Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday wishes from Liza's fans...

Liza's Birthday (Liza 3-23-06) photo by Mark Leoni

Happy Birthday


Love YOU!!

Happppppppppppy Birthday LIza wooooohoooooo and loads of peanuts and the world goes round love Gary S from TBA.

happy bday liza and many MANY more HEALTHY ones.....

Happy Bday Liza!!!!! We wish you the best and your dreams can come true!
Love You!!
From Argentina,
Silvana & Macarena

Happy, happy birthday to our dearest Liza! I will celebrate your day today, I baked a cake and will have a piece while watching "Steppin' Out", then later have another piece of cake and watch your Palace concert and then Liza with a Z and if it isn't midnight, I'll watch Radio City too!

Hope that Liza's has a wonderful and successful year, she's the best and so sorry to see her Boston Symphony Hall concert was taken off her website! But maybe I can get to Philly!

Mary Lou

Happy Birthday Liza
Hope you have a wonderful day, and may 2010 see all your dreams come true.
Please come back to see us in the UK soon. Steve

P.S. The attached photo is one which I took almost 4 years ago. Ciao!

Mark Leoni
Dear Liza May, Happy Birthday, all the best to you and most of all keep Stepping Out!, love Sammy
Happy Birthday Liza May!! John Bassey

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Henry said...

Better late than never. Happy B-Day Liza!!!! I wish you a marvellouse year!!

I Love you!!