Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The diva more showgirl~Liza Minnelli closed yesterday for all the high thing the Jazzaldia, in the Kursaal,

28.07.08 –

The star of the show, Liza Minneli, shone yesterday in her mature musical show of orientation showgirl, in the closure of the Festival
She harbors the Heineken Jazzaldia the commendable tradition to say good-bye the multiexhibición of music with a noisy final firecrackers that leave the spectators with the retinas clinking of sparks of enthusiasm. And in this 43rd edition, that yesterday was the final show, such honor corresponded to the great lady of the stage Liza Minnelli, in a festival showgirl that underlined with brilliance the long days of the 43rd edition of the Festival.

Dynamic as she entered the stage, wearing black with sequins, and her characteristic headband in the front ("The day I discovered that the headband was something very useful when I sing, because I sweat a lot on stage and with the headband the drops of sweat does not go down my chest. -sic-").

Solid band of support that supported Her ,twelve musicians in format of great band, directed by the conductor Michael Berkowitz. Billy Stritch on the piano, Thomas Hubbard in the Bass guitar, the trumpet players Ross Konikoff and Dave Trigg, the trombone player Clint Sharman, the saxophone players
Frank Perowsky, Gerry Niewood and Ed Xiques; Bill percussion, the guitar Bill Washer, Rick Cutler in the keyboards.

Liza started her entrance with the tempting stanza of ” Teach Me Tonight”, that seems to be an opportune invitation so that each can interpret it to ones own way. Liza showed since the first compasses that sings a lot, that that marvelous voice that courted to the world decades ago continues with her, flowing splendidly now, with her 62 polite years, although is noted that no longer can rise neither to reach the higher notes of long ago. She was presented like a happy woman (with her cackled laughs) before intoning “My ship-Man I Love”. Amused movie-loving the film environment in the happy one ”So What ”. There were later jokes upon presenting “My Own Best Friend”, from the musical Chicago, that treats very intimate themes: the sentimental relations or the solitude, dead husband included. It is known that Minnelli has passed by four official marriages and four subsequent divorces, one more long list of tie. The daughter of the film Judy Garland and Vincent Minnelli. She has recovered from a dark past, marked by the addictions, has been operated on in more than one occasion- of knee and 2 hips. So when she sat down in a comfortable directors chair to continue singing a little more relaxed you understood. In such a way she sang the encouraging “Maybe this Time”. and likewise in repantingada position sang “He’s Funny that Way”, with the band of withdrawal and the only accompaniment on stage of the piano and of the bass. It was a beautiful sample that Liza May Minnelli does not only star in numbers of theatrical music but knows how to transmit to her audience.
And as expected the first part of the show exploited brilliant, family and amusing the central theme of the movie Cabaret, the gem of the artistic crown of the lady, with the singing star shining with a force on the boards of an audience from San Sebastian were enthusiastic. It overacted its known hymn, the moment expected as point of inflection of this Festival and the ceremony functioned to the perfection. After the it deserved rest, the recital changed of logic in the second part for to be starred in by whom Liza has said that was her greatest vital influence, her godmother Kay Thompson, vocal arranger and intimate friend of her mother, in whose house she lived since the death of Judy Garland, when Liza was 22 years old, till her death in the year 1998. Among dancers The environment was old fashion, with the Minnelli in elegant dark suit, with fular, and four singers-dancing, also dressed, interpreting with humor the choreography of Ron Lewis. The show won entire and the star danced of a such a loose way that would give a heart attack to the surgeon that patched up her skeleton repeatedly. She performed the compositions that her Godmother thought for the movies (Hello, Hello; Jubilee Time, Basin Street Blues, Clap your Hands, I love A Violin, Mammy). The group of dancers sang “ Liza”, song from 1946 that inspired the parents of the singer to give her this name. And it offered of cherry the not less expected “ New York, New York”, her song that was popularized by Frank Sinatra. With a third change of wardrobe and in graceful suit with legs to the air, sweated the professional diva, continuing the rhythm of her boys, and taking advantage of her moments of exhaustion in the show,
when she is supported by the dancers, integrating in the show her own exhaustion. She changed into red outfit and was the affectionate one Sally Bowles of Cabaret she said good-bye, intimate, with an “ I' ll Be Seeing You”, acapella. And the fact is that, who she had, she retained.

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