Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Appearance of the Broadway stars finishes Regensburger castle festival

Regensburg (ddp-bay). Accompanied by the drum whirl of her hits there jumps Liza Minnelli on the brightly enlightened stage: " Hello Everybody! " In leggings and a glittering shirt the American Broadway star presents herself on Wednesday evening in the sold out inner courtyard of the fürstlichen castle Saint Emmeram in Regensburg - for the end of this year's castle festival.

Minnelli the screen mistress of the festival was invited by Gloria Fürstin of Thurn and taxis, as a climax of the festival in Regensburg. In the interview with the " Medium Bavarian newspaper " Gloria looked completely excited, while she waited for the superstar from America: " My God,exciting! " Also organizer Reinhard Söll seemed to be tightened, indeed, for other reason: He did not trust the weather. Too wrong: Minnelli’s completely sold out concert had not become disturbed by one raindrop.

When Minnelli stood on the stage, framed with old castle walls and applauds from the eager fans, she looks very much relaxed. She chats about her life, tells anecdotes from the show business. Minnelli harvests laughter of the audience and throws to her hostess in the first row , kisses from her little hands.

Germany has stamped them since the shooting for the film "Cabaret" very much, she reports and praises the picturesque scenery in the castle court. To the best she gives above all songs from her completely big time: " New York, New York ", "cabaret" and "Maybe this time".

Over and over again she thanked for the applause, however, also forgets not to owe to her 12-musicians at regular intervals. " This is everything my darlings, the most great musicians far and wide ", she announces and breathes to the pianist a kiss on the cheek.
For her show the 62 year-old diva harvests thundering applause and standing ovations. After the classic " New York, New York " bangs the audience for several minutes. However, Minnelli has already left the stage and cannot be moved to an addition. Many in the audience see it let. " After this show she can certainly simply do no more , shes fantastic!", notes a woman understanding.
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