Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Silvana ~ Hi! I m from Argentine!!! a fan needs some advice...

Hi,Samy!! My name is Silvana and i m from Argentine.Sorry
because my english is very bad,but i ll try to explain you my problem.
I saw Liza every time that she cames to Argentine..ALWAYS!! 4 TIMES!!
And now i ll want to go to Miami in march to see her in Florida .
But i ll enter to the page of ticketmaster and only can get row "Q"....Six months before the show!!Why??
Do you know if i ll can buy my tickets in an other form and have better row??
And the other problem is that i don t know if the ticketmaster send to Argentine the the page i don t have information about that.
Can you understand my english??XOXO!! If you are a genius!!
Ok,if you can send me information i ll be gratefull with you.
I tell you that i m a Liza s fan since i have reason...I love her so much!!
I think she s admirable and have a big talent!!!!
And now she is a sweetness! so i love her more!
Is very important for us(Argentine fans)your blog. because we cant have lot information about Liza in our country and with all the things that you put in internet we can know about Liza every day-
I ll wait your answer.
With love

(really I try to write in english,but i don t have a lot of vocabulary,sorry for that! but5 i think that we love Liza....and that is enaught do you think that too?!!!!lol!!)

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