Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LIZA inspires STREISAND to perform live...

Streisand returns to end crippling stage fright...London (ANI): American singer Barbra Streisand has decided to end her retirement from singing in order to get over the crippling stage fright she’s been stricken with for 27 years. Streisand, 67, revealed that she has been terrified of performing ever since she forgot her lines during a free concert in New York’s Central Park in the 1980s.

Buzz up!And she admits she “didn’t perform again until they’d invented teleprompters” but even with the assistance of technology she has struggled to maintain her composure onstage. She recently returned after a lengthy break to perform at a jazz club in New York on September 26, 48 years after she first sang there, and says that her desire to rid herself of the stage fright gave her the courage.

“One day I was at my friend Donna Karan’s house and Liza Minnelli got up to sing, and I thought, How can she do that?” the Daily Express quoted her as saying. “I thought, ‘Why can’t I do that’. It started me thinking I should go back to performing again,” she explained.

Streisand adds she was terrified her weekend show would be a flop, because she hadn’t tested her voice in more than 18 months. “I haven’t sung since last January, and I never vocalise, because it’s so boring. I’ve prayed a lot that my voice will still be there,” she added.

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Silvana ~ Hi! I m from Argentine!!! a fan needs some advice...

Hi,Samy!! My name is Silvana and i m from Argentine.Sorry
because my english is very bad,but i ll try to explain you my problem.
I saw Liza every time that she cames to Argentine..ALWAYS!! 4 TIMES!!
And now i ll want to go to Miami in march to see her in Florida .
But i ll enter to the page of ticketmaster and only can get row "Q"....Six months before the show!!Why??
Do you know if i ll can buy my tickets in an other form and have better row??
And the other problem is that i don t know if the ticketmaster send to Argentine the the page i don t have information about that.
Can you understand my english??XOXO!! If you are a genius!!
Ok,if you can send me information i ll be gratefull with you.
I tell you that i m a Liza s fan since i have reason...I love her so much!!
I think she s admirable and have a big talent!!!!
And now she is a sweetness! so i love her more!
Is very important for us(Argentine fans)your blog. because we cant have lot information about Liza in our country and with all the things that you put in internet we can know about Liza every day-
I ll wait your answer.
With love

(really I try to write in english,but i don t have a lot of vocabulary,sorry for that! but5 i think that we love Liza....and that is enaught do you think that too?!!!!lol!!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LIZA ~ 70's flashback...


January 12, 1976
Vol. 5
No. 1

Cabaret Queen
By Jim Watters
As She Approaches 30, Life May Not Be a Cabaret, but Somebody Sure Forgot to Tell Liza Minnelli

After six weeks in Rome, the Kidnap Capital of the World, the most irrepressible and the first, or certainly second, most valuable female property in all showbiz finally did something to appease her bodyguards. Liza Minnelli left town for a week. But it was not for R&R away from A Matter of Time, the picture she is shooting in Italy with her director-dad, Vincente Minnelli. Rather, it was to promote and, she hoped, salvage her newly premiering Prohibition potboiler, Lucky Lady, back in the U.S. At the time, director Stanley Donen was still mulling two alternate upbeat endings to replace the original downer in which Liza's two rum-running partners (Burt Reynolds and Gene Hackman) died. With $30 million gross required just to break even, the panicky Donen opted for a paste-up happily-ever-after. Minnelli complains that "they cut the guts out of the film, its emotional weight. Now it's as silly as an old road picture with Crosby, Hope and Lamour." (Reynolds, gallantly, announced that the deletion "cheated Liza out of an Academy Award.") So much for the only unhappy conclusion in her life of late. Minnelli has, at 29, clearly taken over Final Cut of her own destiny and is not the throwback to her tragic mother sometimes painted. Her second marriage, to production executive Jack Haley Jr., seems strong. And Judy Garland's daughter pops no pills stronger than Valium. She is fond of bullshots at lunch, but she dilutes her nightly scotch with (choke) Coke. She no longer chain-smokes but has failed to kick completely her Marlboro habit. Liza also doesn't gnaw on her nails quite so much though that might be partially a result of the new patented acrylic nail extender designed by her hairdresser, Liz Gaylor. In short, the only thing Minnelli is in danger of ODing on is greasepaint. She really seems to believe her own lyric that life is a cabaret—round-the-clock. Anyone else would retreat to her hotel suite with script if she had a daily 8 a.m. call in Rome shooting the most testing role of her movie career—she plays a chambermaid in the thrall of a fabled contessa-courtesan (Ingrid Bergman)—and with the presumed added strain of working with Pop. Not Liza. She scoots all over town after hours while her security men reach queasily for the Fernet Branca. To Perugina for her favorite bonbons. To Wimpy's for a home-style burger. And then, still wearing her favorite jeans and a Calvin Klein pea coat, she charms her way past the aghast il capo of the elegant dining room of the Excelsior for crepes suzettes and champagne. The next night, just as likely, Liza, all got up in a Halston and lashed with diamonds by Elsa Peretti, will be at Donald Sutherland's villa on the old Appian Way, wolfing her food and chafing while the other dinner guests finish so she can climb on the piano and give away three hours of what is probably the greatest live act going. (A concert impresario would have to pony up $25,000 for a performance half as long.) That she grew up so supercharged or showbiz is hardly a shock. Sophisticates like Moss Hart and Ira Gershwin (her godfather) hung around the house. Liza sang duets with Sinatra. And along the way she ricocheted through 20 schools. At age 6 Liza's parents split, and at 11 she was hiring and firing the staff, fending off creditors, and coping with suicide attempts by her increasingly erratic mother. At 19, after a chorus-line gypsy apprenticeship, Liza became the youngest musical star ever to win a Broadway Tony in Flora, the Red Menace. Thence followed an Academy nomination in her second film, The Sterile Cuckoo, and the Oscar in her fourth, Cabaret. Such triumph of genes has hardened but not spoiled Minnelli. She will still rehearse like a novice for six weeks in a Manhattan loft to polish her Vegas act. And last summer, as a favor to old friends John Kander and Fred Ebb (who wrote Flora and most of her dazzling club material) and Bob Fosse (her Cabaret director), she loyally saved their latest Broadway musical, Chicago, by filling in for five weeks while Gwen Verdon underwent throat surgery. That would have been unimaginable for her only rival in showdom, Streisand. Success has brought her an entourage, including hair stylist Gaylor and the superstar of make-up, Christina Smith who also works on Aretha and Cher, but only travels with her favorite, Liza. Yet Minnelli prefers to wash her own hair every morning and wears no cosmetics at all if she can help it. Those lush lower lashes on her asterisk eyes are natural, but Christina augments the uppers for occasions. Her growing assurance about her looks seems also to have calmed Liza's turbulent love life. Jack Haley Jr. comes from an establishment Hollywood family (his dad played the Tin Man opposite her mom's Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz) and, except for Peter Sellers (with whom she enjoyed a wham-bang fortnight), is her first man with a real career of his own. Her first husband, Australian composer-singer Peter Allen, began to make his name (writing songs like "I Honestly Love You" for Olivia Newton-John) only after he separated from Liza. In the long interim, she had two years with Desi Arnaz Jr. and quickies with a Parisian aristocrat and a playboy from Ipanema. "I didn't get a divorce," Liza explains, "until I fell in love with Jack. He's a good Irish lad, and our life together just works. I wouldn't have married otherwise." Jack Jr. is 12 years older than Liza and was previously engaged to Nancy Sinatra. He finally buried an opportunist image by producing the MGM musical retrospective, That's Entertainment!, and taking over the presidency of 20th Century-Fox's TV division. Though they have been married 16 months, the Haleys (Liza is old-school enough to call herself Mrs. Haley off-stage) still have been too preoccupied professionally to buy any home to replace Jack's elegant but cramped bachelor pad in L.A. Most of the published rumors about the Haleys are untrue. It was not Liza, but her 23-year-old half-sister and dearest friend, Lorna Luft, who fell for Burt Reynolds on the Mexican location of Lucky Lady. Though she is show-world flirtatious and Roger Moore took her discothèquing in Rome, she maintains, "I haven't slept with anyone but my husband since I got married." Minnelli is also bitter about the growing Garland bibliography. "I think it is neat," she snaps, "that a lot of people are still making money off my mother. Bone-picking was never my bag." She is annoyed, too, by the likes of Rona Barrett's legman, who recently awoke her at 4 a.m. in Rome to check out reports that she was pregnant. "It's stupid," she snorts. First, she's committed to finishing the picture with her pa, then Martin Scorcese's big-band saga, New York, New York, and maybe the movie version of Chicago. "After that," she says, "I'll get the family." As she approaches 30 (March 12) Minnelli has not exactly gone contemplative—her heaviest reading is Cosmo—but she has come to realize on her own that the Yellow-Brick Road can be paved with trauma. "I love attention and I want everything," Liza concedes. "But listen, I know showbiz ain't all singin' and dancin'."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

