thanks that you had time. Affectionately yours, all the best. God bless you!

Liza Minnelli: Many thanks. Goodbye in Regensburg!

With world star Liza Minnelli the sun came to the castle

ANNOUNCEMENT from the 23.07.2008, 19:34 O'CLOCKWith world star Liza Minnelli the sun came to the castle“ My God, how exciting! “, was completely excited on Wednesday Princess Gloria. Their Highness waited with others at the castle entrance for Liza Minnelli (62), superstar from the USA. During the last day of the castle festival the entertainer arrived from Munich and stepped on the stage.Shortly before 17 o'clock the black Mercedes sedan with Liza Minnelli arrived at the castle. “ She Stays at the Munich Charles Hotel, is it is real top on it “, repeated Mustafa Metin, Minnelli's European agent: “ She is accessible, touchable. “ The fact that Minnelli stays in Munich and not in the world heritage town on the Danube, has to act according to Metin with the travel logistics and not with the goodness of the Regensburger star hotels - because of Ulmer concerts the artists wanted centrally to live and drive to the towns..“Very nice to meet you “, Princess Gloria greeted the elegant Liza Minnelli when she rose from the car . “You have brought good weather to us. “ Indeed. Shortly before it had still violently been raining.Reason for T*T castle festival performance organizer Reinhard Söll, procures to the sky to look. Can the concert also take place? It can, also with strong rain. Only if it poses a danger for body and life, thus with hailstorm and bolt of lightning, an open air festival is called off.Liza Minnelli immediately went on the stage and greeted the artists with kisses. Briefly she chatted with the pianist at the Steinway and Sons piano. Some musicians of her orchestra had arrived only shortly before Minnelli's arrival by bus from Munich.May I ask? In the Davidhof Minnelli gave an interview to the ZDF for " people today “ on this Thursday. The TV contribution should run for 17.40 o'clock. In the MZ conversation Princess Gloria Konzertveranstalter Söll which whole program and spoke praised from a drama master achievement. The Minnelli appearance is the " great end “, one has experienced a climax after the other.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Liza...I'll be seeing you.

Celeb Watch: Show-biz Legend Liza Minnelli

Regensburg the Broadway Star - Minnelli appears in Castle Festival

On Wednesday Regensburg receives prominent visit: US superstar Liza Minnelli comes for a concert to the castle festival in the inner courtyard of the fürstlichen residence.
She lines up herself one in the Line-up of world stars who were represented this year on the castle festival: Montserrat Caballé, David Garrett and Juan Diego Florez.

In her first visit in Regensburg Minnelli wants to try absolutely home specialities as it betrayed to the " Medium Bavarian newspaper “ already: Regensburger sausages with scuffle Mayo-mustard. In addition, Minnelli has one
small round trip through the world cultural heritage town planned. However, she will probably renounce Bavarian beer: The Broadway star, in the meantime, has a healthy life. „ I sleep a lot, eat the right thing and drink a lot of water “, she said.
Festival performance organizer Reinhard Söll admits quite point-blank as he succeeded in engaging Minnelli: with a substantial fee. “ A knee case or a trip to Las Vegas is not necessary there at all “, said Söll in the interview. All together Minnelli is very easy-care: “ Neither excluding special wishes nor special treatment to Ms. Minnelli and loves the nice scenery in the castle park ,she is glad even especially. “ There she also becomes of the screen mistress of the festival, Princess Gloria Von Thurn and Taxis,will meet. The Princess would like to shake Minnelli’s hand personally. Gloria von Thurn and Taxis this year expects more than 30,000 guests again at the festival.

To most spectators, Liza Minnelli might be confessed, by her famed appearances on Broadway in New York, as well as countless shows and films success with Frank Sinatra, Goldie Hawn, Robert De Niro and Sammy Davis Jr. The multitalent might pocket even an Oscar for the role of the Sally Bowles in "Cabaret". The world star will give her big hits, “New York, New York “, "Cabaret" and “ Liza with a Z.” also in Regensburg to the best.

However, thus effectively the artistic success also was, so tragically ran temporarily the private life of Liza Minnelli. Addicted and be a pill popper she did an extraction cure, was at times confined even to the wheel chair, suffered from the heaviest depressions and got over different operations.

