Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fan reviews ~ Liza At The Hollywood Bowl...

BRADLY BRIGGS REVIEWS "Liza At The Hollywood Bowl"

Legendary Liza at the Hollywood Bowl!_ "rare and so fine"
Saturday night with Liza was the only place on the planet to cooled down from Friday's intensity and slowly the Bowl packed out close to capacity for the two-show grand finale, and grand it was in every way one could imagine with Liza exceeding all expectations!
Entering to a wild ovation, Liza looked slim & gorgeous all in white and totally rejuvenated launching in to a soulful "Teach Me Tonight" with voice sounding rich and full. Luckily a faint flow of cooler air from the ocean side kept smoke away from the Bowl and Liza soared vocally sounding better than she has in years with no hoarseness or shortness of
breath. Comic moments were many & Liza had the enraptured audience in the palm of her hands the entire evening with a tremendous amount of wit and humor...microphone put between legs while retrieving pistol to shoot lover in "If You Hadn't" was incredibly funny and big screen caught every animated expression in a performance richly filled with them...Liza is at the peak of her wondrous performing powers with that awesome voice hitting those trademark powerful notes that blow audiences out of their seats even on a very warm but thankfully not hot evening! Every great song perfection with "I Would Never Leave You" , "Maybe This Time" & "He's Funny That Way" mesmerizing and sublime. "What Makes A Man A Man" is a brilliant acting tour-de-force & wowed the audience while "My Mammy" stunned them along with the tremendous "Palace Medley" which found Liza in robust vocal form. A quite moment with Billy Stritch doing the Garland classic "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" gave an intimate moment to the large open air venue that was rare so fine. Liza clearly is once again in her prime and the Hollywood Bowl experience makes it easy to understand that recent Tony Award win...finale "Everytime We Say Goodbye" with Billy Stritch was a fine moment and with prolonged cheers Liza came out and treated us to a sublime "I'll Be Seeing You" then the magical evening came to a close!!! Liza exceeded expectations and thrilled the audience in a way LA hasn't experienced in years and hopefully will return soon for an Encore performance!


I attended last night's performance, and will be in the audience again tonight!
Liza put on a great show last night, and was well received by an almost sellout crowd (only the nosebleed seats were empty).
The weather was very warm, which Liza commented about several times (and even once about the smokey air - there's a wild brush fire burning out of control about 10 miles away).
The first half of the show was exactly as on the 1st CD of Liza's at the Palace. The 2nd half started with my all-time favorite Liza song "But the World Goes "Round." And she nailed it! She also did "Liza with a Z," as well as "My Mammy," and "New York, New York." Her encore was with just Billy at the piano and she sang "Everytime We Say Goodbye," wearing a teeshirt and without shoes.
There were several standing O's throughout the evening, and Liza appeared to have a wonderful time and was quite pleased by the crowd's response.
I'm looking forward to seeing it all over again tonight!


I was there as well and have to say Liza sounded better thanthe last time I saw her 5 years ago. Her voice was strong and clear. She is still the best live performer out there and my only complaint would be she left out What Did I Have...which is a minor complaint. It was a great concert.

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