Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Liza Minnelli in Mexico: Déjà vu for the VIP

By Amaury Pérez Vidal

Liza Minnelli, during her tour of Mexico the past weekend The singer-songwriter Amaury Pérez, one of the icons of the new Cuban ballad, along with Silvio Rodriguez and Pablo Milanés, witnessed the concert that Liza Minnelli offered last weekend in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. Amaury, seated in the first row, united by several Friends of the American artist, could not be resisted and wrote this chronicle to present the readers of The event. With Liza, various points of our lives are similar: both of us are children of actors, our mothers were famous actresses, Both died on account of their excesses; our parents, extraordinary directors of shows*. In the show she informed me that her godmother, Kay Thompson, was a great actress of the 30’s and 40’s, like mine, her name was Felicia Amelivia. We have loaded to the cross to inherit the professions of our ancestors and to defend us at all costs of them obliged comparisons. The two, Liza and I, we grew in an odorous and delighted world (with its differences, clear) where the costumes, the sequins, the makeup, the lashes and the jewels were more common than the bread and the rice; this I explain it by way of introduction so that they understand which was the temperature of my emotionality while I went to the concert. The Telmex theater is a wretchedly modern place and of a design that takes your breath away; it is one of the most respected theaters, equipped and comfortable, of the world. Our seats, by the generosity of my brother-in-law, the painter Ulysses González, they cost 120 dollars each one and they were situated in the first row of the VIP zone. So great to be placed in our position: with the curtain closed, what we had in front, barely two meters of distance to the stage, was a foot of microphone, four speakers and three teleprompters (never I have known how is written teleprompters, so please forgive this mistake, if I am wrong). The theater is immense,they air conditioned it for the occasion and thus we cohabitat for two hours some 5 thousand souls in suspense! The questions that flew in the environment were: How will she look?, Will she be fat?, old and exhausted?, will she do a short show for a backward public?, will she repeat what already we have seen her to do in scores of television presentations as a professional actress?, will she behave like a bored and eccentric diva? When the curtain opened, at half past eight exactly, we discover the fascinating world of the authentic art, nothing of mobile lights, a band of 12 musicians, a piano, keyboards, drums, guitar, bass, percussion, a cord of metals that sounded as if in perfect tune with God, with a quality of incredible sound and four dancers-singers, chosen among the best of Broadway, Color and heat added to this festival of the spirit. With the harmonious overture of “New York, New York” pandemonium and anxiousness and then, she appeared. Looking incredible physically than in past years, thin and full of energy! Smiling and charming, with her powerful and fresh voice, a potpourri on two songs: “Teach Me Tonight”-“The Man I Love”, and then we understood that our doubts about rumors would break one after another. She was the Liza we dreamed and willing to conquer us, our life was hers. She was dressed as usual, blouse of shine and flashy sequins, black pants (silver headband and some small earrings of shine, headband later removed), neither a ring, neither a necklace, pale, small and of fragile apperance that later would become a hurricane! That was the principle of all, and thus
a marvelous and captivating show to the purest of New York style, Causing the audience to applaud, to laugh and to cry, she carried us where she wanted, and when after three simple changes of wardrobe, and an hour 50 of show, Liza ended with “You a My Own Best Friend” and “New York, New York” and as an encore “I' ll be seeing you”, acapella! We all knew that we had One of the most extraordinary experiences of our lives.
The force of Fray
We believe to know the performing arts, the delivery that calls, the professionalism, the concentration (I am also is dedicated to this), but with Liza there is another thing, there is a force, a history, a truth, some genes, to fall and then recover, in life we get off track, and in her its proven.

She sang and spoke in English; was so careful and delicate she spoke slowly so that all could understand her. It is so important what she sings, how she sings and what she speaks (speaks a lot, she seems to be herself? **).

Her eyes and her hands are a chapter aside, how she uses them are an essential part of her. Liza does not close her eyes, never, and the hands, delicate and tremulous, without polish, with her nails short by the evidents of anxiety that fills her, she travels through the space as wanting to cover us all: the air and the invisible spaces…AND dances (still with two artificial hips, and scoliosis and at 62 years old) like an adolescent.

I still feel on the verge of exploding, I do not believe she sits down ,I have never felt like this before, and therefore did not know how she does it , the déjà vu multiplied herself in me, I imagine that the people that have had experiences with LSD should come to her shows to feel and to experience the same sensations; there I was, a cubanito, Standing before a living legend and in my own city. When we stood and applauded her in the end, she approached, and I swear her that I could touch her to have tried.

Beside me, my wife Petí shouted, whistled, cried, and was touched so much that I feared for her; my brother-in-law he completed one of the dreams of his life and I discovered a new way to feel happiness.

Seeing Liza and then to die, thus of absolute. God is good to me, I am going to think about Her two times before complaining again about something.

*Consolation Vidal, actress and insurmountable hostess in all the media, and Amaury Pérez, the most complete director of show in theater and TV, are the parents of the Cuban singer-songwriter.

**Amaury Pérez is an untiring conversationalist that can untie monologs from hours set against an arranged audience.

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