Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LIZA ~ The Apprentice Season 10 finale tomorrow at 10 pm!

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Wednesday, 08 December 2010 09:58

The Apprentice

Choosing The Apprentice

Thursday at 10/9c on NBC

The Apprentice is finally down to choosing The Apprentice. Donald Trump will utter the words he only says once per season, "You're Hired." The only question that remains is, who will he hired, Brandy or Clint?
In the conclusion of the Season 10 finale, the final two candidates continue to work on their crowning challenges. One oversees a VIP golf tournament and the other organizes a Liza Minnelli concert.

During the last episode we were left with Clint seemingly in deep trouble because of spelling errors of the Liza Minnelli name on promotional materials. Mahsa had caught the errors but was coming up short on the money to get them fixed. Clint was also headed for problems with the buffet dinner and didn't seem to appreciate Steuart's input.

Brandy seemed to be having an easier time of it except for golf teams, specifically Donald Trump's team. Trump had requested that Lisa play on his team leaving Brandy one person short on her team and then to make things worse trump ends up only having 3 people on his team because Brandy couldn't find him a forth. Trump isn't happy because it is almost impossible for a three-some to win against teams of 4 and 5. The other issue on Brandy's team was the prizes. Brandy felt gift certificates were better than giving someone a set of five hundread dollar golf clubs because they probably owned clubs worth thousands. Lisa had gone out and bought the $500 dollar golf clubs.

Eventually it all comes down to the board room where Trump questions each team on how they feel they did and asks for opinions on who they thought should be the winner. Clint takes some big heat for his country boy style and always using the word "Y'all"

Tune in Thursday night at 10/9c on NBC to see who is finally choose to be The Apprentice.

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