Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

LIZA interview from Regensburg,Germany...

Greet God, Liza Minnelli! We are over the moon that you come to Regensburg – a big honour for us. How are you? you look miraculous!

Liza Minnelli: Thanks. It goes for me splendidly, I feel wonderful! I have taken 40 pounds because I dance for my new show continually. I have never danced so much – even more than at that time in " Liza with, Z‘ “. (US variety show in 1972; n. the author) This holds me so incredibly fit. I have Ron Lewis as a dancing instructor – he is the best! (Show choreographer in Las Vegas) We worked for many years; he has arranged my first concerts and also my Broadway show "The Act" (1977/78). In addition, I train every morning with Luigi who has already worked with my godmother Kay Thompson (singer, dancer, Arranger, in 1909-1998) with MGM to whom I have dedicated the second half of my show. She was a singing teacher with MGM and has informed them everything – Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and of course my mother. After she left MGM, she had her own cabaret show with Williams Brothers, one of them is Andy, which I a song dedicated ha be. They must come absolutely and hear this.

With pleasure . Since you played Sally Bowles in 1972 in the film "Cabaret", here you are tremendously popular. What is it you like most about Germany mostly?

Liza Minnelli: Oh, the people. They are always so friendly and enjoy my work on the stage very much. I appear with pleasure in Germany; this is like a home match. And the land is so nice. When we did "Cabaret" with Bob Fosse, Joel Grey and Michael York, I have rented a car, I have traveled around everywhere and have investigated the area – this was so great. Now hopefully I also have time to look around.

Have you already heard something about the medieval town of Regensburg? The cathedral sparrows? The fact that for years the Pope lived here and has taught at the university? Regensburger sausages? Händlmaier mustard? Kneitinger beer?

Liza Minnelli: No, I have not , but I will get out , as soon as we have finished our conversation. I would like to have a look at Regensburg absolutely and find out something about the town. I am sure that we will try after the show Regensburger sausage with this mustard – this sounds like a gigantic Hot Dog (laughs).

You have a nice, powerful voice. Tell us how one maintains that.

Liza Minnelli: Thanks! Thus, I pay attention carefully to rests and do always before a show, Warming up. I sleep a lot, eat the right thing and drink a lot of water. On the stage I drink "Gatorade", this holds smooth. Many theaters have air-conditionings, there your voice can dry up under the floodlights if you do not pay attention.

Tell to us something else about your favorite music. Which songs do you love mostly? Which composers are important for you?

Liza Minnelli: My favorite songs are that who were written especially for me. If this is not miraculous if one can say this: Only written for me? For example, " New York, New York “, "Cabaret", “ Maybe This of time “, „"And The World Goes Round “, „ Liza with a Z … “ and many more. And then all songs of John Kander and Fred Ebb, on that I am in most
proudly. They will hear them in my concert. I hope that you come? Well, I am quite optimistic...

Thanks that you had time. Affectionately yours, all the best. God bless you!

Liza Minnelli: Many thanks. Goodbye in Regensburg!

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