Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Friday, July 23, 2010

Kay Thompson Biography

Simon & Schuster is publishing his book, Kay Thompson: From Funny Face to Eloise, on November 2 -- and these are among the advance endorsements from those who knew Kay and have read the manuscript:

“The greatest gift my parents ever gave me was my godmother, Kay Thompson.

No one was as brilliant or as funny,

and Sam Irvin's book manages to capture that lightning in a bottle.

Hang onto your hair!”


“Kay Thompson was the most important influence on me and my musical career.

Sam Irvin's wonderful book is right on the mark.

It brought back many memories of how brilliant she was

and how far ahead of her time she really was. She was one of a kind.”


“Kay Thompson never ceased to amaze. It is high time someone wrote

a comprehensive book about her extraordinary life and Sam Irvin has done just that.

It is positively loaded with fascinating stories and details.”


“Isn’t it wonderful that Sam Irvin was able to capture this fantastic lady on paper?

She was a true genius, overflowing with talent and humor which was so incredibly unique.

It was my great privilege to have known her and to have loved her.

She was a very special lady.”


“It takes a dazzlingly written book to properly capture the incandescent life of Kay Thompson.

This is one of the best showbiz bio's I've ever read,

meticulously researched and filled with captivating stories!”


“This informative book details Kay’s and my collaboration. Like some very special unions

it produced a child: the ageless, guileless, indomitable and endearing ELOISE.

Thank you Kay and especially Sam Irvin for this astounding story.”


“As sizzling, as crackling, as modern, as snarky and advanced as showbiz history can be,

this biography surpasses it. You may have no idea how much the great, insane and wild woman,

Kay Thompson, influenced the entertainment decades from the Forties to her death in 1998.

You love celebrity? Celebrity loved Kay!

A smashing work.”


“For anybody who knows anything about the history of show business,

my friend Kay Thompson was its most lovable lunatic doll.

In a 50-color deluxe box of Crayolas, she was fire-engine red.

Sam Irvin has now preserved an authentic legend in amber with an exhaustively researched book that captures her genius, eccentricity, talent, personality and unique sense of humor

in words as colorful as Kay herself. Like her own favorite word for anything special

she discovered, experienced, savored and liked, it's got ‘Bazazz’!”


“Sam Irvin has given Kay Thompson the kind of biography she’s long deserved:

smart, dishy, and full of fascinating show-business stories.

I loved every bit of it.”


“Auntie Mame, Cleopatra and Madonna could all take lessons from Kay Thompson.

Trying to put this outlandish, brilliant, immensely creative fireball down on paper

is akin to containing lightning in a bottle but Sam Irvin has accomplished the impossible

with this marvelously researched, infinitely interesting and entertaining key-hole look

at one of the most accomplished but least-known fascinators in the history of show business.

To borrow a word once used to describe her work, Irvin's book is Thompsensational.”


Here is the S&S link for the book:

Sam will be in New York for a presentation and signing event at Barnes & Noble/Lincoln Center on Tuesday evening, November 9 (which would have been Kay's 101st birthday). The night before, on Monday, November 8, Jim Caruso's Cast Party at Birdland will feature a melange of Thompson's songs, performed throughout the evening.

In West Hollywood, Sam will be doing a presentation and signing at Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard on the evening of Wednesday, November 3. All these events are open to the public.

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