Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Everlasting Comeback 7/16/08

World star Liza Minnelli: As you get older, everything becomes more intense.

She belongs to the first guard of entertainers of the old school: Liza Minnelli. The singer, dancer, and actress comes to germany for 2 concerts: in Ulm and Regensburg.

In her first step in Show business, a scene in the film" In the Good Old Summertime", she was 3 years old. Next year she can celebrate 60 years in show business.

How is it for one to look back on such a long career?

LIZA MINNELLI: Oh God, is that long. At that time I was almost a baby and my appearance lasted only a few seconds. But that was my first appearrance. And if you want: the rest of my career is an everlasting comeback (laugh). But actually, everything began when I was 13 years old. Then I saw the musical "Bye Bye Birdie". At that moment I knew that I wanted to be on Broadway and on the stage. Until this time, I actually wanted to be an ice skater (?). And I wasn't bad at that...

The problem of a singer is: the instrument changes with age. How do you react to that

LIZA MINELLI: Charles Aznavour gave me advise. He said:when you are 19, then you can do everything that you want. Also at 25. But, at 33 you should slowly think about it. And the great Martha Graham, who looked at me as a dancer, thought: you shouldn't do everything in your whole life as you did as a young woman. When you get older, you can also do less, since everything becomes more intense and deep (profound). There is a beautiful comparison. When you are young, you are like a floodlight, in old age one should become like a laser beam.

What was the biggest/ best (thing..) for you in the 4 decades on the stage?

LIZA MINELLI: Who says that the best has already happened? Maybe it will be the concert in Ulm or Regensburg. I believe that one should always work on oneself, that one should try one's whole life to become better.

This summer you give 2 concerts in germany- both under the open sky. Is there a difference for you between Concert halls and Open-Airs?

LIZA MINELLI: I love open-air concerts, then one sings right to the stars and meets the people in their natural surroundings. Ach, you know I am quite romantic.
Both concerts take place in very picturesque places: in Ulm nearby the Munster, in Regensburg in the Castle courtyard of St. Emmeram.

Are such things important for you?

LIZA MINNELLI: I am indeed American, but my father was Italian, my mother lived (a long time) in France. Therefore I feel very connected with countries like Germany and France and their histories. I like historic places.

Your big success "Cabaret" played in Germany, it was filmed in Germany. What do you feel when you appear/perform in Germany?

LIZA MINNELLI: At the movie box office , "Cabaret" wasn¢t my greatest success, that was "Arthur " with Dudley Moore. But Germany is something special for me, I love your country. When we performed "Cabaret", we were sent with our director Bob Fosse to Germany and played a musical about the Nazis. We were received with open arms and nobody knocked themselves against it! I have met miraculous people in Germany, and many are still good friends of mine today, such as Fritz Wepper. But Fritz is not the only friend from this time, there are also many with whom I have still have contact that worked behind the camera at that time.

Your mother Judy Garland died at 47. She never had the chance for such a long career as yours. What would you like to say to her about that?

LIZA MINNELLI: Only three words: many thanks, mama.


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