Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Liza Minnelli & Emma after St. Louis Show ~ from Emma Redmon

The picture of me and was the best night of my life! and hopefully more to come!!!
My St Louis Review :D
Liza was her usual self, just in a lot of pain. She walked out with Billy nothing too fancy or anything and she sang songs from the Carnegie Hall Album and came out in this gorgeous dress! Then she did a quick outfit change, between songs and came out singing Alexander's Ragtime Band, in the navy blue sequin outfit from Carnegie Hall too. After that the rest of the concert she was in her chair, except for NY NY and the encore, All The Lives of Me. She was funny as usual, but there were a couple things wrong with the band, not Liza. The drummer was too loud and too close to Liza, so sometimes her voice would get covered up, and the conductor kept rushing her and she would turn around and try to show him the tempo she needed and even told him once "don't rush me", I don't think she really liked him that much. Act 2 was kinda freaky at the beginning because she came out and was awesome singing The World Goes Round, then she walked to her chair took a few deep breaths then walked over to Billy and said "Just sing something" and then turned to us and said "I'll be right back", totally unplanned (come to find it, it was planned). So Billy said "I've been asked to sing something" and so he did then he introduced Liza's band members like "so and so on bass" and then they would do a little solo, then when the song was over Liza walked out and he went, "and Liza on stage!". A couple times she put songs in the wrong order and once she did the wrong intro and relied a lot on the TelePrompTer, but it's a new freakin show, so she gets a break there. She even said "you would think I would know these lyrics by now!" She sang a lot of songs from her new album which was awesome and she was great. One time she was going to do a new arrangement she made of "He's Funny That Way/I Don't Want Him You Can Have Him" but once she started singing she said it was too sad and moved on LOL. Def in some pain, she even sang on song about it! And said "I have to be honest with you" and explained everything that was going on and said "I feel better after telling you...for about a minute" Then at the end she asked "How are you?" and everyone said they were good and yelled back and said "How are you?" and she said "I'm fine, but to be honest with you....I'm F***ed up, insure, nervous, and emotional" Then she had to take a few deep breaths and then belted NY NY :D , It was a magical night I will never forget. I even got a few seconds with her after the show and a quick picture, and I can't wait to see her again!"

Love always my Liza friends,


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