However, the star has revived herself again and today is fitter than ever. “ It goes for me splendidly, I feel wonderful! I have taken off 40 pounds because I dance for my new show continually “, she told to the " Medium Bavarian newspaper “. And in spite of two artificial hip joints and an artificial knee joint, the 62-year-old confessed recently of the British newspaper "The Observer". The life as a show star demands her tribute of the show size, as in Hollywood grown up Daughter of the famous film star Judy Garland already at the age of ten years as a child star on the stage stood.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Liza & Barbra~Flashback 1969 Oscars

An Everlasting Comeback 7/16/08

World star Liza Minnelli: As you get older, everything becomes more intense.

She belongs to the first guard of entertainers of the old school: Liza Minnelli. The singer, dancer, and actress comes to germany for 2 concerts: in Ulm and Regensburg.

In her first step in Show business, a scene in the film" In the Good Old Summertime", she was 3 years old. Next year she can celebrate 60 years in show business.

How is it for one to look back on such a long career?

LIZA MINNELLI: Oh God, is that long. At that time I was almost a baby and my appearance lasted only a few seconds. But that was my first appearrance. And if you want: the rest of my career is an everlasting comeback (laugh). But actually, everything began when I was 13 years old. Then I saw the musical "Bye Bye Birdie". At that moment I knew that I wanted to be on Broadway and on the stage. Until this time, I actually wanted to be an ice skater (?). And I wasn't bad at that...

The problem of a singer is: the instrument changes with age. How do you react to that

LIZA MINELLI: Charles Aznavour gave me advise. He said:when you are 19, then you can do everything that you want. Also at 25. But, at 33 you should slowly think about it. And the great Martha Graham, who looked at me as a dancer, thought: you shouldn't do everything in your whole life as you did as a young woman. When you get older, you can also do less, since everything becomes more intense and deep (profound). There is a beautiful comparison. When you are young, you are like a floodlight, in old age one should become like a laser beam.

What was the biggest/ best (thing..) for you in the 4 decades on the stage?

LIZA MINELLI: Who says that the best has already happened? Maybe it will be the concert in Ulm or Regensburg. I believe that one should always work on oneself, that one should try one's whole life to become better.

This summer you give 2 concerts in germany- both under the open sky. Is there a difference for you between Concert halls and Open-Airs?

LIZA MINELLI: I love open-air concerts, then one sings right to the stars and meets the people in their natural surroundings. Ach, you know I am quite romantic.
Both concerts take place in very picturesque places: in Ulm nearby the Munster, in Regensburg in the Castle courtyard of St. Emmeram.

Are such things important for you?

LIZA MINNELLI: I am indeed American, but my father was Italian, my mother lived (a long time) in France. Therefore I feel very connected with countries like Germany and France and their histories. I like historic places.

Your big success "Cabaret" played in Germany, it was filmed in Germany. What do you feel when you appear/perform in Germany?

LIZA MINNELLI: At the movie box office , "Cabaret" wasn¢t my greatest success, that was "Arthur " with Dudley Moore. But Germany is something special for me, I love your country. When we performed "Cabaret", we were sent with our director Bob Fosse to Germany and played a musical about the Nazis. We were received with open arms and nobody knocked themselves against it! I have met miraculous people in Germany, and many are still good friends of mine today, such as Fritz Wepper. But Fritz is not the only friend from this time, there are also many with whom I have still have contact that worked behind the camera at that time.

Your mother Judy Garland died at 47. She never had the chance for such a long career as yours. What would you like to say to her about that?

LIZA MINNELLI: Only three words: many thanks, mama.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LIZA~In Style

