Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bright star Shines

Liza Minnelli EX Online MX

A few months ago, when the tickets for the concert of Liza were put up sale Minnelli at the Nacional Auditorio, I thought: "No longer should she be the same one as before; of that that was delivered to the public and dominated the stage, could not remain anything; neither are they going to sell the tickets". I delayed in agreeing to buy them and was above all by insistence of my daughter, she always is interested in the concerts and artists that come to Mexico.

She reinforced my skepticism the bad health that has dragged Liza in recent years. It is known about her lack of control in the consumption of tablets and alcohol, and in the year 2000 him was diagnosed with encephalitis with a pessimistic forecast that included the inability to speak, to walk and, of course, to dance and to sing.

Thus I arrived at the Auditorio in the afternoon rainy and cold on Monday and I sat down in the seat expecting the start of the show that was announced for the 8:30 at night. For the time being on the stage were only were the instruments of the orchestra that accompanies the singer with blue lighting. At the beginning few people were seen, it seems that the traffic held the arrival of many. They passed the 8:30, the 8:40, the musicians occupied there places and the room began to be full. The lights were put out and she appeared. She burst into singing, received by a standing ovation from the audience that went up through the Nacional Auditorio before my incredulity.

She finished her first song and the public was captivated completely. She wore a brilliant red smock and some black pants, a band of silver sequin to the height of the front surrounding her head. She thanked the reception, spoke of how happy to be in Mexico, of her family, of recent years and suddenly asked: "Do you notice anything different?", and answered: "I have lost 30 lbs. of weight", and she is noted; again an ovation of the public.

She continued singing standing with microphone in hand. She traveled through her life through the songs that have accompanied her since very young. Today she is 62 years old and I admit that left me surprised. Liza is full of life, thin, enjoying her so perfect instrument she has in the throat. Besides her pulmonary capacity is in very good level. To sing “Maybe This Time” carried a chair at the front and said: "Do you recall years ago when I sat down in the second act? Good, therefore now I do it in the first act. I am older and also more ready".

"That of what I am proud?"

She continued in a clear delivery and besides was seen happy, like fish in water. In the enormous stage of the Auditorio this woman displaced herself bajita, but with an imposing presence on the stage, accompanied by twelve musicians and four singers very in the style of the crooners of the 40’s and 50’s. Any woman, only she. Her dramatic movements are so unique, her presence at times transforms her into a girl of affectionate, vulnerable, and wistful eyes, she has complete control of the stage, and the certainty that projects that we have Liza for a while, they were applauded by the public.

Interacted a lot with the public. "In interviews in Mexico they asked me of what I am proud", added: "Of the songs that have been composed especially for me. And already with the nine thousand spectators in a fist freed to sing with all the power of New York, New York.

Liza presented her sister that lives in Cuernavaca, daughter of the second marriage of Vincente Minnelli, whose widow also was in the first rows: "An applause for my darling stepmother", asked affectionately Liza. With her sister Tina Nina sang the theme of the movie “On a Clear Day” is seen until always. A moment of the stage left to change her wardrobe (and I believe to alleviate their flush with a tank of oxygen) and, while, the members of the orchestra were themselves performing.

Liza returned, dress of black. Her image on the two enormous screens that are to the sides of the stage was youthful, full of emotion and enthusiasm, to a little rapid. She directed to the public again and, in a moment, given said: "Today you are my my family." And it was a very emotional phenomenon; the public began to stand up as driven by a spring and like in waves we were Standing up. In the end all of us were standing. All of us that night, the family of the great Liza Minnelli, she, like the Phoenix, revived from her ashes.

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