Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Friday, April 25, 2008

Liza Minnelli Will Share with her sister

Liza Minnelli Will Share with her sister the
stage of the Auditorio Nacional.

By: Tania Molina Ramírez

In an episode of Actor' s Studio, when the interviewer asked to Liza Minnelli if some time had been in Anonymous Alcoholics, she said, “yes! Although it is supposed that him do not he owe to say. By something they are called thus. But never I have been anonymous! I am going to begin now?"

Yes, anonymous has never been. Liza was born famous and chose to continue under the reflectors all her life, until today, at 62 years. Although perhaps her stellar moment, the one that marked her of life, occurred over 30 years ago, when acted in an unforgettable role of Sally Bowles in the movie Cabaret (1972),a role by which won her an Oscar.

Minnelli will be presented the days 26, 28 and 29 of April in the cities of Zapopan, Federal District and Puebla, respectively.

The singer said, in telephone interview with this newspaper, that she is enthusiastic about coming to Mexico. With her private tone exalted, she exclaimed: "I much desire to be there! It is my favorite place in the world!"


Absolutely! To begin, my sister lives there, Christina Nina Minnelli (half sister, on the part of her father). She lives in Mexico City and she is going to sing on the stage with me.

Then, she is a singer.

Yes, but she is not like I. She does not want promotion to be done. She Is a marvelous, marvelous woman, that works a lot with the church. And I have a nephew and a niece, and I am very pleased because I am going to see them all.

Then, She comes followed to Mexico?


So you know well enough this city.

Good, more or less. But master the passion of that city and master the beating of its heart.

And the Mexican music?

The master!

Will there be a little Mexican music in your show?

I hope so! But... nobody thats not from Mexico can do what you do. The true thing is there, and that is the one reason to go there to listen.

then she launched into singing in Spanish: "This afternoon I saw to rain

Aversion by the politics

The history is known: Liza Minnelli is a daughter of the director Vincent Minnelli and the legendary actress and singer Judy Garland, who died at the age of 47 of an overdose, when Liza was 23 years old.

Minnelli is usual to fight with which her life is not hers but of the public, is very conscious of each word that says, and even thus cannot avoid that one remain with the sensation that to speak with the media she is a badly necessary one. Neither hidden hes aversion to speak of politics.

Him it was asked that said the first thing that came to the mind with fragments of songs:

Somewhere over the rainbow. "In Somewhere Over the Rainbow", of the movie The Wizard of Oz, perhaps the most famous song of your mother, who did the role of Dorothy seven years before to be born Liza.)

After a pause, answered: "A niñita that expects the best".

If I can make it there, I' ll make it anywhere. "If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere", of the symbolic song New York, New York.

Fame and people that arrive and try to be adapted, because is the hardest city of the world, and you have to be very good", answered.

That clinking clanking, give a little, get a little, clinking sound, money money, money money, is all that makes, the world go round. "

"The unique thing" that comes to the mind to Minnelli "are the pants of Joel Grey (with whom interprets the memorable scene)."

Just then gives her a prolonged attack of cough, excuses herself and says that was because the memory surprised her: "The unique thing that i remember are the coins; told us, 'you (Minnelli) you have to trap them in your chest and you (Grey), have to trap them in your pants and (coughs again)'; endeavored me for not reírme... Joel said the money is the sex, the money is the sex and the unique thing that we could cause was to laugh... But was a marvelous number.

And thats what you think of , that the money does make the world go round?

Therefore I believe that is quite wise, don’t you? And at the same time had humor.

And this: Blue moon, now I' m not longer alone, without to dream in my heart, without to love of my own, "(blue Moon, now no longer I am alone, without a dream in the heart, without a love that be mine".

That did not I record it.

Is in the Complete Collection of Capitol

Wow! I love that you tell me something that I do not know.

So you never recorded it?

Not, but the curious thing is that I remember to have seen a blue moon. So I understand the dream.

What means to you?

That the people seek inspiration out of ones self. You finds consolation leaving one self, not inside.

This–and how: This land is your land, this land is my land "This land is your land, this land is my land".

Never I have sung that! –she says and laughs.

Not, but what thinks?

What do you think?

Therefore, that is representative U.S.

Do not I know. Is representative of Ireland also, not?


Yes, it can be of any town. Any town wants to feel pride of its country.

Yes, that song was composed by Woody Guthrie, sung above all by progressives speaks U.S. "From California to the island of new York. ..”

And what thinks of you Go we can to justice and equality, go we can to opportunity and prosperity, go we can heal this nation, go we can repair this world “...Sí we can heal this nation, yes we can repair this world", speech of Barack Obama that was set to music and returned very popular).

After a long pause, question: "Who are 'we'?"
After another long pause, adds: "I am not politics. The politics is... I am not this. I am a humanist. I believe in the humanity. I believe in the women, I believe in the good men."

I believe in which you sat down to think about your questions. I believe in which you want to know the answer. I believe in which you did not want... to intimidate me".

–By no means. Good, finally, which would they be the songs that more represent their present?

–Yes, the one that opens Liza with a Z (televised concert in 1972. The song says: "Not to say why, say why not".

The other, that never I have sung, would be On a Clear Day, The movie my Father did (of the same name, 1970).

In the end of the interview, does an enigmatic offering:

–They come to see me. I want that change to seem.

–About what?

–About the life! About the happiness! About the marvelous music!

Auditorio Nacional. 28 of April, to the 20:30 hours.

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