Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Monday, February 9, 2009

My 2 Days of Minnelli Magic! by Christine Louise

Heya all! So I haven't posted here in ages, but I'm always reading up on the group and deff keeping up with all things Liza. But, after the past 2 days I just had, I felt it was a good time to actaully post, to show how amazing this woman is. So I was able to get tickets when Liza filmed "Mike and Juliet." Everyone working there was really nice and when they saw I was a big fan gave me a front row seat. So during a commercial break, Liza saw my shirt and commented on it, to which I looked back at her like , and then Mike (the host) jumped down to see the shirt cause he didn't realize it was Liza's. So yeah, for anyone who saw the show, I'm the confused/shocked looking blonde with the Palace shirt and green nails, lol. So after Liza's segments she walks over and comes to me, takes my hand and talks to me for a minute...and no I was not breathing lol. So then she tells the audience to come to the signing, asks me if I'm going, I said of course, and she walks off. So I'm sitting there floored that I just met Liza, starign at my hand that she just touched, when I hear "Liza wants to talk to you" . So after a second of trying to comprehend 'Who wants to talk to Who!?', I went back and talked to Liza! We had a little chat and she made sure I was good for the event the next day to get to see her sing and all and we took a picture (though I don't know how I got my camera out I was shaking s o much) and we both checked it out to make sure it came good and said 'see you tomorrow' and then I floated back to my seat...where I had a seat filler oddly enough...and then just sat there, shocked and over the moon at what just happened.
So then the next day, thanks to Liza, I was able to go to the signing and watch Liza's brilliant performance, she sang my 2 fav songs from the show! Then I got my CD signed and gave her the gift I had told her about the day before and thanked her for everything. Then she asked me how the set was and if I enjoyed qualifies as the understatement of the year lol. And so concluded 2 days I will never forget. So I just thought I'd share my story, sorry if it went on kinda long, but I mean who does that for a fan!? Most celebs that don't have an ounce of Liza's talent or magnitude don't care about their fans at all, and here you have a legend who takes her time to make a fan feel so special. All I can say is my idol deffinately gave me a dream come true, it was 2 days I will never forget.
So here is my pic with Liza if anyone is interested in seeing it. It is now officially in just about every room of my house lol.

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It's Knee dishkea! said...

I LOVED this post!
I saw you on the show, well my husband did first because of the Liza hoodie.
Me- "See honey! My Birthday the 27th...that best be here!"
I really loved that interview, I think it was the longest of her's on a morning show in quite some time!

""Liza wants to talk to you""

I don't know about you, but I would have needed a defibrillator after that one!

Thanks for sharing your story!
Just more proof as to Liza being the rarest gift and talent ever!
Even outside of our fan bias ;-)

Liza Minnelli is one of the biggest and best talents, entertainer, singer, actress..legend to ever live and yet look at how she treats her fans.
The amazingly sweet stories are countless.
She is 100% real and shares that with her fans and for it, she will be forever loved in a special place.

Thanks again so much for sharing your very special story!