LIZA ~ "DROP DEAD DIVA" in a slick & entertaining performance!

Liza Minnelli brings her Tony-winning show to MGM grand

Life's Still a Cabaret Liza Minnelli brings her Tony-winning show to MGM grand By Steve BornfeldLAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL

Crack open your dictionaries. Define these words:
"Talent" (Noun): Liza Minnelli

"Star" (Noun): Liza Minnelli
"Tabloid" (Noun) "Target" (Noun): Liza Minnelli
"Survivor" (Noun): Liza Minnelli
Also a Las Vegas headliner as Minnelli, arguably one of the toughest survivors in the annals of showbiz, brings her concert-style show -- winner of a 2009 Tony for best special theatrical event, billed as "Liza at the Palace ...!" -- to the MGM Grand's Hollywood Theatre through Thursday, the performances to be filmed for a PBS special.
A first act packed with selected standards and peppered with signature hits -- including "Cabaret," "Maybe This Time" and the theme from "New York, New York" -- is followed by a dance-tastic second act saluting the late-'40s nightclub routine of her godmother, Kay Thompson.
Fresh from a rehearsal, the bubbly and gracious Minnelli got on the phone to discuss the show, her mom and dad, Bono and a (theoretical) movie of her life:
Question: So how did rehearsal go?
Answer It's great. It's great every day!
Q: How's your health these days?
A: Sennnnnnsational!
Q: Tell us a little about what we'll see at the MGM Grand.
A: The whole first act is all character songs, which I love. Most of my songs are character songs. Different kinds of women, different situations, different experiences. I do a complete study on each song on a separate piece of paper. I have things like, "What color hair does this lady have that I'm singing about? Where does she live? Does she have decals on her refrigerator?" And what led to them right to this second, to this show.
Q: Do you enjoy performing in Las Vegas?
A: Oh yes. I remember coming here, I was just a kid, and people would just disappear from the pool at 5 o'clock sharp and at 7:30, that lobby, people were in tuxes and ties and the women had on their best jewelry and their best black-sheath dress, and it was very exciting and kind of mysterious. I think everybody thought they were in kind of a danger zone. It was wonderful. But I love it now, too.
Q: Recently, your seminal 1972 TV special, "Liza with a Z," has been making the rounds on cable. Has that brought you new fans?
A: I know! It's just great because we cleaned it up. We (originally) did it on 16-millimeter film, and it didn't come out the way that Bob (the late director Bob Fosse) wanted it to come out or I did. So I cleaned it up slowly, it took around six years. When I saw it, I thought, "This is wonderful!" When I showed it to (producers), they said, "Oh, people have to see this."
Q: Has the kind of variety performing you do -- singing, dancing, storytelling, improvising -- become something of a lost art?
A: I'm a modern vaudevillian. I was backstage during a Michael Jackson concert one time and this guy in a top hat and sunglasses comes up to me and says, "Miss Minnelli, I think you're the ultimate performer. When you perform, there's just you and the mic and the lights." And I said, "'Gee, thanks." He walked away, and I said, "That was a very nice guy." And the person next to me said, "Are you nuts? That was Bono!" I said, "Oh, Jesus, I didn't recognize him in that hat." But I'm close to a lot of the current stars.
Q: Your fans have been loyal to you for decades. How do you explain such devotion?
A: I'm so grateful. They're like my friends. The audience is my friend. I never treat an audience like an audience. We're all locked in this box, and maybe for an hour and a half I can remove a little bit of the confusion or the pain they're going through or the joy they're celebrating and celebrate with them. That's my job.
Q: You've lived such an interesting life that it seems like it would make a great movie. What should the title be?
A: "Ho-Hum"! (laughs). I wouldn't be seeing it anyway. I'll probably have joined the choir by then anyhow.
Q: Who could play you?
A: Wow, I've never thought about that. I think Meryl Streep could do a good job.
Q: Speaking of movies, what are the ones fans always mention when they meet you?
A: "Arthur," "Cabaret," "The Sterile Cuckoo." And I did a couple for television that they really like. One of them was called "Parallel Lives" (from 1994). It was a bunch of us (James Belushi, James Brolin, Helen Slater) improvising through the whole movie, a very interesting experience. You can probably find it somewhere.
Q: What's next, after your Las Vegas performances?
A: I'm going to Australia three days after I leave you and doing a different show there. It will be the same first act, but there are so many requests and things that they really want to see that I've put in a new second act. I'm also working on singing a song in the new "Sex and the City" movie.
Q: With all the ups and downs in your life, how do you explain how you've survived it all?
A: Well, you find what's wrong and then you fix it, or you find somebody who can fix it. I never give up.
Q: What do you think your mom (Judy Garland) would say to you now if she were here?
A: I think she'd be saying, "That's the way to do it, kid." And my father (the late film director Vincente Minnelli) would say, "You keep going, my Liza."
Contact reporter Steve Bornfeld at sbornfeld@ or 702-383-0256

