Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jared visits NY to see "Lza's At The Palace! Jared

Jared meets Cortes Alexander
Cortes Alexander
© 2008 Cortés Alexander
Smooth vocals with a pop /jazz/R & B flavor featuring a mix of originals & an eclectic mix of covers

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Cortés Alexander is a California native who has played piano from the age of 8. He's sung in many vocal groups, most notably "The Tonics" who performed at Carnegie Hall & has toured the world as a background vocalist for Liza Minnelli. SWELL is his first solo CD, and it's an eclectic melange of originals & covers with an emphasis on lush vocal harmonies & arrangements. Cortés found his producer (McKay Garner) from a guitar playing pal (Kevin Holmes) who introduced them, & after 2 years, & many drum loops later, SWELL was born. Cortés' music has been described as a cross between Prince, Sinatra, Luther Vandross, Keith Urban, with just that right touch of lounge.

Smooth vocals with a pop /jazz/R & B flavor featuring a mix of originals & an eclectic mix of covers.

"Liza's at the Palace...!"December 12th show review!The question that must be asked first is this, "Was it worth waitingat the Air Port for a delayed plane for four hours just to see thisshow? The answer: HELL YES!!! It was a rough trip getting to NY from Fla. but it was all worth it!Thursday, I arrived at Newark air port four hours later then I wassuppose to and was so anxious for the next day. I woke up extremelyearly on Friday morning, the day of the show was soooooo anxiouslyawaiting 8 PM! Around six I came into the city and met up with my two friends andthen headed over to The Palace... I purchased the souvenir program,t-shirt, sweater, and the new album that I have been waiting two years for I think they gave me something for free without realizing it.... Oh well, anyway... The C.D. Is amazing! I am really happy that there are new songs andour favorite old songs rerecorded on the C.D. I am very please withthe recordings of the Kay act above all! It was done so beautifully .So we took our seats, people behind us wouldn't shut the heck up...The show opened with the New York, New York overture which I love!Then Liza went right into singing one of my new favorite songs, "Teachme tonight". The first act was great! I got emotional when Liza song"Maybe this time" as I often do and then, finally the second act cameand it was OUT OF THIS WORLD! I've seen pieces of it while Liza andthe boys were on tour, and they have really done a great job atcreating a Broadway masterpiece that will definitely win a Tony!The best thing that happened that whole night was what happened at thestage door...I got to meet my new friend, Cortes Alexander who plays Don Williamsin Liza's act and he recognized me right away! He even seemed so happyto see me! He is such a great guy. He signed my copy of his solo album"Swell" and took a photo with me. The rest of the night I couldn'tstop saying, "Oh wow I met Cortes." It was so great!On Monday night I was going to meet my friends some where on 42nd whenmy attention was caught by Birdland. I was like, "oh wow I've alwayswanted to go there." So I made my way over to the place which at firstlooked closed, then I saw that there was a show that evening in justtwenty min! I text messaged my friend and told him he should meet methere. Then all of a sudden, Cortes walks up to me from out of knowwhere and I was like in complete shock! Of course he recognized meright away and shook my hand. He is such a great guy! He told me thatLiza had called him and told him to meet him there that evening. Hewent inside and my friend finally got in touch with me and told methat he was going to be a while but to go ahead and get a tableanyway. So I went inside and sat down by myself and as I'm sittingdrinking my diet coke, Liza walks in and sits with Cortes right acrossfrom me. I nearly died! It was such a funny coincidence! I was hoping to say hello to Liza after the show, but unfortunatelyshe had already gone. Then I went out side to call my uncle to tellhim where I was and that I'm okay, then some weirdo came up to me andtried to sell me pot which I thought was really funny and said, "Nothank you" and said, "Get me the heck outta here" I went back insideto Birdland and bumped into Jim Caruso who remembered me from talkingto him before online. He was so nice and I told him what a wonderfulthing he has going on here. "Jim Caruso's cast party." For those whodon't know already. So overall it was a pretty "Swell" trip and I was so glad to meetCortes! xoxo jared

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