Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Monday, June 8, 2009

LIZA TONY WINNER ~ Liza Stepping Out comments...

Liza Minnelli took Best Special Theatrical Event for Liza's at the Palace I don�t think it�s possible for me to express in words the joy I had while watching Liza take the award for �Best Special Theatrical Event� for Liza�s at The Palace. Many people I�ve spoken with believe that it was out of popularity. However, I think that she was given the award for her pure talent and for all the hard work she has done for all these years. Liza is simply the greatest entertainer in the world.
I am so happy that I got to - not only witness Liza on Broadway - but also I got to be around to see Liza win her fourth Tony Award. The cake was delicious. This will be a night that will live on in my memory forever.
Of course, Liza wasn�t the only star of �Liza�s at The Palace.� The show couldn�t be a success if it wasn�t for Ms. Minnelli�s musical supervisor, Pianist, and friend, the most talented Billy Stritch. When watching Billy and Liza perform together it almost reminds me of �Judy and Mickey�. They are an amazing pair.
Ron Lewis�s direction and choreography has made Liza�s act unforgettable and exciting and pays a wonderful tribute to Kay Thompson�s Night club Act. Way to go!!
If it wasn�t for Liza and Billy and Ron Lewis putting this act together, I would have never met my amazing friend Cortes Alexander. I hope for years to come he allows me to continue running, �The Cortes Alexander fan club� website. It has been a great honor.
Johnny Rogers, another terrific guy that I got to meet here in Miami, while performing with his band. He has such an beautiful voice!
Jim Caruso is so funny! I wish I lived in New York City so I could go to see his cast part all the time! He is such a nice guy and I had the pleasure of meeting him at Birdland in December. Can�t wait to hear his CD which should be in the mail any day!
Tiger Martina! Whoa! What a dancer! He is such a nice guy and I wish I got to see him in �Movin� Out�. I hope to see him work again with Liza in the very near future.
Liza has always worked with such wonderful people. Whether they joined her on stage or worked with her off stage. Matt Berman, Liza�s lighting designer and stage manager, is a just a sweet heart.
The award may have went home with Liza but the show wouldn�t have been anything if it weren�t for these people that I have named and many more people I haven�t named. The all deserved for this show to win! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! by JARED.

Hi Gang,

I was clapping and clapping
wooo hoooing so loud....and I was all alone
watching the show.
BUT, I knew all of you were watching with me
and what a show it was!

Congrats to our lady!!
So proud of you Liza....I had tears of joy in my eyes..

Lots of Love,

Congratulations, Blessings, and LOVE to ALL connected w/ "Liza's at the Palace".....

Bryan (Liza's 'World Goes 'Round" segment, and the reactions of the audience during it, just go to show: She is Simply the Finest Entertainer Around. God Bless her- she's One of a kind!)
by Bryan.
WHAT A GREAT NIGHT FOR LIZA & COMPANY, SO HAPPY SHE IS A WINNER! AND WHAT A PERFORMANCE, LOVE SAMMY............................................. While I agree with many of the comments in the e-mail below, I must take exception with the idea that Liza won because of all of Liza's hard work over the years. I think she won because "Liza's at the Palace" was one hell of a show!!! Sentimentality aside, the show was fabulous and Liza was spectacular! THAT's why she won!
Congrats Liza!!! MARK.
Dear gang I screamed and clapped and hurt my hands I clapped so hard. I think this was one of the BEST tont shows of all times!! Liza, Angela, Jane, etc etc.Not to rub it in and to think Sammy we were were there at the Palace when she DONE IT!!. Great great moments. Loved Liza being called and American Musical treasure!! As Angie says WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!! more Liza please its time for Kennedy Center??????? from GARY

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