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Liza Minnelli Talks 'PALACE', Career And 'SEX' To The Las Vegas Sun

Wednesday, September 23, 2009; Posted: 07:09 PM - by BWW News Desk

LIZA'S AT THE PALACE will be filmed in the Hollywood Theatre at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Wednesday, September 30 and Thursday, October 1, 2009. All of the material performed during the New York engagement will be included. Minnelli spoke to the Las Vegas Sun about her Sin City performances of 'PALACE', remarking:
"I was there before I could walk through the casino - I was too young," Minnelli recalls about her introduction to Vegas. "It was all so mysterious. At five o'clock everybody disappeared from the pool, and at 7:30 out came the dark suits and girls' best dresses and best jewelry, and it was kind of like they were in on something dangerous. But now, it's like this marvelous, marvelous Disneyland. Now, honey, I'm leaping over wheelchairs!"
She also reveals a bit of her cameo in the upcoming 'SEX AND THE CITY 2':
"The setup is this," Minnelli says, digging into the dish. "The thing opens with the gay guys (Stanford and Anthony) getting married, and it's wonderful and everybody in the world is there. And I marry them! Then somebody says, ‘Oh Liza,' or ‘Miss Minnelli' or whatever, ‘that was just lovely. It was so nIce To see you; thanks for coming.' And I say, "Oh - oh, I'm not leaving. And that's the setup for me to do (Beyonce's) ‘Single Ladies'!"
To read the entire interview in the Las Vegas Sun, click here.
Previously reported by and now confirmed by PBS, to celebrate the one year anniversary of Liza Minnelli's Tony Award-winning performance "LIZA'S AT THE PALACE," American Public Television (ATP) will distribute the long awaited Special in December, 2009. Minnelli's unanimously acclaimed Broadway performances were sold out for five weeks in December last year and fans around the world have been eagerly anticipating news of the broadcast.
The program will capture many of her greatest hits and an affectionate tribute to her godmother, the late Kay Thompson, who was a groundbreaking singer-dancer, songwriter, vocal arranger and musical director/vocal coach at MGM Studios. The television event will be directed by Matthew Diamond and Executive Produced by JoAnn Young, Craig Zadan and Neil
Meron. In addition to the Tony Award for Best Special Theatrical Event, Minnelli received a 2009 Drama Desk Award for her performances at the Palace.
Now in her fifth decade as an internationally celebrated entertainer, she has won every major show business honor including an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy, and four Tony Awards, making her part of a select group of performers who have won the entertainment industry's top four achievement awards.
She will be joined on the program by her Broadway co-star and musical director, the legendary pianist, singer and composer Billy Stritch. Her quartet of dynamic singer/dancers, Cortes Alexander, Jim Caruso, Johnny Rodgers and Tiger Martina will recreate their roles as the Williams Brothers, which included the brilliant young Andy Williams and his talented siblings. The show will again be directed by Ron Lewis, the award-winning choreographer and director. Musical Conductor/Drummer is Michael Berkowitz, a well-known conductor of pop orchestras all over the world.
Craig Zadan and Neil Meron are the executive producers of the Oscar-winning movie musical Chicago and the producers of the film musical smash Hairspray. With Minnelli and Showtime, they "presented" the acclaimed, digitally-restored version of the Bob Fosse-John Kander-Fred Ebb Emmy winning television special Liza With a Z. All totaled, Zadan and Meron's films and television projects have won six Academy Awards, five Golden Globes, 11 Primetime Emmy Awards, and two Peabody Awards. For television, their movies have amassed 69 Emmy nominations.
Tickets are available at any MGM Grand box office and all Las Vegas Ticketmaster locations. Tickets also are available for purchase online at and
LIZA'S AT THE PALACE will be released on DVD in early 2010 by MPI Home Video.
The program is a co-production of Jubilee Time Productions, APT, HDNET and Young Productions, in cooperation with the MGM Grand. APT's Premium Service is a co-production, co-financing and acquisition fund that provides fund raising specials to member stations, now in its 21st season. With the financial backing of their public television client stations, Premium Service has secured many of public television's most prestigious and highest rated programs.

Minnelli on Minnelli documentary Turner Classic ~ Sept 24th

Minnelli on Minnelli: Liza Remembers Vincente (1987) Thursday Sept 24 6:45 pm Turner Classic Movies tribute to filmmaker Vincente Minnelli, who died in 1986, by his daughter Liza Minnelli. The program makes use of famliy photographs, archival footage, past interviews with Vincente Minnelli and Liza's Minnelli's commentary to recount his life and career. Also featured is the showing of rare footage discovered in MGM's vaults, which were edited from Minnelli's movie, "'Til the Clouds Roll By." Shown for the first time, the clips feature Liza Minnelli's mother, Judy Garland, singing a Jerome Kern song.

