Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Friday, September 10, 2010

Anthology-Cabaret...and All That Jazz [Double-CD]

avaiable to order on U.S. link ~
cd track listing...
Disk: 1

1. Cabaret (Live)

2. All that jazz

3. Losing my mind

4. Love pains

5. Use me

6. I believe in music

7. Tropical nights / Bali ha'I

8. A beautiful thing

9. Oh, babe, what would you say?

10. You are the sunshine of my life

11. I'm your new best friend

12. Where is the love?

13. Don't let me be lonely

14. The singer

15. Baby don't get hooked on me

16. Jimi Jimi

17. Don't drop bombs

18. So sorry, I said

19. Tonight is forever

20. I can't say goodnight

Disk: 2

1. Cabaret

2. Exactly like me (Live)

3. The circle (Live)

4. More than you know (Live)

5. I'm one of the smart ones (Live)

6. Natural man (Live)

7. And I in my chair (Et moi dans dans mon coin) (Live)

8. There is a time (Le temps) (Live)

9. Quiet thing (Live)

10. Son of a preacher man (Live)

11. God bless the child (Live)

12. It was a good time (Live)

13. Stepping out (Live)

14. Some people (Live)

15. If you could read my mind / Come back to me (Live)

16. My mammy (Live)

17. Anywhere you are / I believe you (Live)

18. New York, New York (Live)

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