Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gay & Lesbian TIMEOUT Sydney ~ Liza Minnelli struts her legendary stuff

The unstoppable Ms Minnelli showed Sydney what legends are made of during her first Australian show in 20 years.

Liza Minnelli knocked the ball way out of the park during her first Sydney show at the Sydney Opera House last night proving that absence makes the heart grow stronger as much as it does fonder. Audiences where amazed by Minnelli's incredible stamina and vivaciousness as the 63-year-old singer delivered a Liza-fest of signature show tunes such as Cabaret, Liza With A 'Z' and New York, New York as well as personally chosen favourites including the Charles Aznavour classic What Makes A Man A Man.Accompanied by her pianist, Billy Stitch, who Minnelli has worked with for over 18 years, and with a twelve-piece orchestra led by conductor/drummer Michael Berkowitz, Minnelli captivated a sold-out audience by delivering hit after hit with the incomparable zest the artist has based her 40-year career on. If 20 years away from Sydney can result in such an outstanding performance perhaps more artists should follow suit and take an extended leave of absence from our shores and return with the same gusto Minnelli brought to the stage last night.
Time Out were among a handful of guests who had the privilege of meeting with Minnelli backstage after the show where the singer continued to thank well-wishers individually for coming to see the first of her three Sydney shows. Andrew Georgiou
Liza Minnelli plays the Sydney Opera House on Saturday 17 October and again at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on November 2.
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