Liza Minnelli the star attraction at Flemington

MELBOURNE'S horse racing mecca Flemington could be awash with excited gay men and sweaty theatre fans following news Liza Minnelli will be the star attraction at Derby Day next month.
Minnelli, daughter of gay icon Judy Garland and a gay icon herself, will make an appearance in the Flemington Birdcage as a guest of Myer.
She will fly into Melbourne on Derby morning and will arrive by helicopter at Flemington in the early afternoon.
She will then be whisked away to do a sound check for a special intimate performance for 350 VIP guests at a private inner city location that night.

Vegas-bound, Dahling

By Joe Brown Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009
Before there was Britney, before Shakira or Madonna — before there was Cher, even — there was Liza.
And so she remains, now and forever, world without end, amen.
Liza Minnelli is playing the Hollywood Theatre at the MGM Grand Friday through Wednesday, and her publicist Lisa (with an ‘S’) tells me I have 10 minutes with Liza (with a ‘Z’), who comes to the phone slightly breathless from running through the song “Jubilee Time” with her orchestra. She’s in New York, rehearsing for the Vegas run, which will reprise this January’s Tony Award-winning Broadway show “Liza’s at the Palace.” (The Vegas show will be filmed Wednesday for PBS and DVD.)
“Hey, Joe, how are ya?” Minnelli says, expertly snapping into instant professional intimacy. She speaks in italics, and packs plenty in the allotted time, even spilling some tea on a major plot point of the upcoming “Sex and the City” movie sequel.
1. Going everywhere
On her latest album, a double-CD studio recording of her “Palace” show, Minnelli tells us everything we need to know in “I Would Never Leave You,” a song tailor-made to who she is at this stage of her five-decade career:
Why do you ask where have I been so long? I’ve been right here, living my life in song. I’ve been around, I’ve been lost, I’ve been found, but I’ve never really been gone ... The smoke has cleared, and look who’s here — the same dame you’ve always known. Oh, I never left, and I would never leave you alone ...
In other words, Minnelli’s making it clear that she ain’t going anywhere.
Or is it that she’s going everywhere?
All of a sudden Minnelli, 63, is omnipresent: She recently popped up on “VH1 Divas Live,” alongside Paula Abdul, played a psychic on “Drop Dead Diva,” and has a role in the “Sex and the City” sequel.
“The setup is this,” Minnelli says, digging into the dish. “The thing opens with the gay guys (Stanford and Anthony) getting married, and it’s wonderful and everybody in the world is there. And I marry them! Then somebody says, ‘Oh Liza,’ or ‘Miss Minnelli’ or whatever, ‘that was just lovely. It was so nice to see you; thanks for coming.’ And I say, “Oh — oh, I’m not leaving. And that’s the setup for me to do (Beyonce’s) ‘Single Ladies’!”
2. Hardest working woman in showbiz
Minnelli’s performing itinerary is staggering. She leaves for a monthlong Australian tour three days after this Vegas stint.
“I had no idea how much you work,” I tell her.
“Neither do I,” she says with a raspy cackle. “But I love it; that’s why I do it. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like it. It’s too hard.”
She’s been up and down, but her returns are not comebacks or “second winds,” she points out sharply.
“I had brain encephalitis — that took a minute. I had a knee operation; that kept me down — but not for long. And since then I have done nothing but work. But you don’t hear about it when I’m down in Australia, or Argentina,” she says, sounding a bit ticked off.
(Word to the wise: If you meet Minnelli after the show, do not bring up Rufus Wainwright’s performance of Judy Garland’s 1961 Carnegie Hall concert.)
3. The singer, not the voice
If you only listened to her “Palace” album, you might wonder whether Minnelli can still cut it as a singer. Her voice has been darkened and roughened by time and well-documented bouts with various substances. There are myriad mannerisms and tics, mashed and gnashed conschonantschhhh, giggles and gasps and a warble that sounds like she’s holding that note while driving over a bumpy patch.
Minnelli seems to survive each song — or she conquers it in a climactic burst of showbiz triumphalism.
All of this is exactly why she is loved. Minnelli is an unparalleled stylist, a persona, a presence — the last living bridge to the great old Hollywood stars.
She tells me she’s making a new album of love songs, “just basically Billy Stritch and I at the piano.”
And that’s good news.
4. For the kids
“I was there before I could walk through the casino — I was too young,” Minnelli recalls about her introduction to Vegas. “It was all so mysterious. At five o’clock everybody disappeared from the pool, and at 7:30 out came the dark suits and girls’ best dresses and best jewelry, and it was kind of like they were in on something dangerous. But now, it’s like this marvelous, marvelous Disneyland. Now, honey, I’m leaping over wheelchairs!”
Always the most social of celebrities since her ’70s heyday, Minnelli is excited about all the stars she says are flying in to see Wednesday’s filmed performance, but she says she can’t name any.
She’s also doing a semi-secret midnight performance that night, calling it “a “gypsy show for the kids.” The kids being her dancing, singing friends from all the other shows in town. (Tickets were given to individuals in the show industry and are not available to the public.)
“You know, we always used to do that,” Minnelli says. “Sammy Davis (Jr.) and I won this great award for doing a show for the kids at 1 in the morning when everyone had finished working, and we did it for years. You do a great show, ’cause they’re all your friends!” she says with a burst of that Oscar-winning Sally Bowles laughter.
5. If you can make it here...
Minnelli scotches the thought that she might settle in for a comfy Vegas residency — surely we could get Cher and Bette to skooch over at Caesars.
“Aw, honey,” she says. “No, I’ve gotten booked solid for almost the next year.”
Lisa with an ‘S’ calls out that the orchestra is back, and though so many questions remain unasked, it’s time to say goodbye. “Come backstage, will ya?” And she’s gone.
I didn’t even get to tell her that singer Gino Vannelli is playing the Hilton on Sunday — maybe they could team up as Minnelli Vannelli.

Liza & Warhol ~ October 1975

Liza, Frank & Judy

Liza, Judy, Mark Herron
Young Liza, Frank & Judy


Liza, Lorna, & Joey

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Liza ~ LAW & ORDER - dramatic turn!

