Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Judy with baby Liza, 1947!

Liza Minnelli - Don't Drop Bombs (Official Music Video)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Liza Minnelli and Alan Cumming to Return to Broadway This December with Duo Concert at Marquis Theatre!

Back in March, Liza Minnelli and Alan Cumming, in celebration of Liza's birthday, joined forces at The Town Hall to sing familiar songs from "Cabaret" and and more. The show was previously performed at Fire Island last summer, produced by Daniel Nardicio, and according to Michael Musto for, the act will move again- this time to Broadway.
The show will reportedly play the Marquis Theatre this December for 12 performances, and willl feature Billy Stritch and Lance Horne as musical accompanists.
As BroadwayWorld previously reported, Cumming will then reprise his role as the Emcee in a Roundabout Theater Company reveival of Cabaret. The show will begin rehearsals in January 2014 and will play Studio 54 in early 2014.
Both Cumming and Minnelli are closely identified with the landmark musical "Cabaret"- Liza famously won an Academy-Award for the movie version and Alan won a Tony-Award for the acclaimed Broadway revival.
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Liza Minnelli and Alan Cumming to Return to Broadway This December with Duo Concert at Marquis Theatre!

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Liza Minnelli Attends West End MATILDA
by Pat  Cerasaro                             photo credit: facebook
Broadway/Hollywood icon Liza Minnelli attended a performance of West End hit MATILDA this week and a picture of the EGOT-winning triple-threat legend with the cast of the multi-Olivier-winning musical onstage has appeared.
Standing with that trademark smile amidst a sea of children - and adults-as-children, as the case may be; as well as the rest of the cast - Minnelli takes the hands of the young performers to pose for a priceless photo.
Minnelli certainly knows a thing or two about being a precocious youth - after all, the classic ELOISE children's book series by Kay Thompson (her godmother) is based on her experiences.
Prior to snapping the shot, Minnelli visited the show and took in a performance earlier in the evening at the Cambridge Theatre in London's West End.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lost In Music: Liza Minnelli – Results
Liza Minnelli’s foray into 80s dance has largely been forgotten, but the Pet Shop Boys collaboration was more influential and successful than you may think.
Renowned for her stage presence and live shows, no-one else quite sums up the word showbiz, in a world littered with Z-list celebrities, than Liza Minnelli. Her Oscar winning turn in Cabaret is known throughout the world, and those that love theatre will know all too well about her contributions to the Broadway stage.
One area that Minnelli is known for but hasn’t achieved the same level of success in is her music career. She may generate buzz like no other when it comes to her live performances, after all ‘Liza at the Palace’ won her a Tony award only a few years ago, but her recordings haven’t quite set the charts alight.
Despite having 11 studio albums under her belt, and a whole host of live recordings, she has failed to crack the top ten throughout her career, apart from one time in the late 80s. Many tend to forget about this era of Minnelli, which is why her 1989 album Results definitely qualifies for having been ‘lost in music’.
Over the last year alone Melanie C and Kimberley Walsh have released studio albums filled with their take on classic Broadway and West End songs. However, neither of them come from a stage background; they’ve tried their hand at it quite successfully but are ultimately pop singers.
The concept of an artist putting their own take on Broadway classics is nothing new, as that is exactly what Minnelli did way back in the 80s, with a wide selection of well-known songs fresh from the Broadway back catalogue she knew all too well. However, Minnelli took it one step further and enlisted 80s icons the Pet Shop Boys to completely remix the songs to a synthesised 80s beat; which when coupled with her well known Broadway vocals, we were treated to something unique and unheard of.
It was also her first studio album in 12 years and was a complete departure to what everyone expected. In the UK it paid off, charting at number six on the album charts and spawning the top ten single ‘Losing my Mind’.
Everyone remembers Liza for her belting Broadway vocals and this work has been largely forgotten. It’s important to remember that back in the 80s, Liza successfully hit the top ten with a new and experimental album, which is probably one of her best and one that pandered to her audience the most: her loyal gay fan base.
Lead single, Losing My Mind’ – incidentally, her highest charting track in the UK – is an excellent song about wanting someone so much it makes you feel as though you’re going insane, and encapsulates the entire 80s obsession with dance in just 4 minutes and 11 seconds. In addition to this strong single, there are two other standout tracks.
The first is one that’s been covered by many, ‘Love Pains’, and is an excellent club dance number that would even have people dancing now to the classic club song. Miss Minnelli’s version, although not the most famous, is probably the best as she successful tells the story behind the lyrics, something that could only be done with her award winning acting talents