LIZA ART by Tom Miro~2008

Liza Minnelli, Patti Labelle and Brian Wilson highlight free concerts

Singer alert! Singer alert! BY ELIZABETH HAYS AND JOYCE SHELBY
Tuesday, July 15th 2008, 1:06 AM
Brooklyn concert lovers: Be on the lookout for two of your favorite singers, Liza Minnelli and Patti LaBelle, who both will be in the borough this summer giving free - repeat, free - concerts.
Popular rhythm and blues songstress LaBelle will return to Wingate Field for the Martin Luther King Concert Series on Aug. 25. Minnelli (as in Liza with a Z) will make her third appearance in the Seaside Summer Concert Series on Aug. 7.
Minnelli has a special lineup of songs planned for her fans, who have been writing her ever since her 2006 Brighton Beach concert about what they want to hear her sing, she said during a phone interview last week.
"Do you know what a wonderful thing that is?" Minnelli asked, adding that she hopes to honor every request.
And after the concert, will she once again take a ride on the Cyclone as she did after a 2005 show? Minnelli, who was born in California, didn't rule that out.
She also said a Nathan's hot dog was a possibility, because she has such fond memories of visitingConey Island as a child. Being a celebrity now doesn't matter, Minnelli said.
"I want to go to Coney Island like everybody else."
The singer said she hoped the city's plans to overhaul Coney Island won't ruin its magic.
"I think every kid should be able to look forward to going to Coney Island. It's a dream that shouldn't be taken away from children," she said.
Philadelphia native LaBelle said she delights in the summer concert series because, "Brooklyn feels like home."
"There are such nice people in Brooklyn," LaBelle said during a phone interview last week. "They're like family. When I perform there, it's like I have a hit record - even if I don't. The people don't care. They're wonderful whenever I play."
This year, she said, her fans can enjoy true oldies and new music.
"I have two new CDs," she said, adding that she has also recorded music with former LaBelle group members Sarah Dash and Nona Hendryx for a project to be released this fall.
"I'll be doing some new stuff at the concert," LaBelle said, "and I also hope to have some surprises for the audience."
Both the Seaside Summer Concert Series and the Martin Luther King Concert Series were started by Borough President Marty Markowitz, when he was a member of the state Assembly. The Seaside series is celebrating its 30th year. The King series is now in its 26th.
Markowitz said the idea for the Seaside Series came to him while he was driving past Midwood Field one night on his way home from Albany.
"I thought, ¡That's the perfect place for a concert,' " Markowitz said. The first performers were musicians in a program under the direction of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA).
In 1981, Cab Calloway was the first nationally known performer to be part of the series. It moved to the beach and Asser Levy Park in 1991. Wayne Newton was the first headliner there.
While the Seaside Series features mostly pop music and salsa, the King series was started to focus on rhythm and blues, gospel and calypso.
Scheduled artists at the Seaside Series this summer include Brian Wilson, Smokey Robinson and Huey Lewis and the News. Christopher Cross will share the bill with Minnelli. The concerts begin at 7:30 p.m. each Thursday at the Asser Levy/Seaside Park, across from the New York Aquarium.
Visit for details.
The King concerts get underway at 7:30 p.m. on Mondays at Wingate Field, which has entrances on Brooklyn Ave. (Rutland Road and Winthrop St.). Featured artists this summer include: Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Mary Mary, Mighty Sparrow and a mystery guest who, Markowitz said, is a true legend. Visit /mlk.html for details.
For information on either series, there is also a hotline: (718) 222-0600.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

LIZA in Germany on the “Munsterplatz”

Liza Minnelli.
She is presently rehearsing in NY for her new show. “It will be great/fantastic” says Liza Minnelli, whose new program will only be presented twice in germany this summer: on (Schwoer) Sunday, July 20, on the Munsterplatz in Ulm, and on July 23rd at the Schlossfestspielen (this is an event at a castle) in Regensburg. Both events under the open sky. “I love to sing under the open sky” Then you sing right to the stars” And she is curious about this cathedral that she will be will be singing near on July 20th.
The 62 year-old Minnelli, who a few years ago sat in a wheel chair following severe encephilitus, is again in her best form. Her latest concerts in England and Scotland were highly acclaimed. There are still tickets available in all price categories for the concert in Ulm: at the “diagonal” at the train station, at the SÜDWEST PRESSE (Frauenstraße 77) (name of a place and street) and at

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Liza & Christopher Cross August 7th Coney Island

Academy Award Winner
Best Music, Original SongBurt Bacharach Carole Bayer Sager Christopher Cross Peter Allen For the song "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)"

Monday, July 7, 2008

Minnelli Hopes For Arrested Development Film Cameo

17 June 2008 9:13 AM, PDT From See recent WENN news
Veteran singer/actress Liza Minnelli has sparked rumours she will reprise her role in the forthcoming movie adaptation of U.S. TV series Arrested Development - because she is in no mood to retire.
Plans for the movie version of the cancelled TV sitcom were confirmed earlier this year following a meeting between star Jason Bateman and series creator Mitch Hurwitz in late 2007.
And the 62-year-old star, who played character Lucille on ten episodes of the show, has confirmed to the New York Daily News she would sign on for the movie version of television series if she was asked to participate.
She muses, "Why would I retire? I love what I do."