Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Interesting coments on LIZA, LORNA, & Gary Smiler

Hi everybody. I cannot lie. I have loved Liza ever since she began and loved her mom as well. As a singer I am truly aware that the voice deepens and gets richer with age. It did with Judy and so it goes now with our Liza. So whats the big deal. Her showmanship is evident and her way of selling a song is right there for all of us to hear even though some of us had the privelege of seeing Liza at the Palace as I did. But to call her voice "ragged" is a bit much and rather nasty. This gentlemen from San Francisco obviously doesnt understand the meaning of time. Physically we all change. But magically we can NEVER change. Liza had it back then and I will be damned she has it NOW. You cant loose that ability its very rare. Ya know everytime I play the CD yes I bought it at the theatre I cant stop relishing the wonders of her talent. If I had had my druthers i would have preferred that the show be recorded live instead. But putting that aside. This is a mature Liza who is at the top of her game. NY NY is the best and gives me chills. The Kay Thompson section really evokes the style and fascinating performer that Kay was. Yesssss I remember her and not just from Funny Face the film. Liza is like a vintage wine that just gets richer with age. Long may she this CD wave!! Love, Gary S from TBA

Gary On Liza, Lorna, & Judy...

Ya know I felt the same way when liza speaks about listening to her moms music I coud also hear her choke up. Its hard for her and I could relate to that. It is intersting that two sisters or half sisters Liza and Lorrna have 2 ways to deal with their mom and her music and genius. Lorna wrote a book which became a mini series an dnow travels the world singing Sings My Mothet Taught Me and Liza perfers to be more low keyed about her mom probably out of her personal repect for judy. These are both differnt ways of dealing with the same problem a catharsis for both Liza and Lorna. I think its their right to choose and which choice to make. Ive no doubt that both daughters loved thir mother and somtimes Jusy could be a handful in her personal life to say the least, all my love, Gary S from TBA

Thanks Gary!

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