Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Liza Minnelli captives in a concert in Guadalajara

12:58 p.m. Has a brief tour by the country

GUADALAJARA, Mexico (Notimex).- Liza Minnelli captivated a more than three thousand people in her first presentation in the country, in the Auditorio Telmex of this city, with a show of almost two hours of duration and with the one that showed she continues more in force than ever.

The stage was more than simple. Minnelli did not need more than her alone presence and some play of lights that changed the atmosphere of hot red to blue colds.

"Thanks Guadalajara, I love to be here, in your beautiful city, in your beautiful country and observing your beautiful faces", the singer before a audience said mostly by adults, although also present some youths that were left to captivated for the legend.

Just as she announced a day before in a press conference, Liza appeared on the stage and did not stop dancing,when she paused from dancing, caused shouts as I love You Liza and you Are beautiful, she thanked in repeated occasions.

In the show nothing lacked her. The followers of the singer listened equally for Cabaret, New York "New York, and even, some lines of the personage of Roxie, that catapulted her to the fame in the musical" Chicago".

The second part of the show was dedicated especially to Kay Thompson, singer and godmother of Liza, with all and a group of four singers and dancing called "The Brothers William", that they accompanied Thompson in her shows.

Minnelli was touched to the edge of tears among each song, upon recalling some passages of her life, above all the last words that Kay told her in life: "Happy Everything".

In the end of the show, a strong standing ovation said good-bye to Minnelli, she will continue with her brief tour of Mexico in Puebla and Mexico City.

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