Delta Burke talks Diva & LIZA!

"Drop Dead Diva" is the story of a beautiful-but-vapid model who has a fatal car accident and is reincarnated into the body of a recently deceased attorney -- Jane (Brooke Elliott) -- who just happens to be plus size. This week, Delta Burke and Liza Minnelli guest star as two psychic sisters suing each other over their competing businesses."I've spent my life being told you are too fat, even if I weighed 110 pounds and passed out all the time, that's why this is an important show," Delta tells ET.Delta is deadly serious about weight and image, so she jumped at the opportunity to appear on the Lifetime TV series."There's so much more to a person than what you physically look like," she says. "You might detect a little bitterness there. I don't know why but at this age, at this point, I am thrilled to see [the series] and to see [Brooke] get to play it ... someone so talented."As for getting the opportunity to play Liza's sister, Delta couldn't be more thrilled, telling ET, "Well you know, I'm quite enamored of Liza."Delta recalls the first time that she saw the cabaret queen. She was presenting an award on stage and she freaked out!"And I looked down and there sat Liza Minnelli and I just went, 'Wow! Liza Minnelli's sitting out there in the audience.' I just jumped off the stage and ran down into the audience and got her autograph right then and there."As for Liza, she admits she loved dueling with Delta, saying, "I get to play a real bitch and it was heaven."The "Drop Dead Diva" episode with Delta and Liza premieres Sunday, Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. on Lifetime TV.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

DROP DEAD DIVA "Make Me a Match" Episode 10

In this episode, Liza Minnelli plays a psychic, Lily, who sues her sister, Tessa (Delta Burke) for opening a competing business across the street from hers. She is represented by Kim and Grayson. I have to say that Liza Minnelli and Delta Burke make a really fun pair together.
One fun fact, according to Lily it's not the eyes, which are the window to the soul but the eyebrows. You make of that what you want.
In "Make Me a Match", Jane is busy suing a dating service that failed to provide Judge Madeline Stone (Rosie O'Donnell) with an appropriate date. The owner of that dating service is played by Gina Torres.
That case is pretty fun as well. Overall, it's another entertaining episode from Drop Dead Diva. And to tease you a bit, Jane also gets an unexpected visit in this episode.
In the meantime, Check out a first look at DROP DEAD DIVA "Make Me a Match" Episode 10 airing this Sunday September 20 at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime Television. Paula Abdul guest stars.
Episode Synopsis: DROP DEAD DIVA "Make Me a Match" Episode 10 - Jane decides to help Judge Madeline Stone with her love life and ends up suing the match making service she uses for fraud. Meanwhile Grayson and Kim are on a case with dueling psychic sisters who refuse to share in the family business. Fred also makes an unexpected return. Features Guest Stars Liza Minnelli, Delta Burke and Rosie ODonnell. Starring Brooke Elliott, Margaret Cho, Jackson Hurst, Josh Stamberg, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, Brooke D'Orsay and Ben Feldman.2006-2009 Daemon's TV™, a division of Daemons Media Inc.™

Liza Minnelli holds her shoes on stage during the VH1 Divas concert on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009 in New York. (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Liza in 'The Act' a memory, from Bryan

I seem to recall that there was a fire, in Liza's apartment, and she had some smoke-inhalation, which, because she was onstage, I think, all but 4 MINUTES of the show, there was NO Way the show could go on w/out her...?

As Liza said, accepting the Tony for 'The Act', "The thing I like best is to work, and work hard. The thing I like second-best is when someone says: you did a good job..." She worked her ass off, during the run of the show, the touring beforehand, and "NY, NY" was waiting in the wings....She's Simply a Wonder!
The rest, as I recall, of Liza's acceptance of the Tony, was: " Thank You, and thanks to everyone connected w/our show, they know who they are."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Liza at VH1 Diva"s Live last night!

Liza on the Diva's Red Carpet

Liza & Paula Abdul on (Diva's Live)

Liza's at the Palace to Be Filmed for Television; DVD Release, Too

By Andrew Gans18 Sep 2009

The Tony-winning Liza's at the Palace — featuring award-winning singing actress Liza Minnelli — will be filmed in the Hollywood Theatre at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Sept. 30 and Oct. 1.
American Public Television (APT) will distribute the television special in late November 2009. The performance will be available to public television viewers through the month of December and will then be released to the general public in early 2010 by MPI Home Video.
Minnelli will be joined by her musical director and pianist Billy Stritch as well as her quartet of singer/dancers: Cortes Alexander, Jim Caruso, Johnny Rodgers and Tiger Martina. The show is directed by Ron Lewis; Michael Berkowitz is musical conductor/drummer.
All of the material performed during Minnelli's Tony-winning New York engagement will be included in the broadcast. The program captures many of Minnelli's greatest hits as well as an affectionate tribute to her godmother, the late Kay Thompson.
Eric Luskin, vice president of APT's Premium Service, said in a statement, "This is an exciting project and we are thrilled to bring it to public television audiences. We are very proud to work with a legendary entertainer such as Liza Minnelli, continuing our tradition of distributing top-rated musical productions to public television audiences."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Liza's 'Palace' to get TV reprise ~ Tony-winning production to be filmed in Vegas

'Liza’s at the Palace' will be filmed during reprise performances set for Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 in Las Vegas.
Craig Zadan and Neil Meron are among the exec producers of a filmed version of Liza Minnelli's recent Broadway show, "Liza's at the Palace," to be aired on public television later this year.
"Liza's at the Palace," which played Broadway last December and picked up a Tony for special theatrical event, will be filmed during reprise performances set for Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 in Las Vegas at the Hollywood Theater in the MGM Grand.
Matthew Diamond ("So You Think You Can Dance") will helm, with Zadan, Meron and JoAnn Young -- producer of "Johnny Mathis Live: Wonderful, Wonderful!" among other specials, as well as a writer of "Broadway: The American Musical" -- exec producing.
"Liza's at the Palace" includes performances of the singer-thesp's signature numbers as well as a tribute to Kay Thompson, the performer, writer, musical director, arranger and vocal coach who was Minnelli's godmother.
Pianist-singer Billy Stritch also appears, reprising his Rialto duties as musical director. Backing quartet of Cortes Alexander, Jim Caruso, Johnny Rodgers and Tiger Martina also return.
American Public Television will distribute "Liza's at the Palace" in December, with the special to be released on DVD by MPI Home Video in early 2010.
Show is a co-production of Jubilee Time Prods., American Public Television, HDNET and Young Prods., in cooperation with the MGM Grand.
Zadan and Meron, exec producers of the screen version of "Chicago" and producers on the "Hairspray" pic, previously presented the digitally restored version of "Liza with a Z" seen on Showtime. They're also attached to a potential Broadway revival of tuner "Promises, Promises."

