Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Life really is a cabaret!       
What a drag: Liza Minnelli delighted her fans by hoping on stage during a drag queen competition in a bar recently.
Way to wind down: Liza hit Cherry's bar in Fire Island, New York, following one of her concerts.
Making friends: Liza happily posed for photos with her many flamboyant admirers

Fuss-free: Liza decided to forgo her make-up when she reportedly stocked up on glitzy items at a shop

Liza Minnelli surprises flamboyant fans by hopping on stage during a bar drag queen competition
By Iona Kirby

She has a huge fanbase and it seems Liza Minnelli loves to give back to her many admirers.
The superstar singer and actress surprised her fans recently when she headed to Cherry’s Bar on Fire Island in New York following a concert.
The 66-year-old couldn’t resist hopping on stage during a drag queen competition, much to the delight of her fellow bar-goers.

The flamboyantly dressed hosts of the evening were clearly delighted as they fawned over the Cabaret star, who perched on a seat in view of the audience.
According to TMZ, Liza tucked into some fried chicken fingers before getting on the stage.
And the website reports that the crowd went crazy, chanting ‘Liza! Liza! Liza!’

As well as her impromptu stint on stage, Liza happily took the time to pose for photos with her fans – including some of the drag queens in the competition.
Despite her superstar status Liza showed she is far from a diva with her refreshing approach.
And Liza looked like she was having a fantastic time in a series of images posted to Facebook.

TMZ also claims that the bar isn’t the only spot Liza has been visiting during her time at Fire Island.
The star reportedly went make-up free to hit up the Rainbow boutique.
She allegedly stocked up on glitzy garments including feather boas and sequined hats.

Liza Minnelli
My Fans Are a Total Drag!
BY Johnny Lopez
After two sold out concerts on Fire Island in NY last weekend, Liza Minnelli totally wigged out ... at a drag queen competition!!!

Sources tell us ... the 66-year-old gay icon stopped into Cherry's bar, ordered up some fried chicken fingers and got on stage during Miss Cherry's drag queen competition. We're told the surprised crowd went nuts ... chanting "Liza! Liza! Liza!"

When not taking photos with fans and female impersonators like Logan Hardcore, Ariel Sinclair, Gusty Winds and Bianca Del Rio, we're told Liza hit up the Rainbow Dreams boutique -- sans makeup -- and spent some serious coin on sequin hats, boas and even a pack of smokes.

Liza proves that just because you are a diva, doesn't mean you gotta act like one.

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