Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Liza Minnelli Stepping Out! 2015

Sunday, April 27, 2008


OCHO Columnas Newspaper

Full of magic, fantasy and music was the night that offered the American in her first one and only presentation in this city.
Without doubt a full evening of glamour, color, energy and elegance was the one that Liza Minnelli offered last night to the public of Guadalajara that accompanied in it the great and unrepeatable presentation that she offered in this city, which in own words of the artist, described as "a marvelous treasure". This concert tribute to "Kay Thompson", godmother of Minnelli, is the form in as the singer says this great friend and companion that was always and in every moment she was supporting her in the highs and lows, being her confidant and faithful counselor after the death of her parents. "My godmother, is an American true woman Woman to which I admire and respect by her dedication and delivery", she indicated from the start of the show ,the winner of the Emmy. In fact, during the unforgettable evening that lasted near two hours, Liza relates fragments very personel of her life next to "Kay", experiences, experiences and learning that will leave there mark to the end of her life, commented. Upon being given the third call and to be opened the curtain exactly of the 20:37 hours, a great white light illuminated the center of the stage, , suddenly, dressed in an elegant and shiny outfit full of red color of jewels, a black pants with some bright decorative elements and a silver band that maintained in her hair, appeared set against the audience that expected her standing Left side, the audience praised the star, who with a great smile and a "good evening!" opened this so expected concert. "They be all welcome, I am very touched to be in this country and together with you, so beautiful is this city ,we will do something very special tonight", were the emotional words that pronounced to the term of her first song. liza was accompanied by the voices of her four dancers and her pianist, Liza sang "You are For Loving", "New York, New York", "Losing My Mind", " Drop Bombs", "So Sorry, I Said", "Love Pains", classical themes that did her large. The stage was dressed and splitted in three small parts in which they were located the musical instruments among the ones that emphasized: Drums, a trombone, a saxophone, trumpets, guitars and scores and at the front of them an elegant grand piano color "black" that accompanied in each one of her melodies to Liza, Her concert was an atmosphere of 100% romantic!

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