By GORDON COX ~ Variety

Minnelli's memories...

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Liza, Rosie and Delta, Oh My! September 20th "DROP DEAD DIVA" on Lifetime TV

Last December unstoppable showbiz legend Liza Minnelli was back on Broadway in a Tony-winning turn in Liza’s at the Palace…. Later this week she will make a return to network television on Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva.”
As part of the Sept. 20 episode, “Drop Dead Diva” will boast guest appearances from Minnelli, as well as Rosie O’Donnell and Delta Burke. A host of theatre folk regularly populate the show including Kate Levering, Ben Feldman, Margaret Cho and Josh Stamberg.
The new series stars Brooke Elliot (Pirate Queen, Taboo) as “a shallow model-in-training who dies in a sudden accident only to find her soul resurfacing in the body of a brilliant, thoughtful and plus-size attorney.”
A plot synopsis for the Sept. 20 episode (”Make Me a Match”) reads: “Jane meddles in a judge’s love life and sues a matchmaking service for fraud in the process. Meanwhile, Kim and Grayson work with psychic sisters who have a disagreement over the family business.”
For further information visit Drop-Dead-Diva.
Adam Hetrick
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cortés Alexander, Liza Minnelli: To perform for filmed concert at MGM Grand Las Vegas

Cortés Alexander's Swell debut solo album cover.

September 9, 1:58 AM Las Vegas Local Music ExaminerPaul Lavell

Cortés Alexander, perhaps best known from the vocal groups The Tonics and his own Cortés Alexander Trio, will be performing along side Liza Minnelli inside the Hollywood Theater at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas from September 25 – 30.
Joining Alexander will be Jim Caruso, Tiger Martina and Johnny Rodgers, who will support Liza Minnelli as the new Williams Brothers – a tribute to a nightclub act Kay Thompson created in the late 1940’s and early ‘50’s – in a filmed concert called Liza’s At The Palace.
Cortés Alexander grew up in Los Angeles, but had moved to New York when he was 13. His mother, a fashion designer, had her own shop on Madison Avenue that she ran for 15 years. While in New York, Alexander had attended the prestigious performing arts conservatory, Julliard, however, he would only last one semester.
Julliard was “very regimented” and he had other things that he wanted to do. “I wanted to surf and skateboard,” Alexander says. After leaving Julliard, he went to a high school that was attended by dancers, singers and actors that catered to the academic schedules around extracurricular activities which had suited Alexander much better. Consequently, he was exposed “to a real wide range of cultures.”
Cortés Alexander's Swell debut solo album cover
Cortés said that he didn’t start singing until he was around 17 or 18. “I started playing [the piano] for friends at their auditions,” Alexander says, when he was told that his voice “...was not bad. You should sing.” But his real “ah-ha” moment was when he closed a production program at his high school and the crowd was ecstatic.
Some of the singers that inspired Alexander were Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Mel Torme, however, his natural voice is low, and it is Jim Morrison that he has mentioned as an inspiration often because they shared the same octave.
Released on March 16, 2009, Cortés Alexander’s debut solo album, Swell, is a combination of smooth vocals and a mixture of pop, jazz, and R&B. “I didn’t intend to make something for everyone,” Alexander explains. “I wanted to make a record, for a lack of a better word, of music that I thought was really good.”
‘Really good’ is quite an understatement. With the production talents of McKay Garner, who has worked with several top artists including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Bublé and Flogging Molly, to name just a few, Alexander credits Garner for finding the sound that makes Swell what it is. The album contains 16 songs including three covers and 10 originals by Alexander himself who says that every song on the album has a story.
Roam, for instance, was originally recorded by the The B52’s. “I had this idea,” Alexander recalls. “I remember seeing [the Shakespeare play] Twelfth Night. The fool sang (he sings ‘O mistress mine, where are you roaming?’) and I loved it. Roam worked our perfectly.” The other covers include The Monkees classic Last Train to Clarksville and the first song recorded with Garner, The Association’s Never My Love.
Among Alexander’s originals are two songs that hit close to home. The Parade was inspired by his half brother “...who had a hard time with drugs and alcohol,” he explains.
He was homeless living in New York...I was in SoHo and the sky literally started getting gray and it began to rain. As I looked up I see this guy with a shopping cart. I sped up and as we brushed we made eye to eye contact. It was my brother. I kept on walking, but I knew he had known it was me.
Pilot Bird is about his mother. “My mom was living with me in time was going by she was becoming forgetful,” Alexander says. As it turned out his mother has early onset Alzheimer’s, but is doing well and currently living in Florida.
Alexander had started his album three years ago. One day as he was driving down Santa Monica Boulevard after a dentist appointment he sees this Rolls Royce on the opposite side of the street and noticed Liza Minnelli was behind the wheel. After making eye contact with one another, Liza says to Cortés, ‘Follow me!’
He turns around and they parked their cars. “We had walked up and down Rodeo Drive, catching up,” Alexander says. After having some lunch and doing some shopping, he and Liza get into his car so he can play her some of his songs. “I had played ‘Love’ll Come & Do Just That’ for her and she says, ‘That’s wonderful baby! Just change the last note.” Love’ll Come & Do Just That was written by Helen Slater who starred as Supergirl in the 1984 film of the same name.
It was during this visit, Alexander says, that Liza had convinced him to go on the road with her once again.
’Do you want in?’ she asks me. I tell her that I’m working on this album and she says, ‘Come to the show and we’ll talk about it then.’
He went to New York that winter and toured with Liza for the next three years in the show that later became the Tony Award-winning (for Best Special Theatrical Event) Liza’s At The Palace.
When asked about if he would consider reuniting with The Tonics: “It’s funny you should ask that question at this particular time,” Alexander says with a laugh. “Now this just happened...We have kept in touch since we all moved to California...a producer contacts me through Facebook about getting together and I was like, ‘Why not? Let’s give it a shot.’...Last night was our first rehearsal.”
Cortés Alexander has known Liza Minnelli for 17 years and has performed with her on two tours for seven years. See them together again for the filming of Liza’s At The Palace inside the Hollywood Theater at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas September 25th through 30th.
For tickets and show times, contact the MGM Grand Reservations at (866) 740-7711, or click here to order online.
For more information, check out the following web sites:
The Cortés Alexander Fan Club
Cortés Alexander's Official Web Site
Liza Minnelli's web page
To preview the songs from Swell, click here
Visit CD Baby to purchase Cortés Alexander's debut solo album Swell or you can download your favorite songs from the album by visiting iTunes under Cortes Alexander.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Liza Minnelli, Queen Latifah, Celebrate Paper's 25th Anniversary

