Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Liza, Judy, & Michael Feinstein by our own Gary Smiler...

Michael Feinstein Liza with Jerry Herman & Michael Feinstein


Cant wait to see this show On PBS and on DVD. Did you know that the first time I met Liza was when Michael Feinstein appeared on Braodway for the first time back in the early 80's and that Liza was his mentor?? Well I have always said that if I could have been any famous pianist and singer it would have been Michael. He optimizes all I love dear since I am also a pianist and singer but alas not famous. Ive toldthis story before but when I went to see Michael in his first Broadway concert I decided to go out into the theatre lobby during the intermission. Who should be across the other side of the lobby but none other than our darling Liza who I had already fallen in love with for many years. Well NEVER been accusedof being SHY I confidently walked over to Ms. Minnelli and said excuse me but I have enjoyed your work for years yadda yadda yadda, she was so sweet and charming to me I could hardly stand it. When I told her I was a pianist and singer and music teacher in the school system and how much I was enjoying Mr. Feinstein's performance she made a big deal out of the work I DID and made me feel so special I will never forget it!! Ya know its ironic because Lizas mom Judy Garland in the film A Star Is Born was the primary reason that I chose my musical career. So both women have had a pronounced affect on me. Hope I havent bored anyone who has heard all this before, all my love, Gary S fromTBA

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