Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kerri-Anne Kennerley manages to impress Liza Minnelli

The Daily Telegraph
November 05, 2009 12:00AM

LIZA Minnelli has left the country, but not without first falling in love with a certain Aussie lass with a bold personality, a sparkling wardrobe and a repertoire of Las Vegas show tunes.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Kerri-Anne Kennerley so captured Ms Minnelli's heart during her tour that the star acknowledged Kennerley from the stage during her sold-out final concert on Monday night.
"I want to thank Kerri-Anne Kennerley for the great friendship she's given while I've been here," is the roughly captured transcript of her cheerio.
Then, as though in a Kennerley dream sequence, a spotlight found the TV presenter in the crowd and illuminated an exuberant Kennerley, who stood up, waved her arms hysterically, and then sat down.
More Vegas than Vegas.

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