Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Friday, May 23, 2008

Liza Minnelli lives for the stage...


Within the limits of a series of concerts at the class lux in club " B1 Maximum ", converted for one evening as restaurant, the 62-year old star of Hollywood and Broadway, the performer of a leading role in "Cabaret" of the Bob Fosse Liza Minnelli has acted.I cannot describe the feeling, that the singer and her audience felt at this concert.

This time queen of the Broadway acted not before usual spectator armchairs, and before little tables, and nevertheless figures speak about much.
Liza Minnelli accompanied by a trio of musicians (a grand piano, a bass, and drums) she presented an hour of show per the best and most conservative broadway traditions, for every minute which owners of the most prestigious places have paid.

Liza Minnelli the began with standard " I Can See Clearly Now ". The voice was Strong , and the singer actively moved, that already pleased the crowd.

As well as it is necessary to a great broadway actress, Liza Minnelli weaved the ostensibly retorts with texts of heroines of musicals and singing so masterly, that seems it was not appreciable almost. Madam Minnelli told about how in 1975 the Bob Fosse had found a way softly to enter her into the musical "Chicago" instead of Gwen Verdon whom had become ill, and there and then passed to retorts of the main heroine "Chicago" Roxie Heart, and then - to her number " My Own Best Friend ". The prompt declaration of love to "Cabaret" was replaced by theme " Maybe This Time ", Gershwin followed brothers words of gratitude the jazz standard " The Man I Love ", representation of the accompanying pianist alternated with other evergreen composition - " Come Rain Or Shine”

The positive spirit and skill to communicate of the singer showed. When Liza Minnelli ðerforms, her "gold" numbers and sketches-rapid speeches experiences of many decades of work on the most different audience began to be felt precisely whom she was. When Liza reached hits like "Cabaret" and " New York, New York " her "openness" and "sincerity" looked absolutely a role behind which so up to the end, that it was not possible to make out emotion. It is important to her before whom she sings in the given evening. Looking in a hall from high in her director's chair established on a stage, whether she sees real faces or only shadows? We feel her emotion,she reaches through the dark.

Acted the first in a new series of "dear" concerts in " B1 Maximum " Liza even went between little tables, was photographed with admirers and fulfilled their money for ticket prices. Madam Minnelli spoke with them - and with anybody.

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