Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Liza Minnelli Lights up as the diva in magical concert in Mexico

By: Cronica Show Tuesday April 29, 2008 Hour of publication: 11:01

The singer and American actress Liza Minnelli related her life and her glorious years as the artist in the magical one and only concert offered in this city, before some eight thousand people.

The winner of the Oscar and Golden Globe by her participation in the movie "Cabaret" (1972) returned to Mexico after 10 years of absence, to yield homage to her godmother Kay Thompson and to share stage with her half sister Tina Nina.

The daughter of the mythical figure of Hollywood, Judy Garland (1922-1969) and the director of movies, the Italian one Vincent Minnelli (1903-1986), she sang about twenty songs, without forgetting the most symbolic songs that led to her to succeed to a international level, was "Cabaret" and "New York, New York", among others.

Minnelli lived one of the most sublime moments during her visit upon arriving to the stage, exactly of the 20:45 hours, we saw in the first row her family that lives in this country, headed by her stepmother Georgette Magnani, to whom Liza presented proud before the public.

Her faithful followers, captivated by the legend, who did not stop applauding her and to launch her flirtings in each opportunity she had, during the concert that lasted almost two hours. She responded with kisses and infinity of "thanks".

After receiving a long standing ovation, while the audience listened to the overture of "New York, New York", the American star dressed with a blouse and red top, as well as a black pants and a silver color headband (one of her four wardrobes at night),came out and sang the first song: "Teach Me Tonight".

"The master, I have expected and dreamt of this moment. All my family is in the sky, so you are now my family, thanks for coming to see me", were her first words.

Liza was accompanied by an orchestra conformed of 12 outstanding musicians, among them the friend of her father, the director and drummer Michael Alan Berkowitz, the artist related, through her songs, part of her life and her glorious years as the "Diva of Hollywood".

The scenography of her show was simple, only lights behind that changed of colors, but as they said various of her fans, did not lack anything, therefore with her presence alone was all they needed.

She used her excellent voice and the full artistic control that characterizes her. It seemed that the time had not passed, except she noted the audience: "I recall the last time that I was here, how I sat down to rest in the second act?, good, therefore now I have to sit down since the first act".

She sang then a potpourri with "My ship" and "Man I love". Upon concluding, touched upon her loss of weight: "Already they realized?, I¢ve tried them all, I knew someone that helped me and is my hero".

After "Sara Lee", talked once more with the audience. She related to the vicissitudes that the character personage "Roxie Hart" passed after to having murdered her lover in the musical "Chicago" that she did in 1975, after replacing Gwen Verdon.

Minnelli, of 62 years, was delivered full by means of "My Own Best Friend", "Maybe This Time" and "He's funny that Way", in this last remained seated in a chair.

"I am trembling, because all my family came to see me, please stand up", asked Liza. There they were Georgette Magnani, her sister Nina Minnelli (daughter of her father and who resides in Cuernavaca, Dwell them).

On this last one emphasized: "It taught me to sing" and after the previous thing they showed her talent upon singing "On a clear day", a favorite movie of her fathers and that marked the most emotional moment of the evening. Upon finalizing they were given an effusive hug and the smile of Liza that did not to stop shining.

After presenting her musicians and each one to be solo lit in her Orchestra, the diva entered her dressing room to change clothes.

Now Liza was dressed in black ,she initiated the second part of her show with the immortal song "Cabaret", theme of the film namesake and the one that won her the Best Actress award, the maximum recognition that Hollywood offers from the Academy of Movies.
Although her doctor prohibited her to dance and to sing in a simultaneous way, Liza did it time and again, while the sweat coming from the front was evident and also her exhaustion.

Here was the moment that she paid tribute to Kay Thompson, singer of the 30's to whom Minnelli is her godmother. She invited four male singers , who were to be the William Brothers.

She recalled when she gave the news to Thompson about her mother, Judy Garland, had deceased. "I was 22 years old and I did not believe it, Kay told me that my mom had had a marvelous life and that did everything she wanted".

"Hello", "My best Friend", "Ring the bell" (I Love a Violin?) and "My wedding day", they continued in their repertoire. Visibly she looked exhausted, Liza expressed lightheartedly: "Kate never would finish a show in this way".

With "Mammy", "New York, New York" and sang acapela "I'll be seeing you" said goodbye to her Mexican audience that withdrew satisfied at the Nacional Auditorio.

LizaMinelli will sing this Tuesday in Puebla and then will return to United States to offer more concerts. In May she will visit Russia and Scotland, among others nations.

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