Then there’s ‘Twist in My Sobriety’, which incorporates a rap of her famous ‘Liza with a Z’ at the beginning, and hears a much more subtle Liza against the exploding synths of the background. Here we have it all: a story from a belting theatre singer who holds it back for a change, coupled with a rap and 80s dance; she truly is a talented woman.
This album is definitely a hidden gem of the late 80s and for any true Liza fan they’ll know it to be an extreme highlight in her career that they’ll never forget.
Results is available to download from Amazon or iTunes.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Marilyn Houchen Porcelain Star Doll "LIZA MINNELLI" on ebay

A incredible porcelain  star doll is LIZA MINNELLI, she is stamped by Marilyn Houchen who specializes in re-creating handcrafted porcelain dolls in the likeness of celebrities and other beautiful figures throughout time and her imagination. The details and life-like qualities of this doll are absolutely amazing! The level of skill in Houchen's sculptural abilities is so impressive. Each doll is so very life-like and animated - and appear to be in 'action' on film under the bright lights of Hollywood.LIZA MINNELLI  is proudly displayed on a sturdy and durable wooden base. This doll's quality can be easily felt by the weight alone.
These dolls were meticulously crafted by Marilyn. Every detail captured from the striking facial features and eyelashes, to the finely chosen and hand finished costumes. Seeing the details in these dolls by photo - just doesn't do them justice, though I have tried to adequitely show every detail. If you have had the opportunity to see her dolls in person, you understand the craftsmanship that has been put into these creations.

This doll need to be clean up because has dust and the outfit too. some of the nails has been falling off as shows in the pictures.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Podcast: Liza Minnelli on 'Arrested Development,' Oscars and Emmys
"It's a joy to do because it's absolutely silly and absolutely outrageous," Liza Minnelli says in our podcast chat about her role as Lucille Austero, the feisty, fainting-prone, society diva in "Arrested Development." It's one of two roles that could nab her Emmy nominations in the guest acting categories. The other is portraying herself in an episode of "Smash" in which she serenades Anjelica Huston, Megan Hilty and Christian Borle in a cozy Broadway saloon.
Liza has her best shot in Guest Comedy Actress with "Arrested Development" thanks to the buzz surrounding the program's resurrection by Netflix. As the video-streaming service angles to take on the traditional broadcast and cable nets at this year's Emmys, Liza likes the partnership: "Netflix is right for the show because the show is revolutionary."

We also chat about her awards history, including her Tony win for "Flora, the Red Menace," Emmy for "Liza with a Z" and Oscar for "Cabaret." She keeps the latter at home in an appropriate place: "I have a little den. I put it there, right beside my dad's" Oscar for directing "Gigi" in 1958.
However, she doesn't seem to know whatever happened to the miniature, honorary Juvenile Oscar her mother, Judy Garland, received for appearing in "The Wizard of Oz." Legend has it that it was stolen by a housekeeper when Judy and Vincente Minnelli got divorced.
"I saw it once," she says. "It was a beautiful little thing. And she was very proud of it. So wherever it is, I hope she's happy with where it is."
Below, listen to our full chat and make your predictions for Guest Comedy Actress.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Liza Minnelli signing autographs

