Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Monday, May 18, 2009

Friends & admirers of Scott Schechter send there love...

In the Studio with author SCOTT SCHECTER upon the release of his book THE LIZA MINNELLI SCRAPBOOK

I have just picked this message up, and I just cannot believe this dreadfull news. Scott did so much for Liza's fans all around the world. I know when I had problems receiving my Liza merchandise from the website, he took responsibilty to sort it out, and kept me informed all the way. That was Scott. He will be so sorely missed by so many. No one can take his place. Thank you Scott for all your dedication and hard work. You are one in a million and your work will be remembered forever. My thoughts are with his close family, friends, and of course Liza. Steve xx

"Hi Sammy I didnt know about Scott until I saw it on your wall, Thank u for posting it I was actually quite shocked he wasn't that much older than me. I happened to have the Liza scrapbook on my computer desk when I read your wall, bought it recently for my daughter she's become a very big fan at only 7yrs old, I rea lized then who it was. Its very sad I wonder if Avi knows, he mentioned to me that he would be in calif. for a couple of weeks, but he should be back by now. Take care Gina"

Sammy, Thank you.

You have helped dry-my-tears, a bit, over this keyboard. For one who never met Scott, my heart gives out Love.

I hope that his 'final-moments' (damn! ain't that a song-title...for Judy, Liza, and et al!), were Peaceful, in some way. Human-kindness.

I was sorry to "hear" of his estrangement from family. Well, true or not, strange-or not, , ,

His "Family" is Here To Stay-

God Bless Ya', dear Sammy- and ALL
Give someone a hug today. Inquire/Ask/Decide---THEN:
Give someone a hug....



I just read a comment in facebook about Scott's sudden death yesterday morning. I am terribly shocked for this and sad for him. He is a pure soul now in heaven...

I don't hear from you lately, let's keep in touch.


I am forwarding this very sad email to my contacts should anyone can assist with a contact for Scott's family. I will be sending a sympathy card to Scott's partner Russell c/- this address listed on Scott's web page. PO Box 2743, New York, NY 10163 - 2743 in sadnessGlenn

I just had to forward this to all my Liza friends, all my love and sadness, Gary S from TBA

I felt the need to foward this to you guys as well. I did love his writing and met him from afar at the Palce toput that in the right perspective love and condolences Gary S from TBA

I CAN"T believe it Sammy,...Scott..come on..heart attack..shit..such a nice guy never hurt a fly..worked constantly. I feel so bad and now they can't release his body obviously because of STUPID nyc laws and they can't find his parents. STUPID...poor Scott..poor Russell...Damn! I'm just in complete shock..i can't believe it. I hope they have a huge service or memorial ..something has to be done.
Shannon Lee Parker

I am full with sorrow over this unexpected and shocking news about our dear Scott, I met him one time at the Liza Barnes & Noble cd signing for "Liza's At The Palace" & he was the most sweet and friendly guy you could meet. We spoke only a few minutes and he had and big beautiful smile during our entire chat. I had hoped on meeting him again and now he will be in my prayers, God Bless & love, Sammy.

I just got home and began to read my email and I am sitting here in total shock and disbelief. I terribly sorry to hear this news, such a young and gifted man, he had so much to give and to live for

I feel the same. I've exchanged a few Emails with him over the years. I am shocked and saddened, Greg

Blessing to Scott's spiriton his journey Sincerely. Glenn.

Oh My God!
I just got online myself and saw this!

Such a sudden and tragic happening...
I'm still in shock ...

Scott will be very missed..


Gary, and All-
Just picked this email up....

and, mmm, it's hard to type with tears falling-down on the keyboard.

Guess I'm gonna read some more-

Love and Blessings to ALL.


Thanks, Gary...

Never met Scott, but I feel as if I Had.

Love, B
Hello, My sincerest sympathy to Russell. I hope you are feeling the love coming your way. Scott will be missed by all of us as well. Love, John.
Hi Sammy, Hi Everyone,
I'm gonna send this here, because I can't seem to log into the blog again....

I am still in disbelief over Scott.
I never met him in person, but I always felt I knew him well.
He took the time to write personal emails to all of us and
I'm so happy that I saved his in my files.
One was at the time Liza was coming here to town and he
helped Louise and I get backstage. That was such an amazing thing
for him to take the time to do for us.
He did an incredible job with Liza's site and many many more projects
he was working on....there was still alot more for him to do in this life.
We will miss you Scott. Thank you for everything you did for us and
all the love and happiness you spred around to this wonderful group.
We love you Scott...
Rest In Peace my friend....

So sad to hear of Scott's the many great projects that Scott lovingly produced and enjoyed reading his liner notes on any Judy or Liza work...always first class and last year he asked me to check to make sure Liza's CD's were well displayed at a stand at the Hollywood Bowl which I happy did and he was pleased when I reported back to him. Will really miss Scott and remember him with love. Bradly
Rudy sends his love to everyone and was saddened by Scott's passing and still can't get over it myself. His newly produced Judy & Liza at the London Palladium is set for June release and knowing what a long labor of love this project was I will read those loving liner notes with fond memories of a very talented guy who dedicated himself to the memory of Judy with so much love and respect that he must have deeply moved Liza and I am sad for her loss. First noticed Scott when he wrote liner notes in that great Judy "blue teardrop" box set...followed his work every since and admired him & let him know how impressed I was that such a young man had such a great feel for what Judy was all if he had been there! Scott followed with equal brilliance and sensitivity writing about Liza in a way that was accurate and entertaining...going to miss him and my love and deepest sympathy goes to his life-partner. Love, Bradly

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