Sep 9 2009 10:57 AM EDT
Queen Latifah, The Virgins, Liza Minnelli Celebrate Paper's 25th Anniversary
Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Mark Ronson and Janelle Monae party for the New York magazine.
By Steven Roberts

NEW YORK — Paper magazine celebrated its 25th anniversary Tuesday evening with a party at the New York Public Library. Kanye West, Kid Cudi and Janelle Monae were all in attendance as Queen Latifah, the Virgins, DJ Mark Ronson and Liza Minnelli performed.
The Virgins opened the loosely enforced black-tie affair, which mixed a crowd of fashionistas, musicians and socialites. Lead singer Donald Cummings hit the stage with his face covered in what looked like black ink that had dripped from his scalp. He asked the crowd to forgive the band for not sound-checking as they proceeded to jump straight into their set.
The downtown dance-rock outfit performed a variety of songs — some of which have appeared on "Gossip Girl" — from their self-titled debut album.
Queen Latifah hit the stage next, dressed in all black with yellow Reebok Classics. The legendary MC began listing off various fellow famous New Jersey artists, including the Jonas Brothers and Bruce Springsteen, before she performed "The Light" off of her new hip-hop album, Persona.
Latifah raised the tempo with the album's first single, "Fast Car," and continued with mostly new material, though she did perform her classic "U.N.I.T.Y," much to the crowd's liking.
Broadway legend Liza Minnelli closed the show, but not before Andrew W.K. could invite Paper founders Kim Hastreiter and David Hershkovits onstage. The pair thanked everyone for their support, as they brought out a cake and asked the crowd to sing "Happy Birthday" to their magazine.

Liza will appear in the "Sex and the City" sequel ?

In the movie, Charlotte and Harry also let Carrie Bradshaw - portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker - and husband Big move in with them when they lose a huge amount of cash in the recession.
Big - played by Chris Noth - eventually travels to the Middle East to try and recover their fortune.
Cynthia Nixon's character, Miranda Hobbs, makes a life-changing decision when she leaves her career as a lawyer after being sued for malpractice and opens a restaurant with husband Steve.
It is also thought Carrie's gay best friend Stanford Blatch will marry camp wedding planner Anthony Marentino, with Liza Minnelli making a cameo singing at their reception.
A source said: "All signs point to a gay union between Stanford and Anthony Marentino, who's required to wear a black tuxedo in the scene. Slated as the entertainment: Liza Minnelli."
The highly-anticipated movie is due out next May.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Garland? Streisand? Liza Minnelli? Jim Bailey's career drags on. But don't call him a drag queen!

with Barbra Straisand

with LIZA

as Judy

as Judy

as Phyllis Diller with Lucille Ball

as Streisand & Minnelli

September 6, 3:37 PM Pittsburgh Stage and Screen Examiner Alan Petrucelli

It’s been 40 years since Judy Garland slipped over the rainbow . . . 40 decades since the 47-year-old performer was found dead, slumped on a toilet in her London flat. Yet Judy’s spirit lives on . . . through her recordings, her films, her TV appearances.

And through Jim Bailey. For the past 43 years, Bailey has been donning his best Garland garb and voice, bringing her to life in performances that have earned him critical acclaim and fame and fortune, but perhaps more importantly, the seal of approval from Judy herself, who caught Bailey’s act when he first began performing as her back in 1966. Judy’s daughters, even her ex-husband Sid Luft, always have praised the familiar facsimile, with Liza going as far as performing with Jim/Judy in a curious Las Vegas recreation of the famous Judy/Liza London Palladium concert of 1964.

Bailey’s voice grows quiet when he recalls what Liza once told him: “Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing. If you do, how will I ever see myself again?” Yes, Bailey is also known for his illusions of others---Peggy Lee, Barbra Streisand, Phyllis Diller often come to mind---but it’s Judy that’s earned him a place in show business history, and countless meetings with the rich and famous, including his all-time favorite, Princess Diana. We caught up with the 60+-year-old Bailey at his townhouse in Southern, California, where he lives with his two rescue mission cats, Patches and Cuddles. Here, the master illusionist, who’s currently writing his autobiography (“and I am telling everything, kid!”) and working on a Broadway show and a new CD, chats about his life, his career and, course, Judy, Judy, Judy.

Some people think a man who wears a dress is a drag queen. Does that phrase anger you?Of course it angers me. It’s slang. It’s a bad term, like shit. It should not be applied to me. I don’t even know what a drag queen is. And what does ‘drag’ mean? You drag race, you drag a chair, but when you say ‘drag queen,’ I don’t have a clue what it means, unless it’s slang for a man who wears a dress. I would rather be called a female impersonator than a drag queen, and I don’t like being called a female impersonator because I am not one.I am an illusionist. Irv Kupicent, a columnist from Chicago, once told me, ‘You know what you are? You are an illusionist. That’s the only word I can think of that fits what you do. You create the illusion that she did not die, that we are watching her perform.’ I said, “But an illusion has to do with magic and trickery.’ He said, ‘Exactly. The average person sees a man wearing a dress and thinks he’s a female impersonator. You create magic.’ When I do Judy, I become Judy. I am Judy.