Liza Minnelli was the belle of the ball Friday

Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony-award winner Liza Minnelli was the belle of the ball Friday, when Carmel’s Center for the Performing Arts’ Encore Celebration Gala Weekend kicked off with a black-tie affair at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in Downtown Indianapolis.
Minnelli, in a red jacket and black pants, sat between her pal Michael Feinstein — the celebrity crooner who is the center’s artistic director — and his partner Terrence Flannery.
But when it was show time, Minnelli headed for the stage with Feinstein. The first time, she thought the sound needed adjusting, so she walked up and offered some directions while the audience chuckled. The second, she performed “I Love a Violin” with Feinstein (who she calls “Baby”) at the piano.
In interviews, Minnelli made it a point to support Feinstein’s Great American Songbook Initiative. Along with Frank Sinatra,Rita Moreno and composer Jimmy Webb, Minnelli is being honored this weekend with aninduction into Feinstein’s Great American Songbook Hall of Fame — a designation for those who help preserve the Songbook, also known as American Standards, in popular culture.
“It’s our history,” Minnelli said of the Songbook. “It’s as important to kids as teaching history. Also, it will give them a different rhythm.”
Friday’s dinner and tonight’s performance, which includes Feinstein, Megan Hilty (from TV’s “Smash”), guitar virtuoso Jose Felicianoand Tom Wopat, a vocalist and actor best known for playing Luke Duke on TV’s “Duke’s of Hazzard,” are all part of a gala fundraising weekend to benefit the center.
Event co-chairs Elizabeth and Stephen Taylor looked to be having a great time at the kickoff.
“Everybody seems to be enjoying being dressed up and getting out,” said Stephen Taylor.
In other Minnelli-in-Indianapolis news, Indianapolis hair stylist Emmett Cooper cut her hair before she headed out on the town.
“What a nice, genuine person and funny,” he said. “She hugged me three or four times. She is really sweet.”
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Monday, July 1, 2013

LIZA (VIDEO) THE RACHEAL RAY SHOW from May 2013 ~ fun interview, Liza looking very cool!

Part 1
Part 2

Liza Minnelli and Rita Moreno bringing their star power to Indy and Carmel...

When the Great American Songbook Hall of Fame Gala weekend kicks off Friday in Indianapolis, two of America’s most enduring stars will be in town.
Rita Moreno and Liza Minnelli, who are among a rare class of performing artists who have Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards in their hands, will be here as Hall of Fame honorees. They will be inducted with a class that includes Frank Sinatra and songwriter, composer and singer Jimmy Webb. They are the second class of stars to be added to the Hall of Fame list, which is housed at Carmel’s The Center for the Performing Arts, and honors those who have helped keep the music of the Songbook, known as American Standards, in popular culture.
The high-end, two-day “2013 Encore Celebration Weekend” fundraiser this year includes dinner, dancing, an auction at the Indiana Roof Ballroom on Friday and a performance at the Palladium honoring the Hall of Fame inductees on Saturday. Individual tickets cost $500.
Minnelli counts Michael Feinstein, artistic director for Carmel’s Center for the Performing Arts, among her best friends and will be staying with him in his Carmel residence.
“We love each other, we respect each other and I discovered him,” Minnelli, 67, said in a telephone interview Wednesday. “He is really something.”
Minnelli is planning a performance Friday at the Indiana Roof Ballroom, too — something that had been unconfirmed until now.
“Michael means so much to me and this is such a thrill,” she said.
Moreno is excited about the coming weekend, too.
“I am not only absolutely stunned, but honored, to be in such distinguished company. I am surprised and it’s a happy surprise,” said Moreno, who was also interviewed by phone Wednesday. Moreno was particularly chatty, so I asked her a few extra questions:
You are 81 and still working. What is
the secret to remaining relevant?
Answer: I think it’s called perseverance. I really have a feeling I am one of those people who has a natural longevity. I have to say as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more celebrity. I don’t know the answer to that and I accept it with great glee. Maybe it has something to do with my personality. I am happy and energetic.
Q: Talk about your book “Rita Moreno: A Memoir,” which, I understand, is available at the Palladium’s gift shop.
A: (First) let people know that if they get (the book), I would be happy to sign it. It’s about my life, it’s about Puerto Rico, it (describes) an Old Hollywood that no longer exists and (my relationships with) Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley.
You famously appeared in the 1970s television series “The Electric Company,” which opened with your voice yelling “Hey You Guys.” Talk a little about that.
A: That “Hey you guys” call, I call that my second balcony voice.
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Written by
Cathy Kightlinger  Michael Feinstein, artistic director for the Carmel Center for the Performing Arts, and life partner, Terrence Flannery, within their living room. Frank EspichThe Star
Detail of a personal signed poster to Feinstein from friend Liza Minnelli, displayed in the guest house at the home of Terrence Flannery and Michael Feinstein, artistic director for the Carmel Center for the Performing Arts. (Frank Espich/The Star)
Terrence Flannery shows some of the classic original Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie posters, displayed in the guest house at the home of Flannery and Michael Feinstein, artistic director for the Carmel Center for the Performing Arts. (Frank Espich/The Star)