You have met, and worked with, so many famous folk. Is there a favorite?There have been several. My relationship with Lucie Arnaz means a lot to me, and that happened through my relationship with her mother. Lucy was one of the celebrities who came backstage after my first big concert in Los Angeles. She pushed her way through the crowd, pressed a card in my hand and said, ‘I can’t deal with this. Call me.’ After I said hello and goodbye to everyone, I read the card. It said, ‘Dear Jim, Call me. I love you. Lucy,’ and it had her phone number.

I called her the next day and we began a friendship. I’d go to her house and watch movies with her when her husband was out of town or playing golf. She’d sit in her special chair, I’d sit on the couch and I’d think, ‘I cannot believe this! I grew up on I Love Lucy, and now I am in her den!’ Sometimes I’d spend weekends in her guest house. I remember one day she called and asked, ‘What are you doing tonight? The studio sent me this new Woody Allen movie. Wanna come over have dinner and watch it with me?’ That was Lucy’s way of saying, ‘Jim, I’m very lonely.’ We had dinner and the film was Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex . . . But Were Afraid to Ask. We were sitting there, and the scene with gene Wilder and the sheep came on, and Lucy was sitting there, chain-smoking, and making these sounds . . . ‘Ugh! Oh! Eww!‘ She finally said, ‘Honey, I can’t take this anymore. If you want to watch the rest of this you can. I am going to bed.’ I watched the rest of the movie which I thought was very funny. But it wasn’t Lucy’s cup of tea. That was the only time she walked out of a movie we watched together.
What about Princess Diana? You performed for her at a Royal Command performance. Do dish!Before the show, they told all the artists that Diana was in the Royal Box and that no one was to look up at her---that was the protocol. That’s I had to hear. At one point, I looked up and Diana had this huge smile on her face. After the show, I changed into a tuxedo and there was a receiving line. Charles said something brief, and we shook hands. Then Diana gets to me. She is standing in front of me with the greatest skin I have ever seen in my life. ‘You are brilliant! I know Judy isn’t with us anymore, but she was an hour ago. I really believed I was watching her. Tell me, when you are home, do you ever become these people?’ I said, ‘No. I think I have it pretty well pulled together. I want to tell you something Your Majesty . . .’ She interrupted and said, ‘Call me Diana, please.’ I said, ‘You must be congratulated on your work with people and the way you put yourself out in mainstream and care about unfortunate people. You love humans . . . you are such a human . . . you love human beings.’ I got all flustered and she said, ‘You are getting all loused up, but I do know what you mean. You are so kind to pay me that tribute.’ Here we are having this conversation! Her aide came up to her to push her along and she gave him this look. Now I was supposed to take her hand and kiss, but Diana shook my hand like a real human being. Her aide freaked out because when you are royal, you don’t shake a man’s hand. She shook and said, ‘It’s such a pleasure meeting you. I hope we meet again.’
Did Diana wink and say, ‘Now don’t do me?’[Laughs] No. But I’ve people ask me over the year, ‘Why don’t you do me?’ Bizarre people I couldn’t do in a million years.Like who?Let me think. [Pauses] Rosemary Clooney was one. I am looking at this woman who weighs 500 pounds and thinking, ‘Do you?’ I adored her. I loved her, loved her music. But I could not do her.

How long does the transformation take?I always allow three hours in the dressing room. I have it all paced out---when I eat, when I do makeup, when I do this or that. I do not want to be rushed. The people who work with me know when it’s time to get Miss Garland dressed. I don’t like to have any time to pace while the overture plays---I’ve always have it down to the second.I get up and am ready because she’s wants to on stage and work.
How has your illusion of Judy changed over 40 years?As you grow older and you experience more and more of life, you understand songs that perhaps before you might have been acting. Now when I sing a particular song know exactly what it means. I have lived the lyrics.
You appeared as Barbra for the real Barbra. What was that like?My manager got a call from a woman who said she was Carole Bayer Sager. She said that she was planning a private party for Barbra and asked if I would consider appearing as Barbra. My manager is telling me the story and I said, ‘You have been put on by someone who is very, very clever. Do you really think Carole Bager Sayer would call to ask me to do Barbra Streisand for Barbra Streisand ? So I called the phone and some maid answered, “Miss Bayer Sager’s residence.” I thought, ‘Uh-oh. This isn’t a joke.’ Carole told me about the party and what would happen.

At the end of dinner, Carole had it planned that someone would ask Barbra to sing, and that I would come out. Carole told me that Barbra would be way in the back of the room and that no one would notice her. This was a Hollywood-elegant party, on the beach in Malibu. I was wearing a black gown and my hair looked like Barbra’s. At the end of the show, the audience stood up and went crazy. I walked off stage, shaking. The real Barbra walks on stage, and a big-wig from Warner Brothers says, ’This is the real Barbra. That was Jim Bailey.’ [Laughs] Now everyone is thinking, ‘This is insane! Where’s the booze? Where did I put that cocaine?’ Barbara said [Bailey impersonates her voice], ‘Isn’t he great? If I’ tired, I can always call him up.’ Now I’m in the dressing room, and Barbra pushes the door opened. She said [again Bailey impersonates her voice], ‘You’re something else!’ She complimented me on my hair, dress, talk and make-up, but never mentioned the voice. She never said, ’You sound just like me.’ I waited, but she avoided the entire issue. She sat down and we chit chatted and had our picture taken. She could not have been sweeter. What a night that was!Oh those nights alone! What do you look for in a partner?I am picky. Oh yes! Oh yes! I’ve had relationships on both sides of the fence, but for several years, I have been on my own. I would like to meet someone who’s not intimidated by me, who’s strong enough to deal with the fact I am a successful person and I do something that no one else does which makes me special. Someone who has their own money---God! I’ve supported people my entire fucking life!. Someone who is intelligent, giving. Someone who’s got to have a sense of humor. Age? I don’t know . . . not 23. . . no, no. They’ve got to be in their 40s.

And male? Do you consider yourself a gay man?No. Well . . . I don’t know. I don’t know. There are women I see who I am very attracted to, and if the moment was right, I’d probably be having an affair with them. It’s not like I think, 'OK. I’m not to be straight anymore. I’m exclusively gay.’ But right now, I prefer the companionship of a man.
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